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To give users a more convenient music streaming experience on Amazon Music, the official has offered two optional subscription plans, which are Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited with more advanced features. But when you are facing these two selections, you probably feel confused about which one to select. Hence, this blog is written here to draw a conclusion as your references with the Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited full comparison!

Now, go through all the details about Amazon Music Unlimited VS Prime Music and decide your preferred plan to subscribe!


Introduction of Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited

Both Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited are subscription plans offered by Amazon, which delivers music audiences with an ad-free experience to stream its on-demand music resources both online and offline. Grasp the overview on them in the first place.

What's Amazon Music Prime?

Amazon Music Prime enables subscribers to access more than 100 million songs, podcasts, playlists, and stations with "Prime" titles and enjoy streaming without ads. If you have already subscribed as an Amazon Prime member, you will automatically be granted Amazon Music Prime features and enjoy the above benefits. Also, you are available to subscribe to it solely without being an Amazon Prime member in advance.

What's Amazon Music Unlimited?

Similarly, Amazon Music Unlimited is also a streaming membership available for Amazon Music users to access ad-free music streaming experience on the platform, but comes with an added cost. Surely, it enables better services compared with Amazon Music Prime subscription, especially providing you with higher music quality to enjoy the playback. For example, you are able to enjoy 100 million songs in HD, Ultra HD, and even Dolby Atmos as well as 360 Reality Audio to have the best streaming experience both online and offline.

Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited

Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimted: A Table Comparison Overview

Before going through details from all aspects comparing Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited, grasp an overview on their similarities and differences through the comparison table below first:

Amazon Music Prime

Amazon Music Unlimited

Ad-free streaming

Offline mode

Voice control

Music quality


HD, Ultra HD, Spatial Audio

Unlimited skips

Streaming limits

1 device

Up to 6 devices


Free for Premium subscribers

● US$7.99/month for Premium subscribers;
● US$8.99/month for non-Premium subscribers;

Amazon Music Prime VS Amazon Music Unlimited: Similarities

By simply glancing at the overview introduction of the two plans, you probably can notice that both Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited subscriptions come with certain similarities, including the following aspects:

Ad-free streaming: While Amazon Music inserts ads to disturb your music streaming experience, subscribing to any of these two plans is able to remove ads and have smooth ad-free music playback online.

Offline mode: Both Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited subscription services will provide you the offline music streaming ability. You are able to download any music from the online library and enjoy the playback offline without a network connection at all.


Music Prime contains limitations - you can only download tracks to enjoy offline from certain playlists.

Alexa streaming control: Both subscription plans will integrate Amazon Music streaming with Alexa, enabling you to control the music playback by voice flexibly.

Amazon Music Prime VS Amazon Music Unlimited: Difference

After going through the similarities of the two subscriptions, also grasp the core differences from Amazon Music Prime VS Unlimited comparison for better selecting your required option:

Music quality: Overall, Amazon Music Unlimited delivers higher music quality like HD, Ultra HD, and Spatial Audio for streaming Amazon songs, which are not available under Amazon Music Prime subscription status.

Unlimited skips: Amazon Music Unlimited enables its dear users to define the music playback orders, with the ability to skip for unlimited times to play any track you like. However, Amazon Music Prime only offers the shuffle play mode, which doesn’t offer flexible control on skipping songs like Unlimited subscribers can.

Price: Amazon Music Prime is free for Prime subscribers. But to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, you still need to pay US$7.99/month even if you are a Prime member. For non-Prime users, the cost of Unlimited subscription will be US$8.99/month.

Streaming limits: Amazon Music Prime is only available for a single user to access the advanced streaming services on 1 device. However, an Unlimited subscription offers two plans to select from, including individual and family options. If you select the family plan, you are available to access the membership features on more than 1 device (with 6 devices in maximum).

Bonus: How to Download Amazon Prime/Unlimited Music as Local MP3

The offline download feature is a highlight of Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited subscriptions. However, it still contains certain limitations. For example, you are only available to stream the music downloads within the subscription period and inside Amazon Music platforms.

To play Amazon Music more flexibly without these restrictions, the best way is by downloading them as local MP3 files. Instead of subscribing to Amazon Music Prime/Unlimited, you need extra help from a professional Amazon Music converter to get rid of DRM encryption. Here, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is what you need.

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter empowers great functionality to decrypt DRM protection added on all Amazon streaming music, then convert and download them to DRM-free MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC files offline. It will preserve original Ultra HD quality for you, ensuring the best streaming experience even without an Amazon Music Prime/Unlimited subscription. By downloading Amazon Music offline, you no longer need to install the Amazon Music app but directly use any installed media player to stream the downloads conveniently!

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter Features

All Great Features of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter

● Compatible with all Amazon Music titles download, including Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, HD, and Free;
● Embedded Amazon Music web player to drag and drop any resource to download as mainstream audio files with one click;
● Up to 320kbps original quality is ensured to download Amazon Music to deliver the best streaming experience;
● Preserve full ID3 tags for all Amazon Music downloads to conveniently manage them offline;
● Accelerated to batch download Amazon Music playlists at 5X faster too boost the efficiency greatly.

To grasp the full guide on converting Amazon Music to MP3 or other mainstream formats, this user manual is available to help! Go through it and process the operation step-by-step now.


By subscribing to Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited, you are available to enjoy Amazon Music streaming with more advanced features like ad-free playback, offline mode, and on-demand streaming. Better still, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter even removes Amazon’s limitations and delivers these services to you in a better way by stripping DRM from Amazon Music! Hence, by comparison, if you desire to set free for Amazon Music playback, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is a better choice! Why not free install it and have a try?

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