Amazon Music library offers up to 100 million HD and Ultra HD quality songs to Amazon Music Unlimited members. You can easily download lossless Amazon Music to your phone, tablet, and computer through the official app. Yet sometimes you may want to listen to Amazon Music HD on devices such as Hi-Fi players, cars, or Google Home that are incompatible with the app.

Just read this ultimate guide to learn not only how to download Amazon Music HD via the official app, but also how to use TuneFab Amazon Music Converter to download Amazon Music HD to common FLAC or WAV files for flexible lossless playback.

Download Amazon Music HD


What Is Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD?

Both Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD are lossless audio in FLAC format. Amazon Music HD offers high-definition audio quality, typically 16-bit with a 44.1 kHz sample rate, while Amazon Music Ultra HD provides even higher quality with 24-bit audio and sample rates up to 192 kHz. Ultra HD delivers a more immersive listening experience with greater detail and depth compared to standard HD audio.

After you subscribe to the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual/Family plan, you can download Amazon Music to FLAC on a compatible phone, tablet, or computer for lossless playback.

Method 1: Download HD/Ultra HD Music via Amazon Music APP

To download Amazon Music HD or Ultra HD, you should subscribe to the Amazon Music Unlimited plan (the Single Device Plan is excluded), and use the Amazon Music app on a compatible phone, tablet, or laptop.


If you have previously downloaded the standard version of a song, you need to download it again to get the HD/Ultra HD version.

Get Amazon Music HD Downloaded on Desktop

Step 1. Download and install the Amazon Music app on your PC or Mac.

Step 2. Launch the installed Amazon Music App, and sign in with your Amazon Music Unlimited account.

Step 3. Navigate to your profile > Settings > Download Settings, and choose Best Available (HD/Ultra HD).

Amazon Music Download Settings

Step 4. Search for your favorite songs and select the More Options menu (the three dots icon next to the selected song).

Step 5. Click Download from the expanded menu. Then the HD/Ultra HD song will be downloaded to your computer.

Download Amazon Music Songs

Download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD on Mobile

Step 1. Download and install the Amazon Music app from the App Store or Google Play to your iPhone or Android.

Step 2. Sign in with your Amazon Music Unlimited account.

Step 3. Go to Settings > Download Audio Quality, and select Best Available (HD/Ultra HD).

Amazon Music Download Audio Quality Settings

Step 4. Go to the Library to access your collected songs, or search for the songs you want to download.

Step 5. Tap the three dots icon next to each song and download it to your iPhone/Android in HD or Ultra HD.

Method 2: Download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD via Amazon Music Downloader

Once you have downloaded HD-quality songs from the Amazon Music app, you will find that all downloaded songs are encrypted and can only be listened to within the Amazon Music app. This is inconvenient if you want to listen to the music you downloaded on other players or with other portable Hi-Fi devices.

To download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD songs to any device, you need the help of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter. This professional software is 100% clean & safe and easy to use. You may use it to download Amazon Music to your computer and then transfer it to any device you like.

Main Features of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter

● Download any content, including songs/playlists/albums/podcasts, from Amazon Prime/Unlimited/HD.
● Convert encrypted Amazon Music to not only FLAC & WAV, but also MP3, M4A, etc.
● Support downloading Amazon Music with original HD or Ultra HD quality to guarantee your listening experience.
● Support batch conversion and 5X faster speed downloading to ensure a smooth and efficient downloading process.
● Keep all ID3 metadata and other information for further management.

After downloading the software and installing it on your PC, just follow the instructions below to download your favorite Amazon HD music.

Step 1. Launch the software and click to Open the Amazon web player. Log in with your Amazon Music account.

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter Welcome Page

Step 2. Search for your favorite songs, drag and drop it to the blue "+" icon to add it to the Conversion queue.

Select Amazon Music to Convert

Step 3. Click the Output Format menu next to each song. Choose FLAC as the output format to download Amazon Music HD.

Select FLAC as Output Format

Step 4. Click Convert All to start the converting process.

Start Converting Amazon Music HD

Step 5. After finishing the conversion, find the converted songs in the Finished tap. Press the View Output File to locate the downloaded songs.

Finish Downloading Amazon Music HD

With TuneFab Amazon Music Converter, you can easily convert Amazon Music HD to DRM-free FLAC files without quality loss. The downloads can be transferred to and flexibly played on any device you like, including your car, Hi-Fi player, Google Home, etc.

Tips for Better Enjoying Amazon Music HD / Ultra HD

Not that you've learned how to download Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD. To fully enjoy the lossless audio, here are some tips to enhance your listening journey.

1. You should subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited Individual or Family plan rather than the Single Device plan, or you are not allowed to download Amazon Music HD / Ultra HD on your phone or computer.

2. The player, speaker, or headphones you use should all support HD/Ultra HD (support a dynamic range of 20 kHz+ for HD and 40 kHz+ for Ultra HD).

3. It is not recommended to listen to Amazon Music HD / Ultra HD using Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones, as there is a loss of audio quality during the Bluetooth transmission process.

FAQs about Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD

Are there any restrictions on streaming Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD?

To enjoy the Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD song, a fast network connection and compatible devices are a must. A connection with a data rate of 1.5 Mbps or higher is recommended for network configuration. You will also need a device that supports 16-bit/44.1 kHz or higher.

Which device can play Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD?

You can play Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD on your iPhone(running iOS 11 and later), Android(with Android 5 or higher), Fire tablet, iPad, Windows PC, Mac, Echo devices, Sonos speakers, and Fire TV through the Amazon Music app or web player.


With the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription plan, you can enjoy millions of songs from Amazon Music HD/Ultra HD with lossless sound quality. The Amazon Music web app and mobile app provide a downloading function to keep HD-quality music for offline playback, but only within its app.

If you want to convert encrypted Amazon Music to lossless FLAC or other commonly used formats like MP3, try the TuneFab Amazon Music Converter. It is 100% safe and helps you download music from Amazon Prime/Unlimited/HD. Just within a few steps, you can get your favorite songs with lossless sound quality from Amazon Music.

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