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Spotify not only has over 100 million songs of all genres but also over 5 million podcasts for all kinds of fun. If you want to record from Spotify music or podcasts for offline playback, collection, sharing, reproduction, etc., a reliable Spotify recorder is no doubt a good helper. It can help you record the whole song or a clip of the song. Now, let's meet the 13 top picks of the year and get the best based on your operating system.

In Short:

The best alternative to Spotify recorders is using a Spotify downloader, like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, which lets you batch download ad-free Spotify music and podcasts of lossless quality at a 35X faster rate without Premium.


Best Spotify Recorder Alternative - TuneFab Spotify Music Converter🔥

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a more efficient and time-saving solution than a Spotify recorder. This amazing tool allows you to download unlimited tracks from Spotify to MP3, including songs, albums, playlists, podcasts, etc. The speed can go up to 35 faster than ever. What's better, it can keep the best music quality at 320kbps and 48kHz for high-fidelity playback.

More Sparking Features to Discover

No Premium Required - Download ad-free songs for free Spotify listeners.
All-In-One Software - Play, search, download, and manage all Spotify songs.
Batch Download - Take no time to download multiple songs instead of recording.
Multiple Outputs - Support MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, ALAC, etc.
ID3 Tag Preservation - Save songs offline in preset categories and keep all info.
DRM Removal - Enjoy all your favorite Spotify music and podcasts on any device.

Now, let's learn how to convert Spotify music to MP3 via the software. It can save you a lot of time and effort compared to recording music from Spotify.

STEP 1. To begin with, download, install, and launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Then, log in to your Spotify account, free or premium.

STEP 2. Go to "Preference" and adjust the output settings.

Customize Spotify Output Settings

STEP 3. Search and drag your desired song, album, playlist, or podcast to the "Convert" button. Then, select songs and click "Convert All" to download songs from Spotify.

Download Spotify Songs

5 Free Best Spotify Recorders for Windows/Mac

Here we round up the 5 best Spotify recorders that are free to use. However, please note that they may contain ads in downloads when listening offline. If interested, let's walk them through.

Spytify Audio Recorder (for Windows)

Mainly developed for Windows, Spytify Audio Recorder offers an easy way to let you record Spotify audio to get rid of ads and grasp them for offline playback without the Spotify app installed. It helps to split Spotify songs into clips and offers mainstream formats such as WAV and MP3 to output them, enabling the compatibility of the music files possible to transfer to more devices or burning Spotify to CDs and preserve as personal collections.

However, as Spytify Audio Recorder gets the music resources from YouTube instead of Spotify directly, sometimes you may find it fails to record Spotify songs for you because the resources are not provided on YouTube. And the music output quality would also be based on whether your device is equipped with a nice sound card.

Pros and Cons of Spytify Audio Recorder

● Filter ads while recording Spotify tracks
● Mainstream formats provided
● Available to split Spotify songs into clicks
● Media metadata preservation

● Take a long process to complete the recording
● The music quality is not original and it is highly based on the sound card you use
● Only compatible with Windows systems lower than Windows XP

Spitify Audio Recorder

Dojotech Spotify Recorder (for Windows)

Another trustworthy Spotify recorder you are able to try is Dojotech Spotify Recorder. Once you start streaming a Spotify song, the software will detect the music playback and then automatically capture it to output as an MP3 file. By tagging the song while recording it, you don't need to do extra editing on entering the media metadata, making it simpler to manage the Spotify recordings after getting them on desktops and use them in ways you like, such as creating a unique ringtone from Spotify on your mobile devices.

As the software is designed lightweight, it would take up a high CPU while processing the Spotify recording at all. Although it offers a classic UI, the intuitive functionality will drive you to use it pretty easily. But you still need to pay attention to device compatibility as the software is not supported on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux currently.

Pros and Cons of Dojotech Spotify Recorder

● Auto-detection of Spotify songs and recording them
● Tag Spotify recordings by default to ensure convenient offline music management
● Available for editing bitrate as you require

● The output quality is lossy
● Only compatible with Windows XP and lower systems

 Dojotech Spotify Recorder

Total Recorder (for Windows)

Developed as a lightweight Spotify recorder for Windows desktops, Total Recorder provides free services to allow you to record Spotify songs in a no-lag way without hassle. As its audio recording feature supports capturing both system and microphone sounds, you are able to select to use it as a Spotify web recorder to capture Spotify songs from the web player, or from desktop software inconvenience.

