Spotify Premium offers users various convenient features such as ad-free listening, high-quality sound, and offline downloads. You may want to share the Spotify Premium account with family, friends, or partners to enjoy these benefits together. Additionally, some people may want to share the Spotify Premium subscription cost with others due to financial considerations. So, does Spotify offer such a sharing service? The answer is yes! This article will provide detailed guidance on how to share Spotify Premium with others, enabling you to enjoy music with your loved ones.

How to Share Spotify Premium


Can You Share Spotify Premium?

The answer is yes. There are four main Spotify Premium plans, including Individual, Student, Family, and Duo. Spotify Premium Individual and Student plans are designed for individual users and only allow login on one device at a time. Therefore, you cannot share Spotify Premium services with these plans.

If you want to share Spotify Premium with others, consider the Spotify Premium Family or Spotify Premium Duo. These plans allow multiple users (up to 6 for Family, up to 2 for Duo) to share the same Spotify Premium subscription with their own accounts. Each member can use their own device, log in to their own account, and enjoy Spotify Premium music service independently. The specific services and differences between Spotify Premium Family and Duo plans are shown in the table below.


Spotify Premium Family Spotify Premium Duo
Shared Members Up to 6 accounts Up to 2 accounts
Download to Listen offline
Unlimited Skips
Keep Personal Music/Playlists/Recommendations
Simultaneously log into the same account on different devices
Shared Playlists Available Family Mix Duo Mix
Set Explicit Content Preferences
Price $16.99/month $14.99/month

How to Set up Spotify Premium Family Plan

The Spotify Premium family plan is the best option if you have many people in your home. This plan not only keeps each member's saved songs, playlists, and recommendations but also provides a shared playlist called Family Mix that all family members can access. This makes it even more convenient to share high-quality, ad-free streaming music with family and friends. Below is a detailed guide on how to share Spotify Premium Family.

1. How to Get Spotify Premium Family Plan

Step 1. Head to the Spotify Premium Family page. Hit the "Get Started" button to move on. You will be required to log in to your Spotify account.

Get Spotify Premium Family Plan

Step 2. Upgrade your accounts to "Premium Family".

• For Spotify Free users, go to "Manage your plan" and click on "Join Premium" to move on.

Spotify Free Users Upgrade to Premium Family

• For Spotify Premium users, you need to click "Change Plan" under "Manage your plan". And then, select "Premium Family" under "Available Plans".

Spotify Premium Users Upgrade to Premium Family

2. How to Add a Family Member to Spotify Premium

It is important to note that the plan manager can only invite up to 5 members who live at the same address.

Step 1. Go to your account page and move to "Premium Family" on the left side panel.

Step 2. Click "Add to Family Plan" > "Invite to Premium". Next, directly copy the invitation link and share the Spotify Premium with the person you want to add to your plan. Or you can share the invite link via Messenger, Whatsapp, or email.

Share Spotify Premium Family Plan

3. How to Accept an Invitation

Invitees can access the invitation link directly and click on "ACCEPT INVITE" to move on. Log in to your Spotify account and select "Yes, continue" to confirm the full address of your home. Then, you can join the Premium Family Plan successfully.

Accept Invitation for Premium Family Plan

How to Get and Connect Spotify Premium Duo

Spotify Premium Duo allows two people living at the same address to share a music experience. However, since this plan does not provide explicit content filters, it may not be suitable for adding child accounts. It would be more suitable for partners or roommates to share a Spotify premium. Here's a guide on how to share Spotify Premium Duo.

1. How to Start a Spotify Premium Duo Plan

Step 1. Go to your Spotify account page.

Step 2. Upgrade to a "Premium Duo" account.

• For Spotify Free users, go to "Manage your plan" and click "Join Premium". Select "Get Premium Duo", then, provide payment information.
• For Spotify Premium users, head to "Available Plan" and select "Get Premium Duo" to make a purchase.

Get Spotify Premium Duo

2. How to Invite a Member to Spotify Premium Duo

After you upgrade to Spotify Premium Duo, you can share Spotify Premium with your partner or friend.

Step 1. Open your account page and go to the "Spotify Premium Duo" section.

Step 2. Click on the "INVITE SOMEONE" button to send an invitation by copying the link or sharing via email, Messenger, or Whatsapp.

