Nowadays, lots of people have encountered a very similar problem, which is that although they have a wealth of iTunes movie resources, they find no means to play them on Kindle Fire. After all, compared to other Apple players such as iPad, Kindle Fire is highly cost-effective and affordable.

So, how to watch iTunes movies on Kindle Fire? Well, this is what this article is all about. In the following part, several methods will be introduced to settle this matter.


Can You Watch iTunes Movies on Kindle Fire HD?

Theoretically, the answer is not. As we all know, most iTunes movies, TV shows, music, and eBooks are all DRM protected by iTunes, so we can only play iTunes movies on Apple-authorized devices. What's more, the video formats of iTunes and Kindle Fire are not so compatible. Apple iTunes movies regularly are DRM-protected M4V. However, the Kindle Fire tablet only supports the common MP4 format.

But don't worry. Next, we'll provide you with two different methods which can help you successfully watch iTunes movies on your Kindle Fire.

Play iTunes Movies on Kindle Fire with Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere is an app where you can see all your purchased and redeemed movies. And one important point is that it is available on Amazon Kindle Fire. You just need to create an account for Movies Anywhere and link your iTunes to it, then the eligible films will be automatically added to this app.

However, there are also some limitations you should pay attention to. Firstly, not all movies can be added to your movie collection. For example, movies from non-participating studios such as Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM are not eligible and will not sync to your movie collection. Secondly, you can only use Movies Anywhere in the United States, instead of a worldwide range.

You should also note that the Movies Anywhere app is currently supported on the following versions of Amazon Kindle Fire:

● Fire HD 10 (5th, 7th Generation)
● Fire HD 8 (5th, 6th, 7th Generation)
● Fire 7 (7th Generation)
● Fire HD 7 (4th Generation)

Watch iTunes Movies on Kindle Fire Freely

If you are subject to the deficiencies of method 1, you can then try the second solution. Just as we mentioned in the beginning, it is the DRM protection that barricades you from playing iTunes movies on Kinde Fire, so removing the DRM protection is also helpful, and this is what TuneFab M4V Converter can easily do.

As a powerful and user-friendly software, TuneFab M4V Converter can break the DRM protection from iTunes Movies by converting iTunes M4V to MP4 video format without causing much quality loss. What's more, it supports batch conversion and its speed can reach up to 5X faster, which makes the whole conversion process efficient.

Key Features:

DRM-protection removed: get rid of encryption protection for M4V videos such as iTunes movies, TV series, and MV clips.
High-quality output format: support transforming iTunes M4V videos into MP4 format for easy local saving and subsequent playback.
Batch conversion supported: convert multiple iTunes M4V movies/TV shows at a time.
Customizable parameters: retain Dolby 5.1 tracks, subtitles, and closed captions, and support customized output of the audio tracks and subtitles.
ID3 Metadata preservation: Keep ID3 metadata automatically for later classification and sorting of movie resources.
Efficient video conversion: 5X faster speed to fast download and store resources.
Easy operation: support adding multiple media library videos to the queue at one time.

Now that we know the powerful function of the TuneFab M4V Converter, the next question is how to operate it specifically. Here is the tutorial on how to convert iTunes movies to MP4 for Kindle Fire with this software.

Step 1. Add iTunes Videos

After launching TuneFab M4V Converter, click the "Add Files" button in the top left corner, and then you can click the movies to select your movies to get ready to convert. What deserves mentioning is that you can add the whole playlist for batch conversion, so that the whole process will be efficient.

Note: Make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer.

Add Movies to M4V Converter

Step 2. Choose Audio Tracks & Subtitles

The next step is to click the "Gear" button to select the desired subtitles and audio tracks.

Select Audio Tracks Subtitles

Step 3. Start Conversion

Click the "Convert" button to start converting iTunes movies to MP4.

Convert iTunes Movies

Step 4. Transfer to Kindle Fire

Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer using a USB cable. After the device is detected by your computer, create a folder on the directory and drag and drop the converted MP4 iTunes movies to it. Then you can enjoy the movies on your Kindle Fire.

More tips: After learning the steps about how to watch iTunes movies on your Kindle Fire, you may be curious about if it is possible to get Apple Music playable on Kindle Fire. Hence, here are the tips on playing Apple Music on Kindle Fire.

[Bonus Tips] Now You Can Enjoy Whatever Apple Music on Kindle Fire!


By and large, both methods can help you out of the dilemma and both are easy to operate. However, compared with Movies Anywhere, TuneFab M4V Converter has fewer limitations, like space and movie types. Now, take out your Kindle Fire and USB, and download TuneFab M4V Converter to have a try. It wouldn't let you down!

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