Like other introduced Spotify recorders, its provided output formats and easy editing features are all helpful for you if you desire to further adjust the Spotify recordings by yourself. Although the process can be time-wasting as it only enables you to record Spotify songs at 1X speed, it's still a good tool you can quickly start up.

Pros and Cons of Total Recorder

● Multiple mainstream formats provided
● Ensure good quality to safe Spotify recordings
● Editing features equipped
● Lightweight recording functionality to ensure no-lag Spotify recording

● Limited functions in the free version (subscription required to unlock all features)
● Unavailable to speed up the recording process or batch record multiple tracks simultaneously
● Only compatible with Windows systems

Total Recorder Interface

Audacity (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Audacity is a versatile audio software that can be used for various purposes. Being open-source, it's 100% free to use. Meanwhile, it can work as a Spotify recorder that enables you to get music from Spotify and other streaming platforms. It supports a wide range of audio formats including MP3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, and more.

Besides, it allows you to refine your Spotify recordings with advanced effects like Noise Reduction, Reverb, Echo, Pitch and Tempo, Fade In/Out, etc. You can also alter frequencies with equalizers, high and low-pass filters, and others. Moreover, you can merge your recordings to mix a new track. If you want to recreate your favorite songs, Audacity can be a good choice. However, if you're a free user, it will also record ads along the way.

Pros and Cons of Audacity

● Support various output audio formats
● Offer a set of tools for editing audio tracks
● Provide all kinds of effects and filters
● Free to record from Spotify music and podcast
● Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux

● Difficult to use for newbies
● Record songs with ads


OBS Studio (Windows/Mac)

OBS Studio, short for Open Broadcaster Software Studio, is a powerful and popular software for video recording and live streaming. While it is primarily used for capturing and broadcasting video content, it can also be used to capture music from Spotify or other sources.

Being a Spotify recorder, OBS Studio only supports video recording in MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, m3u8, etc. Meanwhile, it can preserve up to lossless video quality and keep the surround sound effect. Therefore, it's more suitable to record video podcasts from Spotify.

Pros and Cons of OBS Studio

● Open-source and free to use
● Work on various operating systems
● Good for video recording and live streaming

● Have a steep learning curve
● Do not support audio recording
● Offer limited functionalities for recording

OBS Studio Spotify recorder

4 Paid Audio Recorder to Record Music from Spotify on Windows/Mac

Free Spotify recorders are money-saving, yet, with limited features. Moreover, they often record the ads as well. Given that, you may want to take a look at these 4 paid options.

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder (for Windows/Mac)

Performing with reliable Spotify recording functionality, Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is an ideal pick if you consider a Spotify recorder to record Spotify music as MP3 or lossless WAV files for preserving offline to deliver a nice Spotify music streaming experience to you.

This smart Spotify web recorder has embedded an automatic ID3 tagger to auto-add the title, artist, and album cover for each recorded Spotify song. In addition, a highlight of the software should be its smart filter to skip ads while processing Spotify recordings. With Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder, you are able to enjoy an ad-free and high-quality music streaming experience after getting Spotify recordings offline.

Pros and Cons of Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder

● Available to skip ads while capturing Spotify songs
● Preserve ID3 tags for Spotify music outputs
● Mainstream MP3 and WAV formats provided to save Spotify downloads
● Up to 320kbps quality to ensure lossless music streaming to you
● Compatible with more platforms like recording music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, and so on

● Limited formats to download Spotify songs
● Insufficient recording modes

Cinch Audio Recorder

VideoSolo Screen Recorder (for Windows/Mac)

If you consider a traditional Spotify recorder to capture Spotify Music more flexibly, like any part of a song for creating a ringtone, you are able to select VideoSolo Screen Recorder, an industry-leading recording software available to record streaming music from Spotify, Apple Music, and more without hassle. With optional mainstream output formats and quality options, you are able to output Spotify recordings based on your requirements at the original quality as Spotify premium can offer.

