As technology evolves, there is an increasing number of music apps available on the market. There is no best streaming music service out there, there are dozens of them. Each one of these platforms comes with pros and cons, and in this article, we will be exploring them.


1. Spotify

You can get Spotify for free with commercials or pay a small student fee to use their services. Either way, this music app has become one of the top music streaming services throughout the globe. That's because Spotify streams millions of songs, playlists, podcasts, videos, and radio stations! It's incredible how many music options you can now have access to. The Spotify app is available on both iOS and Android; it can also be downloaded on Macs. In a nutshell, Spotify is popular for a reason – it offers great content, low prices, and various music options.


2. Apple Music

In late 2015, Apple Music literally exploded onto the scene! It had both positive and negative reviews from users, feedback which they use to improve their services. Now, Apple Music it's become one of the best music streaming services in the United States, featuring more than 30 million songs, playlists, and radio channels.

You can also upload music on your Apple application and stream it to your computer device – this way, you can use online essay writing service to facilitate your studies while listening to cool music, both at the same time – pretty neat, huh? Another awesome feature is the social component that they developed, which allows you to follow artists and check on their work. Apple Music offers 50% discounts for students, which brings the monthly price down to $4.99. You can also opt for a family plan for $14.99!

Apple Music

3. Pandora

Pandora is also super popular among college students everywhere on the globe! You can use it on any platform, including your car! There are two types of Pandora experience, as they like to call it. The first one is radio-based option, meaning you can only search the radio channels to pick the music that you like. You can skip tracks and share your feedback on the songs you've played by giving thumbs up or down! This option is free of charge.

The second option is an on-demand streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. The price to use it includes all features of the Pandora experience (at $9.99 per month), which is an excellent choice for students who want to mix radio playlists with on-demand music!


4. Amazon Prime Music

If you are already an Amazon Prime member (and you should be! For students, this service is very cheap), you get the Amazon Music Unlimited for free. This music streaming service offers an expanded list of songs and artists at no extra cost. The membership includes access to various playlists, radio stations, and really amazing artists. It also offers free music stations for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap, which includes ads.

Amazon Prime Music

5. Deezer

Another great music streaming service, Deezer also offers a wide range of tracks (over 56 million), either new or old, for every taste. You can also personalize your playlist if you feel like it, based on your personal preferences. The platform streams all the global hits, enables users to check Shuffle Mode and add various songs to favorites, and gives you the opportunity to create your own playlists!

If you choose to go Premium, you'll skip ads and in case you are offline, you will still be able to listen to your music (unlike Spotify, for example). You will also get Superior Sound Quality with this option (320 Kbps), along with the Deezer Flow, a playlist created out of your favorite songs!


6. Google Play Music

With Google Play Music, you can build up a huge personal collection of songs, and you can also upload up to 50,000 tracks to the platform to customize your song selection. The features that this music streaming app comes with are numerous, including radio channels, genre playlist collections, music stations, and last but not least, access to YouTube Premium (which means no ads and background listening!).

Side note: Side note: this app still needs some adjustments, but it's probably the best deal you could get for free, or for as low as 10 bucks.

Google Play MusicC

7. Tidal

The cool thing about Tidal is that it's created by musicians, for musicians! The platform contains over 48 million tracks and it is available in numerous countries throughout the world. The Tidal features which are important to measure are CD quality audio, 16-bit, TV support for Android, access to the Tidal music blog and to over 130,000 videos. I'd say Tidal has been created for serious fans, and there is no point in signing up for this one if you are not a musician yourself. There are cheaper options out there. However, if you do consider yourself an arduous musician, Tidal is a great deal!



Regardless of which one of these options you choose, there are infinite possibilities for you to get what you need. All you must do is sign up, pay a small fee, and you are all set. As a student, this process is easier and cheaper to do! Good luck!

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