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As the largest and most used music streaming service, Spotify increasingly occupies a greater market share today, and it still wins a large number of Mac user groups, even exceeding Apple Music! Hence, for those who are new to Spotify, this ultimate guide will show you the way to download Spotify and use it on Mac. Now, let's get started!


Part 1: How to Download Spotify on Mac?

Though you can enjoy listening to music on Spotify online, actually getting a Spotify download for Mac will be a better choice for you. However, you may be confused - the Spotify app is not available in the App Store.

Why? There are several potential reasons for this. Some suggest that the macOS system is more open compared to the iOS ecosystem, which is bound by more rigid rules and regulations. Additionally, it is believed that Spotify can update and fix bugs more rapidly by directly releasing itself on the official website, rather than requesting permission from the App Store.

Whatever the case may be, to get Spotify on Mac, you will need to navigate to Spotify's official website to install the app by following the steps below:

STEP 1. Visit Spotify official website in your browser.

Spotify Mac Download Page

STEP 2. Hit "Download" to process downloading the Spotify installation package on Mac.

STEP 3. When it completes, access the downloaded Spotify installer and unzip the file. Double-click "Install Spotify" and finish the installation.

Install Spotify on Mac

How to Find Spotify on Mac?

Once you finish the installation of Spotify on your Mac, you can find it in the Applications folder. Also, you can put Spotify on your Mac's dock by dragging Spotify from the finder to the dock bar to save time looking for it in the Applications folder.

Open TuneFab Spotify Music Converter in Finder

Now, simply log in via your Spotify account to enjoy the music streaming freely on your Mac!

Part 2. How to Download Spotify Music on Mac for Offline Listening?

Spotify offers a huge library of music when you have an internet connection. However, only if you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, can you download music for offline playback. It is worth mentioning that Spotify only supports downloading playlists and the playlist must be saved to your library first.

Here’s how to Download your music offline on Mac.

Step 1. Create a playlist in your library.

You can only download albums and playlists from Spotify, not individual songs. If you don't want an entire existing playlist or a full album, you can just add the songs you want to download to a new playlist.

Here is how: Click the “+” icon (Create playlist or folder) in Your Library, and then create a user-named playlist. In this way, you can freely rename the playlist and add your favorite songs to the playlist at anytime.

Step 2. Select a playlist. Click the gray download arrow at the top of the playlist.

When a song finishes downloading, it will have a downward-facing arrow icon to the right of it.

Download Music on Spotify

Step 3. Listen to Spotify music offline.

Whether you're connected to the internet or not, you can open Spotify, click your downloaded playlist, and click the "Play" icon to the left of a song to play it.

If you do not want to use your internet connection to listen to your music, you can click the Spotify menu and choose Offline Mode.

Can I download a single song on Spotify?

Theoretically, there is no such feature as downloading a single song, but there are other ways to do so. If you want to download a single song, you can first create a playlist, add that single song to the playlist, and then download the playlist.

Is It Possible to Download Spotify Music on Mac Without Premium?

The answer is, YES!

Generally, you can not keep listening Spotify Music when you have canceled your Spotify Premium because of DRM protection. Simply put, when you cancel Spotify Premium, you can't continue to listen to Spotify Music, and you can't download songs. Even if you find Spotify Music documents cached during your subscription period, you will not be able to play them because those songs are protected by encryption, and Spotify player will not recognize these documents once you lose your subscription.

However, if you still want to download Spotify Music after canceling your subscription, the professional and practical tool TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will help you fix this problem.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is designed for Spotify Free and Spotify Premium to convert and download Spotify Music with some outstanding points:

Convenient. TuneFab Apple Music Converter now features an integrated Apple Music web player that allows users to search for Apple Music albums directly and initiate music downloads without the need to sync with iTunes.

Fast. TuneFab Apple Music Converter enables batch conversion of numerous songs, playlists, and albums simultaneously, at a 5X speed, eliminating the frustration and time consumption that comes with the conversion process. (The speed can be even faster when the network condition is stable.)

High-quality. TuneFab Apple Music Converter offers a range of quality settings, ensuring that all downloaded Apple Music songs maintain their original sound quality.

Detailed. TuneFab Music Converter provides an efficient way to manage and organize your music collection by intelligently identifying the original ID3 tags of your online music. This allows for comprehensive display and preservation of track details such as title, artists, Track ID, and album artwork after conversion. Additionally, when saving converted songs on a hard drive or uploading them to the cloud, you can systematically sort the files for better organization.

Here are some tips about how to use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify music on Mac without premium:

STEP 1. Download and Launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and then open this App. When you succeed in logging in, you will see that the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is embedded in Spotify (the green "+" icon at the right of the page).

STEP 2. Add Spotify songs to the conversion in 2 ways

Open the playlist in your library or any songs/playlists/albums that you want to download and then press the green "+" icon. Or, select the songs you want to download in your library and then drag them to the green "+" icon.

When the music has been added successfully, the music will then be in the converter's waiting queue.

Add Spotify Music to Converter on Mac

STEP 3. Choose the Appropriate Output Parameters

Click the “Browse” icon at the bottom of the conversion page and select the appropriate download path. Also, at the top right of the conversion page, click "Convert all files to", and choose the appropriate file download format (MP3 format is recommended here because, in our tests, the quality of the music downloaded in this format is the most consistent with the quality of the source audio).

