When you discover an attractive music video online and desire to keep it as a personal collection or download it for offline streaming at any time you want, you will be frustrated if it is not available for downloading or the music video format is not compatible with the player you have installed on your device. Under such situations, you definitely want to convert music video to MP4 or other mainstream formats to get it playable again.

Hence, this blog has collected the 8 best music video converters that can provide reliable help to convert your music videos to different formats on both PC and mobile devices, to increase compatibility and play them without errors. Now, let's scroll down and grasp how they are working to help.


1. Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader (Windows)

Designed for converting streaming videos, Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader mainly helps you grasp online music videos from streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc., and save them in the universally supported MP4 or more of other mainstream formats to play offline regardless of what devices or media players you are using.

Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader empowers great functionality to maintain lossless quality while processing music video downloads. It can export video files in up to 4K resolution without any compression. If you are also looking for a music video converter that can help you easily convert online videos to MP4 at lossless quality, Allavsoft should be one of the best options you shall not miss.

Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader

โ— Multiple formats (including MP4) are available to output online videos to local folders;
โ— Up to 4K high-resolution to keep music videos offline without any compression;
โ— Compatible with different music video streaming platforms;
โ— An intuitive interface is ensured to provide a friendly music video conversion service;
โ— Speedy conversion experience guaranteed.

โ— Unavailable to edit music videos before outputting;
โ— Only 5 minutes of a music video can be converted under the free trial period;
โ— Only compatible with Windows systems.

2. SnapDownloader (Windows, Mac)

SnapDownloader is a lightweight music video converter designed to simplify the process of downloading online videos offline. Depending on the sources' provided resolutions, you can even save your favorite music videos at up to 8K resolutions in maximum.

With powerful compatibility to support 900+ streaming websites, you are able to use SnapDownloader to download almost all music video resources to MP4 no matter what platform you use. The software is also 100% secure without any adware or malware embedded, ensuring you a smooth and completely safe performance to download music videos with ease!


โ— Straightforward interface and intuitive music download download function;
โ— Over 900+ streaming websites supported;
โ— Available to search music videos with the built-in browser directly;
โ— Speedy batch download performance;
โ— Customization settings to define output music video quality in preferences.

โ— Unstable download performance from time to time;
โ— No lifetime subscription plans are available to select.

3. FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate (Windows, Mac)

Another reliable and efficient music video converter you can trust and try is FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate. This powerful yet user-friendly software can help you seamlessly convert music videos and other types of media content to MP4 and 1,000+ other formats (it can even deal with DVD to video format conversion as well). In addition, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate also provides a vast array of editing tools, and empowers you to trim, crop, merge, and enhance your favorite music videos with ease before the conversion.

More importantly, the software also ensures lightning-fast conversion speeds to batch process music video conversion at once to boost higher efficiency. Hence, if you are considering a music video converter with efficient performance and more output formats available to greatly increase playback compatibility, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate can surely be the option you shall not miss.

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate

โ— Over 1,000 video/audio formats are supported to convert music videos to;
โ— Efficient conversion speed to complete batch music video conversion within one minute;
โ— Editing toolkit equipped to further edit music videos before the conversion;
โ— Good output video quality is ensured.

โ— Not a freeware but it needs a subscription to use its full features.

4. HandBrake (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Standing out as the sole completely free music video converter on the list, HandBrake is an open-source gem compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms, helping more of you to download music videos offline no matter what devices you are using.

HandBrake supports a dozen output formats, including MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, and MPEG, and also a wealth of preset profiles tailored for specific devices to let you export music video downloads. Meanwhile, it will also ensure good quality without affecting the music video streaming experience, with the maximum supported resolution is an impressive 2160p, making it an ideal option if you want to ensure high music video quality but process the conversion at completely no cost.


โ— Completely free to use;
โ— Mainstream formats are supported;
โ— Up to 2160p resolution to download music videos;
โ— Intuitive and user-friendly function design.

โ— The conversion speed can be slow;
โ— Lack of music video editing features;
โ— No customer support to help you solve troubles when you are in need.

5. FreeConvert (Online)

If you don't want to install software, this online music video converter is definitely a friendly option you are able to try. FreeConvert offers powerful online media conversion services, supporting converting formats among hundreds of options to make your music videos playable on all devices as well as players. You only need to take several easy clicks to complete the format conversion with FreeConvert.

In addition, FreeConvert's high-speed performance and good quality outputs can both be the reasons why so many users select them. If you are also considering a simple and software-free music video converter to efficiently convert music videos to MP4 or other formats, FreeConvert can surely be a good choice to consider.


