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How to Set Spotify Sleep Timer on Android and iPhone

By Tony Moton

September 18, 2018

If you are holding the Android device, then you must know that there is no way to set the Spotify Sleep Timer directly on Android because it is totally not inbuilt app. So how to deal with the Android issue? If you are holding the iOS devices like iPhone, then you are lucky for there is a carried feature enabling you to set the Spotify Sleep Timer directly. But according to examples around me, less people know how to achieve it.

Never mind, both two ways will be shown on below with the detailed tutorials about how to set Spotify Sleep Timer on Android and iPhone.

Part 1. How to Set Spotify Sleep Timer?

1.1 How to Set Spotify Sleep Timer on Android

Every user knows that Android devices cannot set the Spotify sleep timer directly, therefore, it needs to achieve under the help of other App. Here, I strongly recommend one program: Sleep Timer (Turn Music Off). Below is the detailed tutorial about how to set Spotify sleep timer, and it just needs 2 steps to finish the settings.

Step 1. Download Sleep Timer (Turn Music Off)

Launch Google Play Store on your Android device and search Sleep Timer (Turn Music Off) to download.

Step 2. Set the Time You Want to Stop the Music and Click Start Button

When launch Sleep Timer on Android, set the time, such as 49 minutes shown here.

Set the Duration of Timer

With these 2 steps, the App is successfully installed on Android. When the setting time is up, the Spotify music will stop. If you are still confused by this tutorial, there is a YouTube video provided for reference: How to Set Sleep Timer on Android.

1.2 How to Set Spotify Sleep Timer on iPhone

Compared to Android system, iPhone is much more convenient and easier to set the Spotify sleep timer. There is no need to download the other third party APP, just use the carried one on iPhone device — the Clock app.

Step 1. Open Clock App and Launch Timer

Before launch this App, start music first on Spotify. Second, tap "Timer" icon on the down menu bar.

Open Clock App and Launch Timer on iPhone

Step 2. Tap When Timer Ends

Click on "When Timer Ends" in the middle of the screen. After clicked, scroll down and choose "Stop Playing" from the list and tap "Set".

Tap the Time Timer Ends

Step 3. Set the Time You Wanna Stop Playing

Set the exact time for the duration of music playing, and then press "Start" button. When time is up, the music stopped.

Set the Time Stop Playing

Also simple 3 steps solve the Sleep Time on iPhone, like Android, there is also a YouTube Video available for reference: How to Set Sleep Time on iPhone.

Part 2. Spotify Alarm Apps Recommended


Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It is capable of voice interation, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, and other real-time information such as news.

Before applying this utility to your Android or iPhone devices, you should turn on the Bluetooth speaker, because Alexa lacks the ability to play music as an alarm.


Alarmify is created by three students from Hyper Island. It aims to create something different to iOS alarm by integrating music with the scheduled alarms. There is a dashboard with a clock which lets you set an alarm and another tab from the menu lets you find the Spotify song you like. You need to download the official Spotify iPhone app on your device, but unfortunately, only the Premium users can access to this, and it's not on US App Store. Therefore, how to do? Then Alarmify is acting as the bridge connecting alarm you set and Spotify.

However, there is also another way to achieve the Spotify music streaming to device, which is to stream the Spotify music by TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Only 4 steps then can get access to Spotify offline listening. Let's see how to do it.

Step 1. Free Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Tap TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and get free download. After installation, launch it.

Download and Install TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Copy and Paste Spotify Music to TuneFab 

First, open Spotify on PC, choose the song you like, and then tap "Share" > "Spotify Playlist Link", copy that link. Second, go to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, tap "Add File" > paste Spotify Playlist Link to the blank search bar > "Add".

Paste Spotify Playlist Link to TuneFab

Step 3. Select an Output Format

Change the profile settings, tap "Options" > "Advanced", and then choose one of the output format. (MP3 as example)

Select MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. Convert Spotify to MP3 Format

Tap "Convert" and then the song would be converted automatically. No need to worry about if you are gonna convert many songs, it would take a long time. Actually, there is a shinning point of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, before you confirm to add the songs; you can change the Conversion speed. "Options" > "Advanced" > "Conversion Speed".

Convert Spotify Music to MP3 Format

When the songs converted to MP3 format, just use an USB cable to transfer from PC to your phone device or portable music player.

Like what I said at the beginning, two ways will be shown directly and clearly. As for how to set Spotify Sleep Timer on Android and iPhone, now you know how to do it right?

At the end of the passage also showed the tutorial on how to download Spotify Music and play it offline. Surprise?

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