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Across All the Platforms: How to Enjoy Spotify with Equalizer on All Devices

By Iris Holmes

Updated on July 24, 2020

Generally speaking, Spotify offers 320 kbps bitrate, the highest streaming quality for its music lover. However, 320 kbps doesn't the best quality that you can truly get from Spotify since it is an electronic edition and some details of music may be unexpectedly missed. Thus, an equalizer becomes very too important for music lovers since it allows you to enhance the music beats for better sound quality when listening to Spotify. Playing so important parts on music listening, Spotify Free or Premium users maybe don't know how to use Spotify on your devices.

Don't worry. In this post, we will teach you how to use Spotify equalizer to enjoy Spotify on all the devices, from Windows to macOS system and from iOS devices and Android devices. Learn this post right now to get your magic music quality that you may have never ever experienced before.


1. How to Use Spotify Equalizer on iOS & Android Devices

Spotify does offer the Equalizer but only available on iOS & Android devices. In this part, we will teach you how to use Spotify Equalizer in 2 steps. First of all, please make sure that the Spotify app is on your iOS devices and Android devices. 

# Two Steps: Open Spotify Equalizer on iOS devices

In this section, we will take the iPhone 7 as an example. If you are using the other iPhone devices, you can keep reading and follow the tutorials below. 

Step 1. Enter the Setting Pages of Spotify

- Put out your iPhone and then hit the Spotify app on your phone, then you will see the main interface of Spotify. On the main interface of Spotify, hit the "Gear" button to enter the Settings Page. On the Setting Page, scroll to the "Playback" setting.

Spotify Playback Settings

Step 2. Press Button to Open Spotify Equalizer on Your iPhone

- Scroll down to the "Equalizer" on the "Playback" settings page, where you can see lots of music playback setting for enjoying your Spotify music. Enter to "Equalizer" page and press the button to choose your favorite effector. Up till now, you can enjoy Spotify equalizer on your iPhone.

Open Spotify Equalizer

# Two Steps: Pick Up Spotify Equalizer on Android

Step 1. Enter Equalizer on Spotify on Your Android Device

- On the main interface of Spotify, hit the "Gear" button to enter the Settings Page. On the main interface of the Spotify settings page, scroll down to "Equalizer" to enter open control panel.

Open Spotify Equalizer on Android

Step 2. Choose Your Favorite Equalizer on Android

- Now, you will enter the control panel to pick up Spotify equalizer as your will. Just press the "Button" to turn on the Spotify equalizer. You can choose the Spotify equalizer on the right drop-down lists or you can DIY the equalizer by pressing the button.

Choose Spotify Equalizer on Android

Easy, right? You have learned how to set Spotify equalizer on your mobile devices up til now. As we mentioned above, Spotify only offers the Spotify equalizer on your mobile devices. How can you get Spotify EQ on your Windows and Mac devices? Keep reading.

2. How to Enjoy Spotify Equalizer on Windows & Mac with Boom 3D

To get Spotify Equalizer, you may need:

#1 Spotify app: Fully downloaded and installed on your computer. You may also need to log in to your Spotify Free or Premium account for the following guide.

#2 Boom 3D: This is a third party equalizer for Spotify users to enjoy various equalizer. The following are the main features for you to learn more about it. 

Main Feature of Boom 3D:

#1 Various equalizers are supported on Boom 3D, such as Vocal, Treble Boost, Hip-hop, RNB and more.

#2 High-class equalizers are also available on Boom 3D, like 3D surround, ambience, fidelity, night mode and more.

#3 Fully compatible with your sound devices, from System speaker to external speaker and more.

#4 Support Drag and drop the music to the Boom to enjoy the equalizer.

#5 Allow advanced adjustment for your equalizer.

#6 Compatible with macOS 10.10.3 and above and Windows 10.

#7 30 days of free trial for full evaluation.

Since the operation is the same on Windows and macOS, we choose the macOS system as an example for fully illustrate how it works.

Step 1. Run Boom 3D on Your Computer

- Fully download and install Boom 3D on your computer. When it is fully downloaded, sign up a new account via your E-mail or Google account to enter the Boom 3D. After login to your account, you can see the main interface below.

Boom Main Interface

Step 2. Choose Audio Device on Boom

- Hit to the earphone-shaped like button to choose your Audio Devices and Speaker. As you can see, you can select various headphone types according to your need. As for me, I will choose Headphones with ON Ear to enjoy high-quality music. Once you selected, the music from the Spotify will be playing via Boom 3D app.

Choose Audio Device on Boom

Step 3. Run Boom 3D on Your Computer

- Now, on the right side, there is a down button. Hit this button and then select your favorite equalizer from the drop-down list. Also, I would like to choose Hip-hop music equalizer.

Choose Spotify Equalizer

Besides the common equalizer for options, you can choose the high-level music equalizer to enjoy your Spotify Music or customize the Music intensity and Bass control.

Choose High Level Equalizer

Customize Music Equalizer

See? It is not a difficult job for you to enjoy Spotify music with equalizer. You can just pick up the right way that suit your need and go ahead to enjoy Spotify with magic and perfect Spotify equalizer. Sounds interesting, right? Share this post with your friends if you feel so. Any comments are welcome below. Seeya!

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