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YouTube Music offers diverse musical genres and a vast library of over a hundred million songs, making it an ideal platform for keeping music to MP3 players. However, due to DRM protection on YouTube tracks, you can not download music to MP3 players from YouTube directly even with a subscription.

Thankfully, where there's a challenge, there's a solution. Tools like TuneFab YouTube Music Converter can help you download YouTube to MP3 players with no sweat. In addition to this solution, this post also provides another free way to put YouTube music on MP3 players. Without further ado, let's explore how to download music to MP3 players from YouTube.

How to Download Music to MP3 Player from YouTube


Before You Start: Things to Know About YouTube MP3 Player

You might have wondered if there could be an MP3 player that supports the YouTube Music platform. Unfortunately, aside from the discontinued iPod models, no such MP3 players are currently compatible with YouTube Music. The only devices that can use YouTube Music are mobile devices that allow you to install the YouTube Music app, like your Android phone or iPhone/iPad.

In such cases, to successfully listen to YouTube Music offline on an MP3 player, you will need to first download YouTube music on computer, and then transfer it to your MP3 player. Most MP3 players support audio formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. Therefore, before you start, make sure you have a suitable MP3 player that is compatible with these formats, and you're downloading YouTube Music into those formats.

Part 1. How to Download Music from YouTube to MP3 Player

Considering the various limitations mentioned above, professional YouTube music downloaders can help you out. Thus, this section will introduce you to 3 workable ways to help you easily download YouTube music on your computer, and then move it to MP3 players.

Download Music from YouTube to MP3 Player via Desktop Tool

Working on both Windows and macOS systems, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter is a specially designed application to download YouTube to MP3 players. Thanks to the built-in YouTube Music web player, you can search, listen, and download songs without YouTube Premium subscriptions. This top-notch program not only allows you to remove the DRM restriction of all the songs on YouTube, but also download YouTube tracks to MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC with lossless quality preserved to be stored and played on MP3 players.

👍 More Features of TuneFab YouTube Music Converter:

● Allow batch download songs at up to 10X faster speed
● Support all YouTube music-type downloads like tracks, playlists, albums, and videos
● Download the original quality of audio and video without any loss
● Export music videos from YouTube Music in MP4 format
● Preserve ID3 tag information for better offline music library management

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter is powerful enough, also safe to use. Now you can download it and follow the tutorial below to try to convert music from YouTube onto MP3 Player on your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Launch TuneFab YouTube Music Converter

Install and open TuneFab YouTube Music Converter on your computer. Then log in to your YouTube Music account, be it free or subscribed.

Login to YouTube Music Web Player

Step 2: Choose your preferred settings.

To make TuneFab YouTube Music Converter better to use, you can click the "≡" button in the upper right corner to enter more Settings, learn more about the product, buy the professional version, change the programming language, and seek customer service's help.

After that, you can click "preferences" to enter the preferences Settings. In the "general" interface, you can choose whether to synchronize the download of music MV, default file output location, etc.

General Settings of TuneFab

In the "Advanced" interface, you can select the downloaded songs' output format, audio, and video quality. The most common format for digital devices is MP3.

Advanced Settings of TuneFab

Step 3: Select Content and Drag to Download

You have the option to download either singles or entire music collections. Once you've selected, click and hold, then drag the content to the red "Plus" button. Afterward, TuneFab will automatically parse and add the music to the download list.

Drag to Download A Song

If you want to convert more than one song from different lists or albums at the same time, you can click "x" in the upper right corner after adding the first song and add a new song or playlist using the steps above again.

Step 4: Start Downloading YouTube Songs

Now, click on "Convert All" to download YouTube music in the formats you previously selected, including MP3, M4A, WAV, and more. All download tasks will proceed simultaneously. After the downloading is successful, you can find the converted YouTube Music on the "Finished" page. Also, you can just click "View Output File" to locate your files.

Download YouTube Music to MP3

Download Music from YouTube into MP3 Player via Online Tool

If you don't want to get an extra tool, YTPM3 can also be a useful idea. As an online YouTube to MP3 downloader, YTPM3 downloads YouTube music by copying and pasting the music link. Although the process is simple, it requires you to only work on individual songs, not a playlist or an album. Here is how it works.

💡 Note: If you want to download the whole playlist or albums, try TuneFab YouTube Music Converter instead. It is the best YouTube Music playlist downloader to save YouTube to MP3 players on computers.

Step 1. Open the YTMP3 website, and read the instructions on the page.

Step 2. Copy a song's URL from YouTube, paste the URL into the YTPM3 search box, and press the "Convert" button.

