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Do you seek the ways to add some awfully amazing TV shows to your iTunes? The answer to this question is probably inclined to be definite. Here is the experience which you are lucky to obtain and apply it to overcome the unpleasant question. It's better done than thought, here we go!

TV Shows on iTunes

The ways to add TV shows to iTunes Library are varied. However, I am going to introduce you the ways you can operate on different devices. One is on the computer, another is on iPhone and iPad. And here we go! However, before you operated, you are supposed to know about the following point.

Part 1: What kind of formats you can add to?

Apple allows the user to add the TV shows in the format of M4V, MP4, and MOV to iTunes. And with the above formats, you can succeed in playing it in both your iTunes as well as iOS devices.

Part 2: Add TV shows to iTunes Store

A. On a Mac or PC

The way to add TV shows to iTunes in your computer is awfully simple. Just like adding music to iTunes, you can apply the same way to add TV shows to iTunes.

Step 1: Turn on your iTunes and move to iTunes Library

From the left side, choose the TV Shows and you can observe your purchased or rented TV shows.

Turn On iTunes Music Library

Step 2: Open your file folder and drag it to your iTunes

Open your file folder in which your TV shows exist. And click your left bottom of your mouse and don't release it and move it to your iTunes Stores and you made it!

Drag TV to iTunes

After having succeeded in adding TV shows to iTunes Library, you can start to watch it on your iTunes. In the meantime, you can simply move it to your iPhone or iPad.

B. On an iPhone or iPad

To add TV shows to your iPhone or iPad, you can use the way to redownload the TV shows from iTunes and realize the same function of adding TV shows to your iPhone and iPad.

Turn on your iTunes on your iPhone or iPad

After turning on iTunes on your iPhone or iPad, you can find out the TV shows which you just add to your iTunes store. And tap a bottom off with a cloud and a down arrow. In this way, you can add TV shows to your iPhone or iPad.

Download TV on iPhone

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