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Top 3 Spotify Sleep Timer Apps 2019 [Updated]

By Iris Holmes

Updated on March 15, 2019

"Does Spotify have a sleep timer?"

It is a frequently asked question that all the Spotify users are curious about. However, after searching for the whole Spotify main interface, all the Spotify users will get an upset result. That is, Spotify doesn't have a so-called sleep timer function. But lucky as iOS users, they may have found out that the iOS has the built-in function call Timer on Clock app, which easies for them to enjoy Spotify music for falling asleep.

Then how about Android users? It is possible for those who use a smartphone with no such a built-in function like Timer and no sleep timer available can enjoy sleep timer? The answer is positive when you are reading this post. In this post, we will introduce the top 3 sleep timer for Spotify on Android users with some detailed tutorial of the setup process. No matter you are Spotify free or Spotify premium, you can easy to set sleep timer from this tutorial. Read and pick up the suitable one from here.

Top 3 Sleep Timer on Spotify on Andriod Devices

When searching on the Internet, there are lots of sleep Timer apps are available. But few of them are compatible with the Spotify app. However, we have collected 3 of them and tested them all and would like to share it with you. Let's have a look at what are they.

Top 1. Sleep Timer (Turn Music Off)

Developed by Patrick, it is a multifunctional app for Spotify android users to turn the sleep mode on Spotify. It is a free tool with built-in ads. You can see the concise main interface with the time setting bar. There are lots of music apps available for setting sleep timers, like Google Play Music, Spotify, and even YouTube.

Spotify Timer


#1 Multiple music apps are available for setting the sleep timers, like Google Play Music, Spotify and etc.

#2 More powerful functions can be reached on the On Sleep settings. You can set the perform action like Go to the home screen, Turn off WiFi, wait for track to end and more. With it, you can free from any problem that you may come across with sleeping.

#3 Highlight function like Shake Extend, which allows you to just with one action to set the timer before you sleep are attractive. So, you don't need to hit the apps to set the timer.

#4 It is a free app and easy to use.


It contains ads on the main interface of the sleep timer. But you can remove ads by purchasing from the developer.

How to Set Sleep Timer for Spotify on Android?

Step 1. Download Sleep Timer on Android

You can get the Sleep Timer (Turn Music Off) by click to this link: Sleep Timer(Turn Music Off). Or you can go to Google Play Store to download Sleep Timer on Android. After the fully download and installation of the app, you will see the Sleep Timer on your App folder.

Step 2. Tap the Sleep Timer to Launch Sleep Timer

Hit the Sleep Timer with the zZZ-shaped logo, then you can see the huge number with the Minutes underneath on the center of Sleep Timer page.

Step 3. Set the Spotify As Player to Launch on Start

There is a three-dots button on the top right corner of the Sleep Timer. Hit to the three-dots button to enter the Settings page.

Then you will see the several settings are available for setting Timer for Spotify, like Player to launch on start, Extension Length, Shake Extend, On sleep, Advanced. Here, you need to tap the first option on the first line, that is Player to launch on start. A window entitled with Choose Apps will pop up.

On Choose App, there are recommended apps and audio players available for choosing as the major player. Here, you will see the Spotify listed on the Recommended app, which you can get rid of scrolling down the whole list to dig out Spotify. Now tap Spotify for getting ready to set a sleep timer.

Set Sleep Timer for Spotify

Step 4. Set Sleep Timer for Spotify on Android

Here, there are two ways for you to set sleep Timer for Spotify.

Method 1. On the same settings page, under the Player to launch on start, a button called Extension Length is available. Tap this function, you will see a ring with the minutes and number. Press the setting ball, then you can easy to set the sleep time. As for me, I would set 1 Hour(60 Minutes) for listening to music before fall asleep. You can set the timer according to your need.

Method 2. Hit to the Back button(left-arrow on the Settings page), then also press the setting ball, then you can easy to set the sleep timer.

Step 5. Select the Playlists and then Go to Sleep

On the left right corner, there is a button named START & PLAYER. Tap START & PLAYER then it will shift to your Spotify app, then you can select your Spotify music playlist that you have made for sleeping. Then you can throw your smartphone aside and then enjoy a sweet sleeping now.

Top 2 SpotOn Sleep & Wake Timer for Spotify (Unreleased)

SpotOn Sleep & Wake Timer for Spotify is designed for Spotify users, who want to listen to Spotify music along with sleeping.



#1 2 functions are available for setting timer, one is called the Sleep, and the other is called Wake. So you don't need to download 2 timers for sleeping and wake up for Spotify.

#2 The main interface of the timer is simple and easy to use.

#3 The connection to Spotify connect is supported.


#1 No more other functions like shake mode are available.

#2 Unlike the other sleep timers, it just allows you to set the sleep timer as several time points, like 5 minutes, 10 mintues etc.

Top 3 Sleep Timer for Spotify, Music, and Video

Sleep Timer for Spotify, Music, and Video is aimed at providing the sleep timer function for Spotify user. There are also lots of functions are available.

Sleep Timer for Spotify


#1 Music lower volume are provided. So you can enjoy your sweet dream.

#2 There are music apps are available for setting music, like YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music and etc.

#3 Allow fade out duration when music along with sleeping.

#4 Multiple languages are available for option.


#1 You need to set the timer by manually enter the number to set the timer.

#2 Ads are built-in on the Sleep Timer. 

Now, you can enjoy the music playing from Spotify on Android and don't afraid of wake up to turn it off. Get your Spotify Timer on Android now.

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