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Youtube Music is a popular music-streaming platform where you can enjoy millions of songs and videos online. At times, you may want to save your favorite music for listening offline without distractions or share your desired music videos with friends with no internet.

In this way, we will introduce you to three methods to download music from YouTube Music for free on your computers, Android and iPhones.


Can I Download Music from YouTube Music for Free

Actually, you are not permitted to download any music or video content for free from the official YouTube Music app because it requires a subscription to YouTube Music Premium. Only with paid subscriptions can you download music on iOS and Android devices.

However, this article can provide you with a third-party software and an online downloader to download YouTube Music for free without a premium account. After that, you can listen to music anytime and anywhere.

How to Download Music from YouTube to Computer Without Premium

It's a pity that YouTube Music doesn't support the desktop app installed on your computer. Therefore, to download YouTube music to your computer as a free user even without logging into YouTube account, we highly recommend you try a powerful third-party tool, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter, which allows you to download any YouTube song to MP3 with ease.

Unlike the official web player that does not allow you to download music for offline listening, TuneFab enables you to save your desired tracks to your computer permanently in versatile audio formats and quality. For enhancing user experience, it also offers everyone a 30-day trial and you can convert the first three minutes of your songs.

Key Features of TuneFab YouTube Music Converter

Remove DRM encryption for flexible playback on all devices
With TuneFab YouTube Music Converter, you can unlock DRM of YouTube Music and enjoy all tracks across systems on Windows, Mac and more. Then, you can transfer music on devices such as MP3 players and iPods.
Guarantee flexible output settings
It offers you a range of output formats for no-limit playback, including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC and MP4(for video). Plus, TuneFab allows customization of audio/video quality to fulfil your needs at best.
Embedded YouTube Music web player
With YouTube Music Web Player embedded in TuneFab, you are able to log in to your account directly in this program and browse songs in the music library. In this way, the subsequent downloading process can be operated smoothly.
Improve efficiency in conversion and downloading
To enhance efficiency, its conversion speed can be maintained at 6X faster at least. Batch conversion is also supported to save time.

The user interface is very clear and the converting process can be operated with simple clicks. The following step-to-step guide will teach you how to convert YouTube Music to mainstream audio files and download them to your computers.

STEP 1: Launch your TuneFab YouTube Music Converter

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter supports both Windows and Mac systems. You can install it by clicking the downloading button we offer simply.

Then, please launch the converter and navigate to the built-in Youtube Music web player. Logging into a YouTube Music account is not necessary here, so if you don't have an account, it is also acceptable.

Sign in to YouTube Music

STEP 2: Browse YouTube Music libraries and select desired songs

Now, you can browse your music library to select songs or just go to playlists that you want to download. Then, please click on the red + icon on the right side to import desired songs or directly drag them to the + icon. In a moment, TuneFab will list the selected songs for you.

Drag YouTube Music to Convert

STEP 3: Customize output settings for downloading

After selection, you should select the output format and destination folder of your songs. In the preference section, you can also select audio quality from Low, Medium and Best. Once you are happy with the settings, just click the Convert All button in the lower-right corner to start.

Converting YouTube Music

STEP 4: Review your converted audio files

By clicking on View Output File on the Finished interface, you can locate your converted YouTube music and conduct the subsequent operation like streaming them to USB or other devices for offline playback.

Finish Converting YouTube Music

How to Download Music from YouTube Online on Any Device

If you don't want to download any extra software, getting help from some online tools can also be a workaround. Therefore, we recommend you try YouTubeMP3, a web-based service that can convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. It allows you to search for your favourite songs or playlists to download them with one simple click on any device. It also displays the top 20 of YouTube's most downloaded music videos to help you catch the trend.

However, if you want to download a large amount of YouTube Music playlists, YouTubeMP3 doesn't support downloading playlists at once but downloads singles in the playlist one by one. Your downloading process is also bothered by the unstable network connection to some extent. Therefore, if you don't mind these points, you can try this free online YouTube Music downloader.

Download YouTube Music for Free with YouTubeMP3

Here are some simple steps to download YouTube music with YouTubeMP3.