The only drawback of this Spotify recorder should be the fact that it has no acceleration mode available to speed up the recording process while recording Spotify steam. Meanwhile, batch recording is also not supported, which would lead to low efficiency if you get a list of Spotify songs required to record.

Pros and Cons of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

● Compatible with music recording from more platforms than Spotify;
● Flexible recording modes are provided to select;
● Available to customize formats and parameters before outputting Spotify recordings;
● Built-in trimming feature to adjust Spotify music recording duration flexibly.

● Unavailable to speed up the recording process;
● Only 3 minutes of a song can be recorded under the free trial period;
● Extra noise may easily be recorded while processing Spotify recordings.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Audials Music 2023 (for Windows)

Unlike TuneFab, Audials Music 2023 is an all-in-one music recorder developed to capture streaming songs for offline listening from different platforms, including Spotify. The core tech applied by the software is by building the recording feature inside. While you select a Spotify song to play, it will automatically activate its recording feature to capture the sound, and creates a local music file for you.

Don't worry about wasting time, as Audials Music 2023 will speed up the music streaming duration and shorten the recording period to save time. However, as Audials Music 2023 requires you to log in via your Spotify account before recording Spotify, you need to be aware of account suspension as some users have reported this issue.

Pros and Cons of Audials Music 2023

● Compatible with recording music sources from a variety of music streaming platforms;
● Preserve high quality for recorded Spotify Music;
● Auto-tagging feature available to find and add tags for every recorded song;
● Customized quality to record Spotify songs;
● Simple eating function provided to trim the music recordings before outputting them.

● It would still be time-consuming compared with Spotify downloaders like TuneFab;
● It is not freeware at all;
● Spotify would detect recording action and suspend your Spotify account easily.

Audials Music 2023

WavePad (for Windows/Mac)

WavePad is also a reliable Spotify recorder available for Windows and Mac users to record Spotify songs on desktops with nice quality and a smooth experience. Embedded with some basic editing features, it enables its dear users to edit Spotify songs before outputting.

Compared with a majority of other Spotify recording software, an out-performing feature of WavePad should be a variety of mainstream formats it offers to save audio recordings. While many other Spotify recorders only provide several options to select, this software offers 50+ formats for you to encode the recordings after recording from Spotify, enabling you to increase the audio compatibility and enjoy them on different devices as well as media players without limitations.

Pros and Cons of WavePad

● Intuitive recording functionality provided to process Spotify recorder
● Audio restoration feature to reduce noise and enhance audio quality to preserve as good a streaming experience as possible for you
● Equipped with editing functions to customize Spotify recordings before outputting
● Over 50 mainstream formats available to select
● Supported on more device systems other than Windows and Mac (compatible with iOS and Android as well)

● The output quality can still be lo28ssy
● No acceleration techs applied to speed up Spotify recording
● Limited recording modes provided

WavPad Spotify Recorder

Top Spotify Recorder Free Online - Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Audio Recorder is a free online tool that enables you to record system audio and microphones on any device. With no software required, it can directly record music from Spotify to MP3, and then you can download Spotify songs for free. Moreover, you can share the download link with others or upload the audio to social platforms.

In addition, this online tool has employed AI capability to automatically summarize the content of the audio or transcribe audio to text. If you want to transcribe a podcast or share your favorite audio clip with your friends, Apowersoft Audio Recorder is worth a shot.

Pros and Cons of Apowersoft Audio Recorder

● Support Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
● Free to record songs and podcasts from Spotify
● Share with others or upload to online platforms
● Easy to use without software

● Only support MP3 audio format
● Record ads if you're a free listener

Apowersoft Audio Recorder

3 Free Spotify Recorder Apps for Android/iOS

If you're more of a mobile user, then don't miss these 3 free Spotify recorder apps for Android and iPhone/iPad. Now, let's see which one is your preferred choice.

Syncios Audio Recorder (for Android)

Instead of using a desktop, if you are an Android user, you may consider whether there is also a workable Android Spotify recorder to help you record Spotify songs for preserving locally on your mobile devices to enjoy offline without the Spotify app installed. For sure the answer is Yes!

