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Listening to an audiobook adds great pleasure to the long road trip and creates an immersive experience for the audience as if they were on an adventure. Here are 8 hot audiobooks for your road trip that we sincerely recommend you to have a listening. It will be grateful that these audiobooks are pleasant for your road trip.

A Thousand Pieces of You, by Claudia Gray

I recommend A Thousand Pieces of You as it is an interesting scientific romance audiobook. Marguerite's parents are all outstanding scientists and her mother even creates a Firebird allowing man to leap into alternate dimensions. One day her father was killed but the suspect availed the machine into another dimension. So Marguerite begins her space search during which she has encountered wildly different lives. In the fantastic space adventures, she seems to fall into an epic love affair irresistibly. Perhaps, you are on a road trip to meet Marguerite.

A Thousand Pieces of You

The Women in the Castle, by Jessica Shattuck

Actually I've been deeply enchanted at the first sight of the introduction. The Women in the Castle writes the postwar life of three widows in a former aristocratic castle. Their lives were intertwined closely because of their husbands' murder conspiracy. You will easily get into the characters when reading this audiobook, and imagine what will happen between you and your neighbors.

The Women in the Castle

What She Knew, by Gilly Macmillan

This audiobook is a psychological thriller that deserves a try on the road trip. The mother has not thought of the nightmare that her son would suddenly diminish after she allowed him to run ahead in the park. Worst still, she was accused of the prime suspect in the mass mind. After each search fizzled into nothing, the poor mother began to throw the suspicion to the people around her, even the most familiar relatives and friends. A crisis of trust and confidence was quietly happening.

What She Knew

Pandemic, by Scott Siglar

Scott Siglar has always published his works on the series podcast. Pandemic is the 3rd audiobook after Infected and Contagious. It is really a sci-fi thriller that you will indulge in it with extreme excitement and fear towards the destiny of mankind itself. The author of NEXUS has remarked, "Page-turning, spell-binding, horrifying, and thrilling. Don't even dream of starting the first book, unless you want to have absolutely no choice but to rip through all three."


The Birth of Control, by Jonathan Eig

If you want to know something about science and feminism in the road trip, this audiobook will be a good choice. There are four figures that attach closely to the birth control pills, holding different intentions like feminism advocate, science experiment, establishment opposition and etc. Eventually it has indeed raised extensive evolution in social, cultural and historical range.

The Birth of Control

Beneath a Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan

As it is introduced on Amazon, Beneath a Scarlet Sky is adapted from a true story in honor of a forgotten hero for his courage and resilience. The story takes place in the WWII that the Italian man secretively joins an underground railroad to save Jews from the Alps. Later on, he even takes advantage of his higher position in the German army as an Allies spy. Hope his arduous struggle and endurance will leave you some inspirations in the journey.

Beneath a Scarlett Sky

Self-Inflicted Wounds, by Aisha Tyler

The private road trip may be a natural reflection moment for those embarrassed or unsatisfactory affairs. This audiobook exactly tells these intrusive things of the author such as setting herself on fire, vomiting on a boy she liked, getting drunk and sleeping through the SATs and so on. Written by Aisha Tyler, a famous comedian and co-host of CBS's The Talk, this audiobook is read in a self-deprecating humor that helps you re-examine your regretful things in a refreshing, tolerant and lesson-learned state.

Self-inflicted Control

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman

What about seeing the world through children's eyes? The Graveyard Book is such an ingenious audiobook telling a little boy's graveyard adventures. But you may feel a little horrible at the beginning as it talks of the bloody murder scene. Yet the story is saturated with magic and fantasy, it unavoidably gets exposed to the cruelty of the adult's reality which exactly forges the boy's adamant and further-going will. May be you are just doing a thought-provoking road trip adventure.

Graveyard Book

These audiobooks are worth a listening on your road trip. It would be nice if these 8 audiobooks are quite to your taste.

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