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Can Rented iTunes Movies Be Shared?

By Iris Holmes

December 02, 2017

Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever want to share your iTunes Movies with other people or devices and found out that you failed to share the iTunes Movies no matter you have rented or purchased? Curious about how to share the iTunes rented movies? Now, all of these matters can be perfectly solved. Before learning the method of sharing the iTunes rented Movies, here are some common senses you are supposed to learn first.


Part 1. What are the rented iTunes Movies?

Rented iTunes Movies means iTunes Movies are rented from the iTunes Stores by Apple ID or from the iOS devices, and so purchased iTunes Movies does. It costs you approximately $2.99 - $6.99 for renting and $9.99 - $19.99 or so for purchasing. When renting or purchasing an iTunes movies, you have 2 options: one is HD and the other is SD. HD means high definition and is for enjoying a movie with high-resolution radio whilst SD means standard definition and for enjoying a movies basis resolution radio. All the factors of movies have, the rentals iTunes Movies also processes, such as subtitles, soundtracks, the option, titles and summary and so on. All your movies stay on the Rentals of the movies Section of the iTunes Library or of the Video app. However, problems occur when you want to share. Here are the data right managements forbade you to share your rented iTunes Movies.

Part 2. How to kill the protection of the iTunes Movies?

For the sake of smashing the protection of iTunes Movies, all you have to need is powerful and handy tools which you can just convert it into the common format. As a matter of fact, under this situation, you may confuse about what kind of converter is exactly easy-to-use for you, precisely because there are numbers of converter program all around the world. Encountered with such problem, I am going to introduce a tool which you can convert your iTunes Movies into MP4 so that you can share your Movies with your friends.

This program allows you unencrypt your DRM iTunes Movies into various video format only in quite quick speed, 30X faster speed while converting iTunes purchased and rentals to MP4 in batches. It produces 1080/720 HD output videos with 100% original quality preserved. Most importantly, you can choose your language subtitles and audio tracks of your output video.

Break DRM from iTunes Movies to Share

TuneFab M4V Converter - Share Your iTunes Movies on Your Own Will

● Unlocked the DRM protection of the iTunes Movies;

● Convert iTunes Movies into several kinds of movies format in batches;

● 1080/720 HD output videos with 100% original quality maintained;

● Compatible with both Windows and Mac.

As for how to use TuneFab M4V Converter, you can go and have a look at the article which we have posted previously.

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With such kinds of M4V Converter, you can share your iTunes Movies in a go-as-you-please way. You can be free from the puzzles when you want to share your movies with anybody. You can download the program and have a free trial. When you fully master and understanding of how the whole program operates, you will be happy to own such powerful converter.

Note: If you are the user of Windows, you can wait the updated version for the Free Trial Version of Windows fail to convert your iTunes Rented Movies.

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