Syncios Audio Recorder is a free Android application, that provides easy-to-grasp functionality to capture any audio on your Android device, including Spotify songs while playing them back. Syncios Audio Recorder is compatible with many Android models, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, HUAWEI, and so on. With an intuitive design, you will also find it easy to handle. For Android users, Syncios Audio Recorder is recommended as a reliable Android Spotify recorder you should not miss.

Pros and Cons of Syncios Audio Recorder

● Intuitive design and easy-to-grasp functionality;
● Completely free of charge;
● Available to record any audio on Android devices;
● Compatible with different Android models;
● Ensure high-quality output audio recordings for Spotify users.

● Unavailable to speed up the Spotify recording to save time.

Syncios Spotify Recorder Android

Miidio Recorder (for Android)

Miidio Recorder is a high-quality audio recording app with a smooth UI design. It can also record music from Spotify. Since it doesn't pose any limitation on the recording length, you can record as long as you want. The recordings will saved in MP3 and you can also share the audio via Bluetooth, email, or Skype.

What's more, you can share the link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The silver lining of Miidio Recorder is that it allows you to set the Spotify clip as your ringtone. However, this Spotify recorder APK is not released on the Google Play Store, so you should install it from APKPure, Soft112, AppBrain, etc.

Pros and Cons of Miidio Recorder

● Free to download and use
● Easy to use with a user-friendly UI
● Allow for unlimited recordings
● Set recordings as ringtones

● Support less audio formats
● Have risk installing the APK
● Cannot skip ads in Spotify music

Miidio Spotify Recorder Android

GarageBand Spotify Recorder (for iOS)

Instead of installing an extra streaming music recorder for Spotify, on iOS, GarageBand Spotify Recorder can be an economical option - as it is a built-in freeware provided on iOS devices for use without paying a penny!

Actually, GarageBand Spotify Recorder provides more features such as creating your own musical projects, songs, and using instruments in it. Meanwhile, the hidden recording feature also makes it simple for users to record Spotify songs on the device without installing extra apps. The recordings can be saved locally for streaming, and you are also able to use them to create your own music projects in GarageBand directly, enabling iOS users to make use of Spotify songs without hassle!

Pros and Cons of GarageBand Spotify Recorder

● Built-in freeware for iOS devices;
● Available to record audio from Spotify and other sources without limitations;
● Entirely free of cost;
● Directly edit recorded Spotify songs or create new music projects freely.

● The app takes up much storage space on the iOS device;
● The recording process can't be speeded up at all.

GarageBand Spotify Recorder

Which Spotify Recorder Is the Best One?

As we have gone through the introduction on the 13 best Spotify recorders on all devices (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS included), let's simply conclude their features before selecting an exact one to get started. You can also add Spotify music to a video after you record it.

Output Quality Record Speed Output Format Batch Record ID3 Tags Preservation Pricing
TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Lossless 35X faster MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, ALFF, ALAC YES YES Free trial available
Spytify Audio Recorder High 1X MP3, WAV NO YES Free trial available (starts from US$9.95)
Dojotech Spotify Recorder High 1X MP3 NO NO Free
Total Audio Recorder Medium 1X WAV, MP3, WMA, etc. NO NO Free
Audacity Lossless 1X MP3, M4A, AIFF, etc. NO NO Free
OBS Studio Lossless 1X MP4, MOV, MKV, etc. NO NO Free
Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder High 1X MP3, WAV NO YES Free trial available (starts from US$25)
VideoSolo Screen Recorder High 1X MP3, MP4 NO NO Free trial available (starts from US$14.95)
Audials Music 2023 High 1X MP3 NO YES US$39.90
WavePad Low 1X MP3, WAV, etc. NO NO Free trial available (starts from US$24.99)
Syncios Audio Recorder High 1X MP3 NO YES US$39.90
Miidio Recorder High 1X MP3 NO NO Free
GarageBand Spotify Recorder High 1X M4A NO NO Free


Are there too many Spotify recorders to choose from? You can simply give it a shot at the best, which goes to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Without Premium, it lets you download unlimited Spotify songs and podcasts in batch at an ultra-fast speed while no one can compare. Better try than never.

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