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How to Save iTunes Movies Rentals on iPad Pro Forever

By Iris Holmes

May 29, 2018

Apple allows users to watch the iTunes Movies Rentals for 30 days after renting. However, once you have clicked and watched the movie, all the rest time for you to finish watching are 48 hours. Thus, some fabulous movies will be regrettably to be grayed and need to be purchased or rented again.

How to keep the rented iTunes Movies on your devices, like iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4 and so forth forever become an issue. If you suffer from this uninviting problem, all the following details are must have read carefully. In this case, I would like to introduce a way to keep your iTunes Movies Rentals by taking the iPad Pro as an example.

How to Keep iTunes Movies Rentals on iPad Pro?

Required Tool: iTunes Rented Movies, iPad Pro, A converter.

With so many converters existed, which kinds of the converter is the best option?

Here, I am going to recommend a converter named TuneFab M4V Converter. With this miniature but powerful tools, you can convert your iTunes rented movies into MP4 format and then you can transfer to your iPad easily.

Moreover, you can select your favorite subtitles and audio to produce your iTunes rented Movies and you can enjoy it without any blockage. Ultimately, by right of this converter, you can convert batches of iTunes rented movies without waiting for a long time.

That's all about this powerful tool, it is time for converting with this tool now!

Step 1. Launching TuneFab iTunes M4V Converter

After getting it installed on your Computer, you can have it running on PC so as to move on to the next step.

Note: Your Rental iTunes Movies can't be converted in the Free Trial Version of Windows. Please waiting patiently for the updated version.

Step 2. Input your iTunes Movies by Add Files

After running the iTunes and TuneFab M4V Converter, you can click the top-left button Add Files to add the rented movies to get it converted.

Add iTunes M4V Videos

Step 3. Select the Subtitles and Audio

It is the most important part of the whole converting progress. You can select the subtitles and audio for getting the converting prepared by clicking the Settings.

Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Step 4. Click Convert button

Everything is getting ready for convert and thus in this step, all you need to do is to click the convert and waiting for several minutes to get the converted files.

Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

Note: For free trial version, just 5 minutes long allow for your converted files.

Video Tutorial: How to Save iTunes Movies Rentals on iPad Pro Forever

Step 5. Transfer to iPad Pro

After getting your converted files from the output file folder, you can transfer it to your iPad Pro as for how to transfer your videos to iPad, here is the guidance.

Guidance: How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPad

Aha, it is so simple to convert your iTunes Rented Movies and transfer to iPad Pro. As for other kinds of iPad, you can also take the same actions to maintain them all with this converter. If you have other problem when you using your iTunes Movies.

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