Step 1: Locate the YouTube music you want to download and copy its URL. Then, paste the link in the search box. Or you can directly type the information about your desired songs to search.

Step 2: Next, you will see a list of desired songs and multiple Download MP3 buttons.

Step 3: Choose the song you like and click its download button. Then, you can save YouTube music.

The Interface of YouTubeMP3

How to Download Songs from YouTube Music on Android & iPhone

YouTube Music allows users with premium accounts to download music on their mobile devices. Therefore, if you have YouTube Music free account and want to download songs from YouTube Music directly, you are required to upgrade your account to the premium subscription, which costs $9.99 per month and there is a one-month trial.

Here are some steps to download YouTube Music on Android and iPhone respectively. You can choose to download your favorite music automatically or manually.

How to Download Music from YouTube on Android

You can try automatic downloads first. When the Smart Downloads feature is enabled, based on your listening history, music will be automatically downloaded for you every night when your device is connected to Wi-Fi. Also, you are allowed to play downloaded music offline for up to 30 days without internet. Here are steps to turn on Smart Downloads on Android.

Using Smart Downloads for Automatic Download

Step 1: Navigate to the YouTube Music app on your Android device.

Step 2: Click the profile on the top right corner and choose the Downloads option.

Step 3: Tap the gear icon for Settings on the top menu.

Step 4: Click Background and downloads and turn on the button for Smart downloads.

Turn on Smart Downloads

Manually Download YouTube Music on Android

If you want to download a single song from YouTube Music, you can click on the cover art of the song and tap the Download button. If you want to download a playlist or album, you can click the three-dot menu and tap the Download button.

Download YouTube Music on Android

How to Download Music from YouTube on iPhone

For iPhone, Smart Downloads also names Offline Mixtape, but Offline Mixtape has been replaced by Smart Downloads with the update of YouTube Music.

If you still use the old version of YouTube Music on iPhone and once you turn on your offline mixtape, it can also help you automatically download music based on your listening history. You can remove songs that you don't want to download by swiping them to the left.

The music collection will refresh every 24 hours and download can be played for up to 30 days. Here are steps to enable Smart Downloads on iPhone.

Using Smart Downloads (Formerly Offline Mixtape) for Automatic Download

Step 1: Go to the YouTube Music app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap your Profile picture and choose Downloads tab.

Step 3: Tap the gear icon for settings on the top menu.

Step 4: Switch on Download an offline mixtape.

Turn on Offline Mixtape

Manually Download YouTube Music on iPhone

To conduct it manually, all you need to do is find songs that you want to download and tap the three-dot menu to select Download. Or, you can open your favourite playlist and directly tap the download arrow on its detail page.

Download YouTube Music on iPhone

FAQs about Downloading Music from YouTube Music

Can I Transfer the Downloaded YouTube Music to iTunes on iPhone?

After downloading music from YouTube Music, you might encounter a problem that you can't transfer songs to other devices due to DRM restrictions. Therefore, you can't sync your YouTube Music with your iPhone via iTunes.

However, there is a solution to this issue. TuneFab YouTube Music Converter can be a helper to convert and download YouTube Music as MP3 files, and then add the MP3 music to iTunes. This way, you can enjoy your YouTube Music songs on any device you want.

How Long Do Downloads Last on YouTube Music?

If you subscribe to a premium account and download music from YouTube Music directly, you should keep your subscription active to prevent your downloads from expiring. Plus, you need to reconnect to the internet at least once every 30 days to maintain your downloaded songs.

If you want to permanently save the downloaded YouTube Music songs and play them without any restrictions, we still recommend you resort to TuneFab YouTube Music Converter.


In conclusion, we have summarized three methods for downloading YouTube music to MP3 files: the official method, online tool and third-party downloader. To use the official method, you are required to pay for a premium account. The online tool is convenient, but sometimes it overloads and only downloads music from playlists one-by-one.

If you want to download multiple songs and playlists without premium, we recommend an intuitive software TuneFab YouTube Music Converter for achieving quick conversion. With the help of it, you can download desired high-quality YouTube music with simple clicks.

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