3. How to Join a Spotify Premium Duo Plan

Step 1. The member will need to access the invitation and select the "ACCEPT INVITE" option to move on.

Step 2. Log into the member's Spotify account, then enter the home address for confirmation. After that, you both enjoy Spotify Premium Duo.

Join a Spotify Premium Duo Plan

Tip: Play and Share Spotify Tracks Even Without Premium

Some users may find the ongoing Spotify Premium subscription fee a financial burden. Are there any cost-effective alternatives to enjoy Spotify music offline apart from sharing Spotify Premium Family/Duo plans with family and friends? Yes, third-party music downloading tools like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter offer an effective solution.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a powerful tool that allows Spotify Free and Spotify Premium users to download all Spotify songs to 320kbps MP3 files. Moreover, this Spotify downloader comes with a built-in Spotify web player, so there's no need to download and install the Spotify app. You can easily save your favorite songs from Spotify to your Windows or Mac computer permanently in just a few clicks. If you're looking for an affordable way to listen to Spotify music offline without Premium, then TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a great option.

Key Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

● Download Spotify Songs, Playlists, Albums, or Podcasts without Premium.
● Convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, and ALAC.
● Preserve lossless Spotify music at up to 320kbps.
● Support batch conversion at 35X faster speed.
● Retain original ID3 tags and metadata info for easier management.

With a built-in Spotify web player, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter offers a simple process to get Spotify music downloaded in a minute. Let's see how it works.

Step 1. Launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Download and install TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to your Windows or Mac computer. After launching it, click "Open the Spotify web player" to move on. Also, log in with your Spotify account to access Spotify's music library.

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs, Playlists, Albums, or Podcasts

Freely browse the music library within TuneFab, and find your favorite music. You can easily drag and drop Spotify music to the Add button on the right side. Then, you can import songs or playlists to the converting list.

Add Spotify Songs, Playlists, Albums, or Podcasts to Convert

Step 3. Customize Output Settings

In the "Converting" section, click on the "Convert all files to" menu to select a proper output format for Spotify songs. If you have specific needs, you can also customize the output format of every single song. Additionally, you can also go to "Settings" > "Preferences" to further adjust output audio parameters like "Bitrate" and "SampleRate".

Select An Output Format

Step 4. Download Spotify Songs without Premium

Next, click on the checkbox to select Spotify tracks you want to download. Then, click on the "Convert All" button to start the download process. When it ends, you can head to the "Finished" section to click "View Output File" to pinpoint your downloaded Spotify music.

Download Spotify Songs without Premium

FAQs About Sharing Spotify Premium

How to remove a member from Spotify Premium Family?

Only the Spotify family plan manager, which purchases the plan and initiates the invitations, is able to remove a member from the family plan. If you are the owner and would like to remove a member, follow the below instructions.

Step 1. Go to the account page of the Premium Family plan manager.

Step 2. Select "Manage members" under "Subscription".

Step 3. Select the option to remove a member from Spotify Premium Family, then choose the member you want to remove.

Step 4. Click on the "Remove from Plan" option.

Step 5. Confirm your change.


Family plan members can only change plans once every 12 months, so choose the member you share with carefully.

How to change the owner of Spotify Premium Family/Spotify Premium Duo?

As the owner of the Spotify Premium Family/Spotify Premium Duo plan, you may need to manage monthly payments for the plan and handle members. If you want to transfer ownership to someone else, unfortunately, Spotify currently does not provide a direct way to change the owner of existing plans.

However, to get it done, the current owner needs to cancel the subscription first. Once the current subscription expires, all member accounts will be back on the free plans. Then, the new owner can follow the steps mentioned earlier to resubscribe to a Premium Family/Duo plan and invite members to set up a new Spotify Premium Family or Spotify Premium Duo plan.


This article delves into how to share Spotify Premium with comprehensive guides available. By following the detailed steps, you can easily share the Spotify Premium Family/Duo plan with others.

Even better, if you want to play and share Spotify songs without Premium, a powerful TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is also provided. It can download songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts from Spotify to MP3, M4A, WAV, and other audio formats, letting you listen to Spotify music offline, even without Premium.  If you need a helper like it, feel free to download it and give it a try! Don't forget to share this article to let more people get helped.

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