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If you are one of the fans of audiobook-listening and finding ways to get free audiobooks from, then this guide will be perfect for you. Audible is one of the famous websites that specializes in providing professional service of audiobooks. Here I'm going to tell you how to download free audiobooks from Audible and other ways to get free Audible audiobooks.


Part 1. Usual Process to Get Free Audiobooks from Audible

Create Audible Account

Click "Sign in" and a new interface will pop up, in the bottom choose "Create an account", then follow the requirements to finish.

Note: Audible provides newcomers with 30 days free trial including a free book before they need to pay $14.95 per month. Remember to cancel it before the trial ends if you don't be charged.

Create Audible Account

Select Audiobook & Add to Cart

In the search box, you can input the book name and find the audiobook that you want. Click the wanted book and then "Add to cart".

Add Audible Audiobook to Cart

Download Audible Audiobook to PC

Tap "Library" and choose "My Books", then download the audiobook to your local file and you can listen to audiobook freely.

Download Audible Audiobook

Import Audible to iTunes

Yes! We can use iTunes to listen to Audible audiobooks, but you need to download the Audible app first. Sign in and find your downloaded audiobook in the Library, then choose "Import into iTunes". Please note that you will be required to download the plugin at the time the book is imported to iTunes.

Import Audible Audiobooks to iTunes


Amazon Prime also provide user free trial membership, and you can get more audible e-books via creating Amazon Prime Account.

Choose a Membership of Amazon Prime

Part 2. Special Way to Get Free Audiobooks from Audible

Both Audible account and Amazon Prime account only have a 30-day trial, they cannot meet the needs of reading lovers. Another important point that Audible audiobooks are in AA or AAX format which is protected by Audible's Digital Rights Management (DRM). Even if users purchased from Audible, it is hard to play audiobooks on non-audible-approved devices. However, MP3 is the audio format that is compatible with almost all audio players, so we can convert Audible audiobooks to MP3.

TuneFab Audible Converter is a powerful software to help you enjoy AA or AAX audiobooks anywhere and anytime. It can easily remove DRM from AA or AAX and then convert to popular MP3 or M4A, etc. 60X conversion speed allows you to convert more audiobooks in a short period. What surprises you is it can keep all chapter information after converting. Also, you can make use of the built-in audiobook splitter to divide your Audible AAX books into different segments.

TuneFab Audible Converter

Once the conversion finished, you virtually get free audiobooks from Audible. Now you can listen to the audiobooks on the devices that Audible hasn't approved via USB drive. Thanks to TuneFab Audiobook Converter, to a great extent, it solves a technical problem for reading lovers who want to get free audiobooks from Audible.

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