"I just got the free 3 month trial of Apple Music. I own an iPad, have iTunes on my HP computer and own 2 Kindle Fire. I haven't been able to load the app on the Kindles, does Apple Music even work on it?"

You may also be confronted with the same problem as above. Besides, some Apple Music users may be tired of Apple Music and want to try the streaming service of Amazon instead of refunding of Apple Music for comparison, such as the sound quality, functions, etc. The cost of prime membership in Amazon streaming music service is only $7.99. As a result, to switch from Apple Music to Amazon Music, users may want to import the Apple Music songs to Amazon and listen to them on Kindle Fire. But this would certainly fail because Apple Music is protected by DRM. Before we try to find the solution, let's know something about Kindle Fire.


Part 1. What Is Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire refers to a tablet computer developed by Amazon. Kindle Fire/Fire HD is able to play millions of movies, TV shows, audiobooks, game, etc. through Amazon Appstore. Since the good performance of Kindle Fire, it has become the largest competitor to iPad. According to the market research during 2012, the market occupancy of Kindle Fire reached 22% inside United State, while iPod had descent to roughly 50%. In 2017, the 7th generation of Kindle Fire as well as Kindle Fire HD has released. More people prefer to using Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD instead of iPad.

Part 2. Why Did Apple Music Fail to Be Played on Kindle Fire/Fire HD?

Officially, Apple Music is supported on Android Phone instead of Android Tablets. To those Apple Music users, it is quite a pity that Apple Music is not supported on Kindle Fire, which means that you fail to download Apple Music App on your devices. What's more, Apple Music songs are protected by DRM, a technology used to protect digital contents. You would fail to save or transfer the Apple Music songs to Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire's supported audio format: non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV, MP4, etc.

Is there still any solution to deal with the situation? Fortunately, you are able to make full use of a third-party software - TuneFab Apple Music Converter, to remove DRM from Apple Music. Continue to view the post.

Part 3. How to Put Apple Music on Kindle Fire?

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a useful and convenient software to unlock DRM encryption. Through this software, you can remove DRM from Apple Music with high quality in a short time, because the software would detect your iTunes and connect with it, then your iTunes Library can be viewed on TuneFab Apple Music Converter. Besides, you can convert DRM-protected M4P songs into DRM-free MP3, FLAC, M4A, AC3, AIFF. Then you can save the songs to your Kindle Fire and play them when you are doing readings.

• Help to get DRM-free music legally;

• Convert the format into plain MP3/M4A/AC3/FLAC;

• Get DRM-free songs in high quality;

• Run smoothly on both Mac and Windows computers;

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is offered to both Windows and Mac users. You can experience the program by downloading the trial version first. Now let's see the operations:

Step 1. Select Apple Music

After launching the software, run it, and see whether it would connect to your iTunes. If connected, go to "Music" in "Playlists", then you can find the songs in your Apple Music. Select those you want to play on Kindle Fire/Fire HD.

Select M4P File

Step 2. Select output format

After selecting the songs, you can preset the output format of them. Since non-DRM AAC and MP3 can be supported by Kindle Fire, you can choose one of them as the output format.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 3. Convert the songs

Start conversion by clicking on the "Convert" button. Wait for few minutes and you can get the converted songs.

Convert M4P to MP3

Step 4. Upload the converted Apple Music to Kindle Fire/Fire HD

Amazon Cloud stores the contents you have uploaded to it on different devices. As a result, you can go to Amazon Cloud Player and login with your account. Then you can upload the music to the cloud player by clicking on "Import Your Music" and selecting the converted Apple Music songs on your computer.

Then login the same account on your Kindle Fire/Fire HD, you can get the converted Apple Music! You are able to play them directly from Amazon Music Cloud.

Have you got the solution to help you play Apple Music on Amazon Kindle Fire/Fire HD? If you still have any questions about our product, the conversion or Kindle Fire, leave your comment below and we will try to help you.

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