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To help users have a more enjoyable and fluent YouTube Music playback experience offline on mobile devices, YouTube official has provided the YouTube Premium service, allowing subscribers to access the music download feature within YouTube Music app. However, when it doesn't provide a compatible version for desktop users, it seems impossible to listen to YouTube Music offline on computers.

But actually, there is still a workable way that can help desktop users to listen to YouTube Music offline, even without YouTube Premium subscribed. So in this article, the tutorial will teach you both ways to download music from YouTube with or without premium. Now, take both of them and enjoy YouTube Music on all devices smoothly.


Listen to YouTube Music Offline on the App [Premium Required]

When YouTube has provided a music download function for premium subscribers to enjoy the songs by downloading them offline within YouTube Music app. The most direct way for you to listen to YouTube Music offline can surely be using this official method - install YouTube Music app on mobile phones and then subscribe to YouTube Premium to get the music download feature.

If you consider it more convenient to process YouTube Music download through the official app, just check the tutorial provided here and learn how to download music from YouTube to iPhone or Android to listen to offline.

Tip: Because the YouTube Music app is only provided for mobile devices, desktop users can use this method to listen to YouTube Music offline. Instead, see the recommended method in the next part to download YouTube Music to MP3 on desktops for playback offline without YouTube Premium.

Step 1. Firstly, you need to go to the App Store (on iOS devices) or Google Play Store (on Android devices) to search and install the YouTube Music app.

Step 2. Then open the app. You need to sign in your Google account with YouTube Premium plan subscribed. If you are not a YouTube Premium member, subscribe to it first. Or you can use the music download function within the app at all.

YouTube Music App Download Songs

Step 3. Now, you can directly search for any song or playlist provided in YouTube Music's music library that you want to download for listening offline.

Step 4. When you access the song or playlist you need to save offline, just click its "Menu" button and then choose the "Download" option. After selecting the format and quality you need, YouTube Music will immediately download the songs for you. You can check them later in your offline library and enjoy the playback within YouTube Music app.

Listen to MP3 Format YouTube Music Offline [Without Premium]

Unfortunately, because YouTube Music only offers the music download feature for mobile users within the installed YouTube Music app, desktop users can directly access this excellent function and listen to YouTube Music offline on computers. Instead, you will need help from third-party software to download YouTube Music to MP3 first.

To do this and free YouTube Music available for offline playback on computers, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter can be a reliable tool you should not miss. The software offers a powerful YouTube Music download function, which can help you easily remove DRM from streaming YouTube songs, and then convert them to common formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC with original quality, making the YouTube Music offline playback experience on computers can be easy and professional enough.

Also, you will not be asked to subscribe to YouTube Premium to process the music download within the software! In other words, every YouTube Music user can use TuneFab YouTube Music Converter to download music and enjoy offline, including all free users. The software will not force you to sign in the account before using the service too, which makes YouTube Music downloading on computers even more convenient.

Key Features:

● Offers free trial to download YouTube Music songs even without account sign-in or YouTube Premium subscription needed
● Provides all widely-used formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to select saving downloaded YouTube Music songs
● Even supports downloading YouTube Music videos with original video quality in MP4 format
● Keeps original quality and makes sure the best YouTube Music playback experience offline
● Offers up to 10X faster speed to batch download YouTube Music quickly
● Saves all ID3 tags and metadata information to help you easily manage the downloaded YouTube Music songs offline

Next, you will learn how easy it would be to download YouTube Music to MP3 and listen to YouTube Music offline on computers without YouTube Premium needed at all.

Step 1. Open TuneFab YouTube Music Web Player

When you have installed TuneFab YouTube Music Converter on your computer, open the software and then enter the in-built YouTube Music Web Player. You can sign in to your YouTube Music account and find your own playlists or saved songs to download. If you don't want to use your account at all, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter also works to help without account login at all.

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter Sign in

Step 2. Add YouTube Songs or Playlists to Download

So now, you can directly use the search function provided on YouTube Music Web Player and find any music resource you want to download to listen offline. When you access them, directly drag to the "+" button, then TuneFab YouTube Music Converter will add them to the "Converting" list.

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter Add YouTube Music Songs

Step 3. Choose Format and Video/Audio Quality

When you have selected the songs wanting to download, now just choose an output format from the "Convert all files to" menu in the top-right corner.

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter Choose Format

If you need to select the quality for the YouTube Music video or audio, just go to "Preferences" setting window and then choose the option you like for both "Video quality" and "Audio quality".

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter Choose Quality

Step 4. Download YouTube Music Songs for Offline Listening

Finally, just click the "Convert All" button to start downloading YouTube Music songs on the computer to enjoy offline. When they finish, you even don't need to use YouTube Music app but directly play the downloaded songs using any installed media player conveniently. The music quality will be kept as the same!

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter Download YouTube Music Offline

FAQs About Listening to YouTube Music Offline

Can I Listen to YouTube Music with Screen Off?

If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can surely listen to YouTube Music with the screen off or switch to other apps. Also, this feature only works in the Google Chrome browser on iPhone (both Google Chrome and Firefox on Android). If you use Safari, Firefox, or other browsers, you can't enjoy the music playback in the background at all.

How to Download Music from YouTube Music for Free?

Officially, you have to subscribe to YouTube Premium to get the music download function. If you want to process it for free without subscribing to premium plans, finding a free YouTube Music Downloader can help. Among all of them, as introduced above, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter is able to work as a YouTube Music desktop client, which has directly embedded the YouTube Music Web Player, allowing you to stream music online, manage your own playlists, and directly download YouTube Music playlists to MP3 in batch. It is recommended as one of the best YouTube Music Downloaders today.

Is Mixtape Offline Gone? Can I Bring It Back?

Unfortunately, YouTube Music has replaced the Mixtape Offline feature with "Smart downloads", which can help you smartly download up to 500 songs automatically based on your previous listening history (for sure that the download will be processed when your devices are connected with Wifi).


If you want to listen to YouTube Music offline, you can choose using both the official or a third-party tool to process music download conveniently. Compared between them, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter enables a more convenient offline music playback experience because the downloaded music files are able to be kept on all devices without quality loss. So if you are considering saving YouTube Music songs to listen offline, it will be the best recommendation I will give.

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