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Fixed: iTunes Movie won't Play?

By Zoe Clarke

Updated on September 25, 2018

"I have purchased movies from iTunes. When I hit to play, only a black screen is just showed up and the purchased iTunes Movies won't play on my iTunes. Can anyone help with this annoying problem?"

Enjoying iTunes Movies will be the enjoyable things until such an unexpected and mentioned-above problem happen. Having tried so many ways, iTunes Movies still won't play on your iTunes or download them on the computer. But now, TuneFab puts forward to its own solutions to fix this problem. Trying 5 general solutions and another ultimate solution with TuneFab M4V Converter then you can play the unrestricted movies on whatever devices.


Part 1. 5 General Solutions to iTunes Movie Won't Play

No 1. Update Versions on Both iTunes & QuickTime

iTunes and the video player Quicktime will be out of date to play your iTunes Movies even you have already downloaded the iTunes Movies. Hence, if your iTunes Movies won't play, the first and foremost action to take is to check iTunes and QuickTime Player version. Solutions are below.

For iTunes:

Step 1. Turn on iTunes and click to "Help" > "Check for Updates".

Step 2. If there any updates you should take, then follow the whole download and installation to finish the whole updates. If not, check the QuickTime Player or go to the next sections.

For QuickTime Player:

For those who installed QuickTime Player to play iTunes Movies, here is the solution.

Step 1. Turn on QuickTime Player and click to "Help" > "Update Existing Software".

Step 2. Also, update the QuickTime Player if the updates are available. If not, go to the next sections.

No 2. Sign Out and Sign In Your Apple Account

Sometimes there might be some bugs to your Apple Account, like failing to connect to the iCloud. So, here you need to take the following step to enjoy your iTunes Movies. That is sign out and sign in your Apple Account.

Step 1. Click to "Account" >"Sign Out".

Step 2. Click to "Account" >"Sign In" > Enter your Apple Account and password.

Step 3. Authorization your Computer. Sometimes iTunes won't download the iTunes Movies if the Apple ID is not authorized. Click to "Account" > "Authorization" > "Authorize This Computer..." to make sure you have authorized your computer.

After checking this way, you can check iTunes movies can be played or not.

Check Account

No 3. Download the Purchased Movies By Checking for Available Downloads

If a black screen comes out, it is probable that your purchased iTunes Movies are not downloaded correctly. So here you need to check out that the purchased iTunes movies are completely downloaded. Actions to take are below.

One Step Check: If your iTunes is 100% updated and the account is out of question, turn on iTunes and click to "Account" > "Check for Available Downloads". If your movies are purchased but not downloaded correctly, the movies will be downloaded automatically.

Note: Please download the iTunes Movies in 720P or 1080P HD because sometimes the display won't play the movies with the higher resolution.

No 4. Check the Internet Connection

If the movies you have downloaded is iTunes Extras, the slow internet connection will cause the problem of iTunes Movies won't play. 

One Step Check:

A. Forget your WiFi and re-connect your WiFi with the password.

B. Find a strong WiFi(Take a look at your WiFi is full or not).

C. Re-connect to the WiFi: Turn off WiFi by clicking to the WiFi icon or press some hotkeys and then turn it on again then you will connect to the WiFi with the strong signal.

No 5. See If Your Movies is Purchased or Not

If your movies are rented and also have the problem of playback problem, you need to make sure that your rentals are still available.

Once you have watched it, you just have 24 hours(US) and 48 hours(Elsewhere) to complete. When it is expired, you need to re-rent the movies and then to keep watching it. However, iTunes also has the time limitation, that is you need to watch your rented movies merely on 30 days. It is too hard to make sure of it, right? So, here you can expand the rental period as the guide below.

Part 2. Ultimate to Fix iTunes Movies Won't Play by Converting Way

If you have used the above ways to watch iTunes Movies, and the purchased iTunes Movies are still won't play. At this moment, you can try to download iTunes Movies all and play them on your local player. However, since iTunes Movies are all encrypted by the DRM, it is hard to play the downloaded iTunes movies without iTunes. Hence, by virtue of iTunes Video Downloader, it is a piece of cake to download and convert all the purchased and rental movies and play on whatever devices, that is TuneFab M4V Converter.

TuneFab M4V Converter is designed to convert M4V videos (a movie format used in iTunes Store) to MP4 files which are compatible with most devices and media players. It can remove DRM from M4V with 30X faster speed and output video will keep as the original quality. What's more, subtitles and audio tracks will keep so you can free from losing the metadata of your iTunes Movies. Only 4 steps and then you can play iTunes movies on non-Apple devices.

Step 1. Download, install and run TuneFab M4V Converter on your computer.

Wait a few seconds and make sure that your Internet connection goes well while downloading. When downloading is finished, click to install the Converter. When the whole installations are completed, you can see the main interface of TuneFab M4V Converter.

Note: Please download all the movies first before converting your iTunes Movies. Besides, iTunes Rental will fail to be converted on Windows while it can be converted on Mac. Please wait for the functions come back.

Launch TuneFab M4V Converter

Step 2. Add iTunes Movies from TuneFab M4V Converter interface by clicking to "Add Files". After adding, please click the button "Add" again to complete the adding process.

Add iTunes M4V Videos

Step 3. Set Audio Tracks and Subtitles. It is optional. The software will save the original info when you don't make any changes of parameters.

Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Step 4. Click "Convert" to start converting M4V movies, you can convert one by one or in batches.

Converting iTunes Videos

Now, it is your turn to fix your iTunes Movies won't play problem with these 5 + 1 solutions. However, among all these solutions, I think it is so convenient when taking the TuneFab M4V Converter solution for the reason that it can free from the device limitation. If you have any problem, just let us know by sending an E-mail or just leaving a comment below.

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