Copy YouTube Music Link to YTMP3

Step 3. Choose the format you need and press the "download" button to start.

Convert YouTube Music to MP3 with YTMP3

Download Music from YouTube to MP3 Player via YouTube Studio

If you regularly use YouTube to upload videos to your channel, you’ll find that it offers a "YouTube Studio" which includes an "Audio Library" containing many royalty-free production music and sound effects for you to use or download. If you find music you like in there, you can directly download it in MP3 format and save it to your computer for future use. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Visit the YouTube website, click your profile in the top-right corner, and enter "YouTube Studio" on the menu.

Step 2. Navigate to "Audio Library", and you will see all the free music resources listed there, with genre, artists, and duration.

Step 3. Click the "Download" button next to the track you want, and then it will be saved as an MP3 file to your computer.

Download Music from YouTube Studio

Part 2. How to Transfer Songs from YouTube to MP3 Player

After downloading music from YouTube, the next step is moving the files to your MP3 player. Due to differences between the Windows and Mac systems, the operations may vary. But fret not, we will show you the simplest one in this section to help you transfer YouTube music to MP3 Players without hassle.

On Windows

In general, an MP3 player can be directly connected to a Windows computer using a USB cable. When connected to a PC, an MP3 player is considered a portable storage device, and you can easily copy YouTube Music from a PC to an MP3 player.

Step 1. Connect your MP3 player to your PC using a cable. Then you will see the MP3 player is listed in "This PC."

Step 2. Find the downloaded music on your PC and open the folder.

Step 3. Drag and drop the downloaded songs from the music folder to your MP3 player, or copy the music files and paste them onto the MP3 player.

Step 4. After the transfer finishes, you will successfully finish downloading download music to an MP3 player from YouTube. Unconnect it safely, and you can start enjoying the music on the MP3 player anywhere.

Transfer YouTube Music to MP3 Player on Windows

On Mac

After downloading YouTube Music to your Mac device, you can also connect an MP3 player to the device via Thunderbolt, USB, or USB-C cables. Then it will be quite simple to transfer the downloaded YouTube music to an MP3 player. You can refer to the steps below and try.

📌 Note: Finder is compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and later. For versions below that, iTunes will be required.

Step 1. Link an MP3 player to your Mac using the cable that came with it.

Step 2. Open Finder in the Dock to access the MP3 player.

Step 3. Locate the downloaded YouTube songs from the save path. Similarly, drag and drop them to the MP3 player, which is listed below Locations in the Finder sidebar.

Step 4. To eject the MP3 player, select it and go to "File" > "Eject". Now, you can easily enjoy downloaded YouTube music on MP3 players.

Transfer YouTube Music to MP3 Player Mac

FAQs About Downloading YouTube Music on MP3 Player

Q1: Why Can't I Download Music from YouTube to MP3 Player Directly?

YouTube Music is protected by DRM, so it is not possible to directly download music from YouTube to an MP3 player. The specific reasons are as follows:

Copyright Concerns: Numerous music contents on YouTube are subject to digital copyright. Directly putting music from YouTube to an MP3 player could potentially violate copyright laws. And artists and record labels often engage in partnerships with music platforms to gain revenue.
Restrictive Service Terms: On YouTube Music, you need to purchase YouTube Premium to download music. Moreover, downloads on YouTube Music are limited to the application, and the music is stored in a format that can only be read by the application itself.
Technical Challenges: Downloaded YouTube Music typically saves files in encrypted AAC and OPUS formats. This poses difficulties for you to locate offline audio files and transfer them to MP3 players on mobile phones and computers.

Given the various reasons why YouTube Music won't remove its download restrictions, you can only save unlimited music from YouTube using third-party programs, such as the TuneFab YouTube Music Converter mentioned above, and then transfer songs to your MP3 player for offline listening.

Q2: How to Find the Location of Downloaded Music from YouTube?

If you are using the TuneFab YouTube Music Converter, go to "Finished" > "View Output File", which will take you to the location you chose before. You can review the details of it from Part 1: How to Download Music to MP3 Player from YouTube.

If you are using an online YouTube music downloader, the location of the download files depends on what browser you use. The music is usually saved to the default download location of the browser. You can customize your preferences by accessing the settings and choosing your preferred download location.


Now that you know how to download music to an MP3 player from YouTube. The key is to use a reliable YouTube downloader to convert YouTube music into a format compatible with the MP3 player. To choose a proper downloader, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter is probably the best one you can count on. Its marvelous features enable it to download high-quality music from YouTube to your MP3 players without subscribing to YouTube Premium. Hit the button below to start freely listening to YouTube Music!

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