"Can you get Spotify on iPod Touch, like 4th Generation?"

Probably not. Generally, to get Spotify Music on iPod touch, your iPod touch must be the 6th generation with iOS 10 running. In order words, it is hard for you to play Spotify Music on iPod touch 4th or 5th though you are the Premium. Though you have the iPod touch 6th, you will suck on playing Spotify on it if it is under iOS 10. However, situations will be different when you have fully downloaded Spotify Music. With the Spotify fully downloaded, you can sync the Spotify Music to iPod touch 4th/5th/6th generation for playing.

Since Spotify Music is DRM protected, we are going to share the best way to download Spotify Music to non-DRM format on the computer and then sync Spotify Music to iPod touch for streaming at this post. After that, you can get Spotify Music playing on any iPod touch. Come and get started with the first part.

Tool Required: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter 

As is mentioned above, Spotify is DRM-protected leading to hard to be transferred. In this case, a Spotify Music downloader is needed to remove DRM from the Spotify and to convert to the iPod touch playable file format. Here TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is such a tool for you.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is an advanced Spotify to iPod Touch Downloader for Spotify Free and Premium users to download Spotify Music to the plain music formats like MP3 music format. Designed by advanced technology, it provides with 5X super fast default conversion speed. What's more, all the metadata will be kept as original with high-quality output for enjoying Spotify Music on iPod touch. Lots of highlight features can be found when you have a trial.

The following whole instructions are taken the macOS system as an example. For the users who use Spotify for Windows, you can still follow the step below since the operation is the same. And bear in mind that download the Spotify to MP3 Converter first before you follow the guide below. Let's go.

Full Tutorial: Stream Spotify Music on iPod Touch 4th/5th/6th Generation

Step 1. Run TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

After downloading the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, install it on your computer. When it is over, click on the iCon to run it for getting ready.

Spotify Music Converter Main Interface

Step 2. Add the Spotify Music to Spotify Music Converter

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter allows you to add Spotify Music to convert in 2 ways:

No.1 Drag and Drop Methods:

It is easy for you to go to the Spotify app and then choose the music and drag and drop them all to the main interface of the converter.

No. 2 Copy and Paste Methods

If you don't want to use the drag and drop methods to add music, then you can also use copy and paste methods. Just go to Spotify app and then copy the link of Spotify playlists/albums/tracks and then you can back to the main interface of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter for pasting the music to get ready to convert.

Add Music to Spotify Converter

Step 3. Choose MP3 as Output File Format

Now, you can move onto the output settings part. Click to Menu button and Preference and then move onto the "Advanced" button, as you can see there is a down-arrow button for you to choose the output file format. Hit to the Down-arrow Button, then you can see a drop-down list, which is the commonly used audio format.

For Windows: You can see the output file format are MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC

For Mac: You can see the output format is MP3, M4A, FLAC.

But we highly recommend choosing MP3 as your music format, since it is fully compatible with various kinds of devices.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Convert Spotify Music to MP3 for Playing on iPod Touch

After choosing formats, you can start to Convert the music by clicking to the "Convert All" or "Convert X Items" button, on the bottom right corner of the main interface. When the music has fully converted, just click to Finished to view all the converted music.

Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Step 5. Transfer Spotify Music and Sync Spotify Music to iPod Touch

When you have got the Spotify downloaded on your computer, you are almost done here. Now, just take out your USB cable and then connect your iPod touch with the computer by following the tips below. Then you can play Spotify Music on iPod touch at ease.

So far you have got the full tutorial on get Spotify playing on iPod touch, it is your turn to listen to Spotify on your iPod touch 4th/5th/6th generation. Hope you can enjoy your iPod Touch Spotify journey right here. If you think it helpful for your friends, just go and share it with your friends. Log in your Disqus account to leave any comment if you have any problem right below. Enjoy!

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