To remove Amazon DRM and download streaming music from Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited to enjoy offline, Sidify Amazon Music Converter has been one of the most popular options recommended by many users. But is this software really worth trying?

For any of you who haven't tried Sidify before, this full Sidify Amazon Music Converter review will introduce it from all aspects, giving you more hints to decide whether to use the software or not. Now, let's get started.


Sidify Amazon Music Converter Overview

Mainly developed for Windows and Mac systems, Sidify Amazon Music Converter is a piece of desktop software that provides a powerful music download ability to help you save Amazon's streaming music resources offline as common audio files, letting the music playback be more flexible without any limitations.

The software mainly works to unlock DRM protection added on all music resources released on Amazon platforms, including those only provided for Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime subscribers. By getting DRM-free Amazon Music downloads, you can then transfer them to play on all devices using different media players flexibly, without installing the Amazon Music app anymore!

Choose App Mode Sidify

Main Features of Sidify Amazon Music Converter

For sure, the Sidify Amazon Music Converter offers great benefits that make it a reliable and helpful music downloader selected by lots of users. You can also preview its key features before deciding whether to get started using it.

Convenient Music Download Operations

Sidify Amazon Music Converter provides two downloading modes to select. You can select to directly open and log in to its built-in Amazon Music web player to select music to download. Or you can use the connection mode sync with the Amazon Music app (if you have installed it), then copy and paste the songs' URLs to download them much faster. The software supports all types of Amazon Music playlists, including Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music Prime, and it won't ask you to subscribe to their memberships to use the download function.

Flexible Output Parameter Settings

To make sure the downloaded Amazon Music files can be played on more devices and players flexibly, the software offers 6 popular output formats to select downloading songs, including the most popular MP3 format. In addition, it offers up to HD output quality in order to keep Amazon Music downloads offline losslessly, so that you can enjoy the best playback experience like a pro user. With such flexible parameter settings function, you can decide your own Amazon Music streaming effects in ways you like.

Fast Speed to Batch Download Amazon Playlists

The high efficiency that Sidify Amazon Music Converter offers also makes it a popular music downloader that many users would select. It has added advanced acceleration technologies, which can speed up the downloading performance to 10X faster. Also, the software can work to batch download Amazon Music playlists at once, which even accelerates the music download to another level and helps save a lot of time for you.

Saves ID3 Information for Every Amazon Music Song

Last but not least, Sidify Amazon Music Converter is also equipped with the ID3 information keeping ability, which will automatically save the metadata tags for every Amazon Music download, so that you can easily filter and manage them after downloading offline. Especially when you download batches of Amazon Music playlists offline at once, this function helps you organize them more conveniently.

How to Use Sidify Amazon Music Converter

Except for the above features, Sidify Amazon Music Converter also makes its download function quite easy to use. Even if you are a new user of the software, it won't be hard for you to get started with it. Now, follow the tutorial below to download Amazon Music to MP3 using Sidify Amazon Music Converter in easy steps.

Step 1. Firstly, open the installed Sidify Amazon Music Converter software on the computer. Then select a downloading mode to get started. Here take the "App" mode as an example (using this mode will need you to install the Amazon Music app in advance).

Step 2. After opening the "App" mode, the installed Amazon Music app will also be opened automatically. Now, you only need to simply drag and drop songs and playlists you like to the converter in order to download them later.

Step 3. Now, click the "Settings" option in the lower-left corner to customize the conversion settings such as the "Format", "SampleRate", and "Bit rate" according to your needs to download Amazon Music songs.、

Sidify Amazon Music Converter Settings

Step 4. Finally, you only need to click the "Convert" button, and then Sidify Amazon Music Converter will immediately batch download selected songs for you at a very fast speed.

Sidify Amazon Music Converter Download Songs


If you use the "Web" mode, you don't need to install the Amazon Music app but directly sign in with your account. Then you can select any songs you like in the web player to download them offline immediately.

Sidify Amazon Music Converter Web Player Mode

Pricing of Sidify Amazon Music Converter

Be aware that if you use Sidify Amazon Music Converter’s free trial to download Amazon songs, you can only the first minute of them. To unlock this limitation, a subscription is needed. The software costs from US$59.95 (renew by year). The lifetime license is also available at US$129.90, which only needs a one-time purchase and you can use its full functions to download any Amazon Music songs you like offline forever.

Sidify Amazon Music Converter Price

Is Sidify Amazon Music Converter Safe to Use?

As for the safety of Sidify Amazon Music Converter, you don’t need to worry about this because the software is completely secure. It develops a strict protection system to prevent malicious viruses from attacking your device while using its function. Also, it will keep the entire software clean without asking to install any bundled malware. Within Sidify Amazon Music Converter, there are also no ads affecting your music download experience. To conclude, it is completely reliable and safe to use.

Best Sidify Amazon Music Converter Alternative with Higher Conversion Success Rate

Although Sidify Amazon Music Converter provides flexible downloading modes and also high quality, fast speed to convert Amazon Music to MP3 or other popular formats, some users still reported that the software doesn't ensure a high success rate, with sudden possible failures occurring during the music download. As a result, finding a reliable Sidify Amazon Music Converter alternative in advance can prevent such cases and continue to download Amazon Music for offline use or playing.

Compared to many similar products, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is selected as the best alternative to Sidify, as it offers the same and even better features to ensure a convenient and high-quality Amazon Music download service. It also supports downloading all types of Amazon Music songs, including those for Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, and even Amazon Music HD users! The software provides MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC formats to select. Meanwhile, its output music quality can be set to the highest 320Kbps to download songs in lossless condition.

More than these basic features, the most powerful ability of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter should be its highly stable performance developed by advanced technologies, which can make sure to download Amazon playlists without any errors occurring. The software is now ranked as one of the best Amazon Music downloaders because of its high success rate and friendly user experience.

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter Main Interface

✍ Good News:

TuneFab also released a new software, TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter, which combines music downloaders for several popular streaming platforms such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and so on, to provide stable music download services to save your favorite songs from them more conveniently. If you want to download lossless music resources from more platforms, try this software for free now!


Sidify Amazon Music Converter provides reliable service to download Amazon Music playlists with good quality and fast speed. But as the software sometimes fails the conversion, you can choose TuneFab Amazon Music Converter as its backup when it doesn't work properly. Now, freely install it on your computer in advance!

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