When holding a party, you may puzzle that what songs should be used in your party and make your party higher. Here are the 20 best party songs playlists you can bring it to your party and playing circularly to make the party higher.


20 Party songs will be divided into 2 parts. Enjoy these heated songs playing in your party. Party's time!

Part 1. Top 1 to 10 Songs for Party

NO. 1 Ready for it - Taylor Swift

Ready for it Taylor Swift

Genre: Electropop, Industrial Pop

Time: 2017

When the prelude of the music playing, it seems like to tell you your party is beginning, like Taylor Swift singing ARE YOU READY FOR IT?

NO. 2 Numb - Linkin Park

Numb Linkin Park

Genre: Nu Metal, Alternative Rock

Time: 2003

Speaking of party, how can we hold a party without Linkin Park's song. Listening to the prelude, you will be soon driven to join the party with heart and soul.

NO. 3 Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Dark Horse Katy Perry

Genre: Trap and Hip Hop

Time: 2013

This is the song with the genre of Trap and Hip Hop. Party with Hip Hop will add the glory to your Party.

NO. 4 I'm The One - DJ Khaled(Feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne)

I Am The One DJ Khaled Feat

Genre: Hip Hop

Time: 2017

This is another Hip Hop song and links up the previous songs for your party. By the way, this song are amused.

NO. 5 2U - David Guetta(Feat. Justin Bieber)

2U David Guetta Feat Justin Bieber

Genre: EDM, Pop

Time: 2017

If you are fans who love Justin Bieber all the time, you can miss it. If not this song will help you turn into a Justin-Bieber fans.

NO. 6 Haunted - Taylor Swift

Haunted Taylor Swift

Genre: Country, Country Pop, Pop Rock

Time: 2010

You may hear of this songs, but you may not found out the charming of this song when playing in your party. It is so hot and will make your party higher.

NO. 7 Nemo - Nightwish

Nemo Nightwish

Genre: Symphonic metal, Power metal

Time: 2004

When you heard of the prelude, you will know the reason why I suggest this song to you. The magic of sound ringing at your party.

NO. 8 Remember The Name - Fort minor

Remember The Name Fort Minor

Genre: Alternative hip hop

Time: 2005

Aha, yes, this song you may extremely familiar with for it is the song you will always hear from NBA Match. Let this song play the different shining role on your party.

NO. 9 What I've Done - Linkin Park

What I've Done Linkin Park

Genre: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock

Time: 2007

Yes, here are Linkin Park again, absolutely the songs of Linkin Park are all suit for the party because they are the symbol of the Rock Music, right?

NO. 10 Dusk Till Dawn(feat. Sia) - ZAYN

Dusk Till Dawn ZAYN Feat Sia

Genre: Pop

Time: 2017

Don't be cheating by the deep sound prelude. This is the songs are brisk will make your party renewing and entering to a second round.

Part 2. Top 11 to 20 Songs for Party

NO.11 Battle Symphony - Linkin Park

Battle Symphony Linkin Park

Genre: Pop Rock, Electropop

Time: 2017

This is one of the slightly vehemently songs of Linkin Park which you can join the previous songs to turn into the next round.

NO.12 'Till I Collapse - Eminem(feat. Nate Dogg)

Till I Collapse Eminem Feat Nate Dogg

Genre: Hardcore Hip Hop, Rap Rock

Time: 2002

Playing this song and moving your body by this song on your party will be the amazing things you have done.

NO.13 Despactio (Remix) - Luis Fonso & Daddy Yankee Feat. Justin Bieber

Despactio Remix Luis Fonso Daddy Yankee Feat Justin Bieber

Genre: Reggaeton-pop

Time: 2017

The new songs released by Luis Fonso, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber are lead to heated imitated dancing chic. Without this songs, your party may not be perfect.

NO.14 Down - Fifth Harmony Feat. Gucci Mane

Down Fifth Harmony Feat Gucci Mane

Genre: Unknown

Time: 2017

Following the above songs, Down also give you the chance to dancing when your party is going on. Enjoy Gucci and Fifth Harmony song playing on your party.

NO.15 Animals - Marrons 5

Animals Maroons 5

Genre: Pop

Time: 2014

This is another you can-not-miss-about songs during your party. It seems like that the songs f Maroon 5 are also fixable in the party.

NO.16 She Is My Sin - Nightwish

She Is My Sin Nightwish

Genre: Alternative metal

Time: 2000

Although this song is lasting for a long time it is worth playing in your party for its remarkable prelude.

NO.17 Me Against The Music - Britney Spears

Me Against The Music Britney Spears

Genre: Dance, Hip Hop

Time: 2003

The voice of Britney Spears is suitable for party background songs. Add this song to get your party extraordinary.

NO.18 Love the Way You Lie - Eminem

Love the Way You Lie Eminem

Genre: Hip Hop

Time: 2010

Love the Way You Lie is not very intense and slightly music will be a benefit to your party for coming to an end.

NO.19 When I'm Gone - Eminem

When I'm Gone Eminem

Genre: Conscious hip hop

Time: 2005

Playing the Eminem songs on your party will burn your party up. Why not try this?

NO.20 Love Me Not - t.A.T.u

Love Me Not - t.A.T.u.

Genre: Alternative rock

Time: 2006

Also a long lasting song but worth playing for your party. Just like a cool ending for your party.

Part 3. Know More about Your Best Party Songs

All these songs you can find in your Apple Music and other streaming music services. However, all these songs you can play in other ways, like burn into a CD or make it to a USB device, which you can play it more freely.

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