YouTube Music has increasingly been one of the most popular music streaming platforms when billions of users have access to play the music they like with good quality. However, the unexpected iPhone network condition may lead to an unpleasant YouTube Music streaming experience. Hence, today's blog is written here to offer you two effective ways to download music from YouTube to iPhone, helping you to have an enjoyable playback without being disturbed by poor network conditions. Now, get started reading to see how.

How to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone


Best Way to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone [Without Premium]

To enjoy YouTube Music songs offline on iPhone, the most recommended method will provide here is by using TuneFab YouTube Music Converter.

With advanced techs applied, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter has integrated with the YouTube Music web player, with the download feature empowered to enable everyone to download music from YouTube. The software is able to convert the streaming songs to regular media files in mainstream formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV. Even for music videos, the software is able to output at HD 1080p with the universally-supported MP4 format. When you grasp them, it is possible to sync them to your iPhone directly, then you are able to enjoy YouTube Music on iPhone offline even without premium or connecting to the network.

Great Features of TuneFab YouTube Music Converter

● No account login or YouTube Premium subscription required to download music from YouTube;
● Drag-and-drop method to download whole YouTube Music playlists simultaneously;
● Mainstream MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC formats available to output YouTube Music songs;
● Available to keep YouTube Music videos offline in HD 1080p MP4 format with ease;
● Accelerated to 10X or faster conversion speed;
● Customized parameter settings to define output quality for both music and videos.

5 Steps to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone

Now, take this brief guide and grasp the way to download music from YouTube to iPhone via TuneFab YouTube Music Converter:

STEP 1. Once installing TuneFab YouTube Music Converter on desktop, launch the software and hit the "Open the Youtube Music web player" icon. Once accessing the web player, you are able to log in via your YouTube Music account or directly process the music playlist download!

● You are not required to subscribe to YouTube Premium to access the music download service;
● Account login is not a must to process music download within TuneFab YouTube Music Converter.

Log in Account in YouTube Music Web Player

STEP 2. Simply browse the YouTube singles or playlists you desire to download and transfer to iPhone for streaming offline. Once access them, simply drag to the floating "+" icon aside to add to the conversion queue.

Add YouTube Playlists to Convert and Download

STEP 3. Now, simply select an output format from the upper-right drop-down menu. Or you are able to navigate to "Menu" > "Preferences" > "Advanced" to further customize the video or audio quality as you desire.

Output Quality Settings for YouTube Music

STEP 4. Once the settings are completed, give a go on the "Convert All" icon, then TuneFab YouTube Music Converter will process the playlist download for you right away. Its 10X faster accelerated speed will guarantee very effective progress to export the music files for you within a short period.

Batch Convert YouTube Music to MP3

STEP 5. When you get the downloaded YouTube songs, simply connect your iPhone via the computer, then use iTunes to connect both device. By importing the downloaded YouTube Music files to your iTunes library, then navigate to your device > "Music" and select "Sync Music", all of them will be imported to iPhone. Then you are able to enjoy YouTube Music on iPhone even by installing the app or connecting to network!

Sync Downloaded YouTube Music Songs to iPhone

Download YouTube Music to iPhone Directly [Subscribe to YouTube Premium]

As mentioned, the official also launched the premium service with a download feature to enable you to save music from YouTube to iPhone directly within the YouTube Music application. Hence, you are able to select installing the app on iPhone, and subscribe to YouTube Premium to access the official download feature without relying on any extra software. Now, simply go through the steps below and download YouTube Music to iPhone with YouTube Premium:

STEP 1. After installing the YouTube Music app from the App Store on your iPhone, launch it and log in your account with YouTube Premium subscription.

STEP 2. Once complete logging in, you are able to open a playlist you desire to download on your iPhone and enjoy offline later.

STEP 3. Tap the download icon or the three-dots menu button, from the pop-up list, select the "Download" option.

How to Download YouTube Music in App on iPhone

STEP 4. When the output choices pop up, select the quality you like and submit "Download" to get the songs saved on iPhone for offline streaming right away.

NOTE: The YouTube music downloads will be saved in "Library" > "Downloads". You are able to access them to play offline on iPhone once the download completes.

FAQs About YouTube Music Download iPhone

If you still have confusion about downloading music from YouTube to iPhone, here are some FAQs provided. Read if they can fix your problems.

Q1. How to download music from YouTube to iPhone for free?

A: Unfortunately, the music download feature provided in YouTube Music is only available for YouTube Premium subscribers. Hence, you have to pay for using the service if you desire to download YouTube Music to enjoy offline on iPhone. But for new users, YouTube also offers a 3-months free trial. You are able to get started with this benefit by enjoying YouTube Music download service for free in the first 3 months. But as the free trial expires, you still need to pay to keep on accessing the service later.

Q2. Will I lose my downloaded music if I cancel my YouTube Premium subscription?

A: When you cancel YouTube Premium subscription, the offline playback function will still stay valid till the last date before your subscription expires. But once the subscription ends, the offline feature will be disabled, meanwhile, all your downloads will be removed. To keep them offline, you can only renew YouTube Premium subscription. Hence, if you desire to keep YouTube Music downloads offline forever without expiration, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter will better help.

If you consider downloading music from YouTube to iPhone and having smooth music playback offline on the devices, these two methods are both available to help. However, as they contain both pros and cons, you'd better select the one better suits your demands. For me, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter enables a more convenient download feature, and all my downloads are able to be kept permanently without expiration. Hence, simply based on your needs and select the way you like!

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