โ— Support converting music videos, audio, documents, and format types;
โ— Efficient speed to process music video conversion quickly;
โ— No software installation or account registration is required;
โ— Free and easy to use on all devices.

โ— Pop-up ads exist on the web pages;
โ— Can't support files larger than 1GB using the free plan.

6. Wave.Video (Online)

Another online music video you should miss can be Wave.Video. Designed with seamless usability in mind, Wave.Video empowers users to process online music videos download without the need for complex software installations. You only need to browse and prepare the links of the music videos in advance, and the rest of the job will be done by Wave.video.

To ensure good music video compatibility, Wave.Video also offers mainstream formats such as MP4 to output music videos once your editing is completed. If you get demands to convert music videos with more possibility to edit them, Wave.Video's customization features will not let you down.


โ— Web-based platform without software installation required;
โ— Widely-supported MP4 format provided to exported music videos;
โ— Free to use;
โ— Equipped with more powerful online video editing features.

โ— Sometimes the performance can be unstable;
โ— Very limited parameter settings and format options.

7. Seal (Android)

Specially designed for Android users, the reliable music video converter, Seal can offer you easy service to effortlessly convert and optimize music videos for seamless playback on your devices without hassle.

With its intuitive interface and powerful format conversion capabilities, this lightweight app streamlines the process of converting music videos to a wide range of formats, such as the universally-supported MP4 by several easy taps. By getting the local MP4 music video files, you can play them on Android more flexibly and enjoy a smoother streaming experience.

Seal for Android

โ— Lightweight design without taking much Android storage;
โ— Access music videos from multiple music or video platforms;
โ— Equipped with editing features to customize music videos before the conversion;
โ— Convenient and easy to control.

โ— May contain potential battery drain to your Android device;
โ— The conversion speed can be slow;
โ— Unstable performance when your network condition is poor.

8. The Video Converter (iOS)

For iOS users, The Video Converter is one of the best music video converters you can trust and try. It guarantees intuitive functionality and helps you easily convert music videos to MP4 and more formats for flawless playback regardless of what media players you are using.

The Video Converter is also equipped with more features to ensure you a more friendly music video format conversion process. For example, its batch conversion performance is able to help you complete batches of task conversion simultaneously to boost efficiency; Other features like video compressor and editor are both helpful to let you decide the output quality in ways you like.

The Video Converter for iOS

โ— A variety of video/audio formats are supported;
โ— Quick batch downloading speed ensured;
โ— Equipped with more advanced features to help better edit videos.

โ— Only supported on iOS systems;
โ— Conversion failures will occur.

Tip: Convert High-Quality Streaming Music

Although such music video converters offer convenient help to convert among formats to make your music video playback more flexible, the sound quality will be affected while processing such format conversions. Hence, if you also want to listen to music offline with lossless music quality, it's better to save the music as local files. Here is a catch: most songs on mainstream music platforms are DRM-protected, which means you can only play downloads within the app during subscriptions.

To solve this problem, TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter can surely be the best solution. It is equipped with powerful DRM decryption ability to remove the protection from music resources released on multiple popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and so on. In addition, the software will provide optional mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to select outputting them as you desire. As TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter can preserve lossless quality effects (up to 320kbps), you are able to convert Spotify to MP3 or more of other platforms to enjoy lossless streaming offline without hassle.

Key Features of TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter

โ— Integration of multiple mainstream music platforms (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music) to download music from;
โ— Mainstream formats (MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC) to select for outputting music downloads;
โ— Customized parameters (up to 320kbps lossless) are available to decode music quality in preferences;
โ— Up to 35X faster batch processing speed to deal with multiple tasks conversion simultaneously.

In the following, simply grasp the steps and learn how to download music videos as MP3 via TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter only within several easy clicks:

STEP 1. Launch TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter and select a music service to get started.

Select A Music Service

STEP 2. You are required to log in to the music service with your music account first. Then select the songs or playlists and drag them to the "+" icon to add to the conversion queue.

Add Music to Download

STEP 3. Navigate to "Preferences" > "Advanced" to further customize output format and quality in preferences.

Adjust Parameters to Download Music

STEP 4. In the conversion queue, tap "Convert All" to download streaming music offline. Once finished, go to "Finished" > "View Output Files" to access the downloads.

Convert and Download Music Offline


When you discover music videos can't be played by some media players, consider whether the format incompatibility causes the problem. To resolve this, selecting a reliable music video converter can definitely help you get out of the trouble. Simply select the tool you like and try it right away!

Tip: To keep streaming music offline in lossless audio formats, TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter can surely bring you efficient help. Also install its free version and try now!


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