Breaking news of Spotify on this May may cheer up lots of Spotify Android users that the functions of Sleep Timer are finally in Spotify Apps. In other words, Spotify Android lovers can set their sleep timer as easy as iPhone users at present on their cellphone, making it better to enjoy Spotify even when it comes to sleep. Now let's go and have a look at how to make it on your Android devices. Bear in mind that take out your Android devices to follow the full tutorials below.

Full Tutorial: How to Set Sleep Timer on Android Devices Before Sleep

To set sleep timer on Android devices, please make sure that you have installed the latest Spotify app on your Android devices. Currently, the latest version on Google Play is when this post was updated. Besides this please make sure that you have login your Spotify account with your password. If you have got all these important steps ready, you can go and set the timer on Android by following the tutorials below.

5 Step to Set Sleep Timer on Android Devices

Step 1. On the main interface of Spotify, tap "Your Library" and then you can see your Spotify Music Library.

Step 2. Pick up the Spotify Music Playlists that you want to enjoy when you sleeping.

Step 3. Tap "Shuffle Play" on the main interface of Spotify playlist and then you can see the music playing bar appeared on the bottom of the Spotify app.

Pick Up Spotify Music

Step 4. Tap the Music Playing Bar and then you can see the main interface of the status of music playing. As you can see there is a three-dots button are available for multiple options, like add a Like, Add to Playlists and the Sleep Timer.

Step 5. Hit Sleep Timer then a pop-up window will be jumped out from the bottom of the screen. Now you can choose to Stop audio in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, end of the track and turn off the sleep timer. Just choose the sleep timer to end up your music before sleeping.

Choose Spotify Timer

However, currently, the built-in Spotify Timer just allows users to set Sleep timers to the highest 1 hour without other DIY functions. For extending sleep timer and more, you can also try some Sleep Timer for Android users below. Here we recommend 2 kinds of Sleep Timers for enjoying Spotify Music longer when sleeping. Let's see what are they.

Top 2 Sleep Timer for Spotify on Andriod Devices

When searching on the Internet, there are lots of sleep Timer apps are available. But few of them are compatible with the Spotify app. However, we have collected 2 of them and tested them all and would like to share it with you. Let's have a look at what are they.

No. 1 Sleep Timer (Turn music off)

Developed by Patrick, Sleep Timer(Turn music off) is a multifunctional app for Spotify android users to turn the sleep mode on Spotify. It is a free tool with built-in ads. You can see the concise main interface with the time setting bar. There are lots of music apps available for setting sleep timers, like Google Play Music, Spotify, and even YouTube.

Spotify Timer


#1 Multiple music apps are available for setting the sleep timers, like Google Play Music, Spotify and etc.

#2 More powerful functions can be reached on the On Sleep settings. You can set the perform action like Go to the home screen, Turn off WiFi, wait for the track to end and more. With it, you can free from any problem that you may come across with sleeping.

#3 Highlight function like Shake Extend, which allows you to just with one action to set the timer before you sleep is attractive. So, you don't need to hit the apps to set the timer.

#4 It is a free app and easy to use.


It contains ads on the main interface of the sleep timer. But you can remove ads by purchasing from the developer.

No.2 Sleep Timer for Spotify, Music, and Video

Sleep Timer for Spotify, Music, and Video is aimed at providing the sleep timer function for Spotify user. There are also lots of functions are available.

Sleep Timer for Spotify


#1 Music lower volume are provided. So you can enjoy your sweet dream.

#2 There are music apps are available for setting music, like YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music and etc.

#3 Allow fade out duration when music along with sleeping.

#4 Multiple languages are available for option.


#1 You need to set the timer by manually enter the number to set the timer.

#2 Ads are built-in on the Sleep Timer.

That's all for how to set the sleep timer on Android devices. You can enjoy the music playing from Spotify on Android and don't afraid of wake up to turn it off. Get your Spotify Timer on Android now. Cheers!

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