For many Mac users, Apple Music may probably be the top 1 pick to streaming music online. However, as Spotify also increasingly occupies greater market share today, it still wins a large amount of Mac user group, even exceeds Apple Music!

Hence, for those who are new to Spotify, this ultimate guide shows you the way to download Spotify and use it on Mac. Now, let's get started!

How to Download Spotify on Mac


How to Download Spotify on Mac

When you desire to download Spotify on Mac to shuffle the high-quality playlists provided by the software, you may be confused - the Spotify app is not available in App Store.

Why is Spotify not on Mac App Store? There are multiple reasons driving to this situation. For example, probably Spotify is not available for installation in the location of your Apple ID. Hence, to get Spotify on Mac, you will need to navigate to Spotify's official website to install the app following the steps bowl:

STEP 1. Visit the Spotify for Mac download page in your browser.

STEP 2. Hit Download to process downloading the Spotify installation package on Mac.

STEP 3. When it completes, access the downloaded Spotify installer and unzip the file.

STEP 4. Double-click the "Install Spotify" application file to complete the software setup.

How to Download and Install Spotify on Mac

Once the installation completes, Spotify will be launched automatically. Now, simply log in via your Spotify account to enjoy the music streaming freely on Mac!

Use Spotify Web Player to Stream Music on Mac

Instead of installing Spotify app on Mac, another alternative method to stream Spotify Music is by using Spotify web player to access the full music library. Similarly, you will grasp nice experience to enjoy the high-quality music listening experience in more convenient ways.

Here shows you the way to use Spotify web player on Mac:

STEP 1. Open Spotify web player in browser.

STEP 2. Hit the "Log in" icon to log in using your Spotify account.

STEP 3. Once completing the account login, browse any Spotify playlist to stream Spotify songs on Mac as you desire.

Use Spotify Web Player to Play Music on Mac

Spotify App VS Web Player: Which One Is Better?

So, what are the exact differences between Spotify app and its web player? How should I choose to use on Mac? The main differences between them refer to the streaming music quality and the equipped offline mode available. For Spotify app users, you are able to grasp the best music quality at up to 320kbps, while Spotify web player only offers the best 256kbps in maximum. Meanwhile, for Spotify Premium subscribers, the offline mode is only available in Spotify app, meaning that you are not allowed to download Spotify songs for offline listening from the web player instead:

Spotify App

Spotify Web Player

Music quality

Best at 320kbps

Best at 256kbps

Offline mode

Available for Premium subscribers


Bonus: How to Play Spotify Offline in Spotify Web Player?

When Spotify web player is not provided with the music offline mode and offers limited quality to stream Spotify songs like Spotify app, here brings you a bonus tip to overcome the limitations. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter has embedded the official Spotify web player inside the software, with the download functionality equipped, enabling users to download Spotify songs for offline streaming. The software will also provide the customized quality feature, giving users the right to adjust the output parameters, with up to 320kbps selected! TuneFab Spotify Music Converter has helped you go through the limitations brought by the official Spotify web player and make high-quality offline music listening possible.

Highlighted Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

● Available to download Spotify songs, playlists, and podcasts from the built-in Spotify web player;

● Mainstream output formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC provided;

● Best 320kbps and 48kHZ to output downloaded Spotify songs;

● Full preservation of ID3 info for more convenient music management offline;

● Up to 5X or 6X faster batch conversion speed.

Now, also grasp the brief guide and see how to use Spotify on Mac and even download songs from Spotify web player via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter:

STEP 1. Once completing the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter installation on Mac, launch the software and hit the "Open the Spotify web player" to enter and log in the Spotify web player.

Log in the Spotify web player

STEP 2. Now, directly use the web player as commonly do to search for songs for streaming directly. To download them, simply drag to the floating "+" icon for adding to the conversion queue.

Search For Songs

STEP 3. After that, navigate to "Menu" > "Preferences" > "Advanced" to adjust the output format, and select 320kbps to be the best bitrate to download Spotify songs. For the sample rate, simply choose the option you desire.

Adjust The Output Format

STEP 4. Finally, simply hit the "Convert All" icon to process the Spotify songs download right away, then TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will complete the conversion for you with quick speed.

Converting Spotify Music

For Mac users, you should not miss the great music streaming service provided by Spotify. By following this blog, you now grasp the way to download and use Spotify on Mac. From then on, you are able to enjoy Spotify songs with nice experience!

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