Adjust Spotify Music Conversion Parameter on Mac

STEP 4. Start downloading Spotify music

Select the music you want to download and then click the "Convert All" or "Convert X Items" icon on the bottom right corner, and start downloading.

Convert Songs On Spotify Mac without Premium

STEP 5. Finish converting

Once TuneFab Spotify Music Converter finishes converting songs/playlists/albums, you can click the "View Output File" icon to get your downloaded music!

Finish Converting Songs On Spotify Mac without Premium

What an easy way to download music via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter! What’s more, if you want to keep Spotify Music downloads locally, please refer to the article below to get more details:

Part 3. Extent Tips for Using Spotify on Mac

Compared to much other music software, the music you listen to on Spotify is the same whether you are a premium or free user. Moreover, on Spotify, almost all mainstream European and American pop music can be found here, and the album information of each artist is also very comprehensive.

Therefore, let's move on to discover more practical tips for using Spotify on Mac!

Create Spotify Playlist on Mac

If you want to listen to a lot of songs by different artists, but don't want to always SEARCH, is there an easy way to do it? Of course! You just need to create your own playlist! (There is no limit to the number of playlists, and the naming scheme is up to you)

Here is the tips to help you quickly create your own playlist:

STEP 1. Click the “+” icon (Create playlist or folder) in Your Library.

Create a Playlist on Spotify Mac

STEP 2. Click the "Playlist" you just created, and type a name for it.

Rename a Playlist on Spotify Mac

STEP 3. Add songs to the playlist by dragging them to the new playlist. You can also click the three dots on any song, select "Add to" Playlist, and select your new playlist name.">

Add Songs to the Playlist on Spotify Mac

After creating a playlist, both free and subscribed users can add their favorite songs to it. Also, Spotify Premium subscribers can download songs from the playlists.

Stop Spotify from Opening on Startup on Mac

Although Spotify can bring us unlimited enjoyment of music, we don't always need music with us. Therefore, is there any solution to solve the problem that Spotify will automatically start when Mac is turned on?

The answer is yes, and you just need to do the following 3 simple steps:

STEP 1. Open the Setting Page on Spotify in 2 ways

• Click on "Spotify" in the upper left corner and select "Preference".

Click the Preference icon on Spotify Mac

• Click the user name icon on the home page of Spotify and select "Setting".

Click the Setting icon on Spotify Mac Home Page

STEP 2. Find Startup and Window Behavior

After you open the "Setting"/"Preference" page, scroll all the way down and find "Startup and windows behavior" column. Then, choose "No".

Stop Spotify Mac from Automatically turning on

Access Equalizer

As we all know, adjusting different music parameters, such as the levels of bass and treble in music and podcasts, will bring different effects to the song presentation. On Spotify, Mac users can turn on Spotify's equalizer to adjust the sound quality, as well as adjust the volume of different ranges in the audio spectrum.

Just a few simple steps to use the Equalizer to adjust the song parameters!

STEP 1. Open the Setting Page on Spotify

Click on "Spotify" in the upper left corner of the home page and select "Preference" or click the user name icon on the home page of Spotify and select "Setting".

STEP 2. Find Equalizer

You can scroll the page down to find "Playback" - "Equalizer". Then, switch it to GREEN to access Equalizer.

Access Equalizer on Spotify Mac

Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify

Collaborative Playlist on Spotify is a personalized playlist for you and a friend or partner that easily recognizes each of your playlists and automatically combines the music tastes of two different users into one playlist. No matter if you are a Spotify Free or Spotify Premium member, you can create your own Collaborative Playlist.

The procedure to make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify is simple. It just needs a few extra clicks.

STEP 1. Select a playlist

You can select one of your existing playlists in your library or create a new one.

STEP 2. Invite collaborators

Right-click on the selected playlist and click "invite collaborators", then Spotify will automatically generate a sharing link.

Invite Collaborators on Spotify Mac

Once you share the link with your friend, he/she can create the playlist together!

Upload Local Music to Spotify

Although there is a huge amount of music on Spotify, including almost all artists and regions, due to some policy issues, you may face a problem: you try to find some songs you like but don't find them on Spotify.

But don't worry, we can fix this problem by uploading local music on Spotify by ourselves! Here are the instructions:

STEP 1. Open the Setting Page on Spotify

Click on "Spotify" in the upper left corner of the home page and select "Preference" or click the user name icon on the home page of Spotify and select "Setting".

STEP 2. Find Local Files

You can scroll the page down to find "Local Files". Then, switch it to GREEN to turn on "Show Local Files".

STEP 3. Upload local files

Click the "Add a source" button, and select the right folder with the music you want.

Upload Local Music on Spotify Mac

STEP 4. Enjoy local music

Once you have set the right source for your local music, click on "Your Library" and you will see "Local Files". The songs in "Local Files" are the same as other songs on Spotify and you can freely add them to your favorite playlist.

Play Local Music on Spotify Mac


Downloading Spotify on Mac will bring us a lot of conveniences. Subscription users can directly Download Spotify Music on Mac for Offline Listening, while free users can also finish music downloading through the powerful TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. In addition, when using Spotify, users can adjust the settings of the corresponding section in settings to adjust music performance, make collaborative playlists, upload local music, and more. Don't hesitate to download Spotify now and enjoy your music journey!

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