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A Spotify Premium subscription is nice to have. It gives you access to millions of high audio quality ad-free tracks, the ability to download music for offline playback, and play songs in any order. However, DRM restrictions prevent you from transferring or saving Spotify music downloads to other devices. You may also want to switch to other streaming platforms if Spotify’s music selection or experience doesn't meet your expectations. These are some reasons you might want to know how to cancel Spotify Premium.

In this article, we’ll show you how to cancel Spotify subscription and an extra tip to enjoy the Premium perks after canceling subscription.


How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on Spotify

Canceling your Spotify Premium subscription is easy. You can do it on your own in a few simple steps. If you are a first-time Premium user, you can

Canceling your Spotify Premium subscription is easy. You can do it on your own in a few simple steps. If you are a first-time Premium user, you can get a Spotify free trial after which the first payment will be debited to your card. If you find the Premium service doesn’t meet your needs, you might wonder how to cancel Spotify Premium before the trial ends. Cancelling your Spotify Premium free trial is straightforward and is the same process as cancelling a Premium subscription.

When you cancel your Spotify Premium subscription or the free trial, you can still access Premium services until your next billing cycle, after which your account will revert to the free version of Spotify. Keep in mind that you cannot cancel your subscription using the desktop or mobile Spotify app; you must access your Spotify account through a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Follow these simple steps to cancel your subscription:

STEP 1: Log in to your Spotify account at In Account  Overview, scroll to “Subscriptions” and choose “Available Plans”.

Select Available Plans on Spotify

STEP 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Cancel Plan”. Click “Continue to Cancel” to complete the process of canceling your Spotify Premium membership.

Click Cancel Plan on Spotif

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership Through Apple

If you signed up for Spotify Premium through the Apple App Store or iTunes,  you might be unable to find the cancel button on your Spotify. In this case, you will need to use your Apple devices to cancel your subscription.

If you are a first-time subscriber, you may automatically qualify for a free trial on on Spotify Premium Individual plan and Spotify Premium Student subscription. If you are going to cancel the premium during the free trial, you can do it the same way you would with your active Premium subscription.

Canceling your Premium plan will not delete your account from Spotify. You will still have access to the perks of a premium Spotify account until your next billing cycle. In this section, we’ll show you how to cancel Spotify membership on iPhone and Mac respectively.

1. How to Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone

A quick and easy way to end your Spotify subscription is through your iPhone. Here are simple steps on how to cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone:

STEP 1: Open the “Settings” app on your iPad or iPhone and tap your Apple ID picture at the top.

Tap Apple ID Picture

STEP 2: Scroll down to “Subscriptions” to see all the services you are subscribed to. Select “Spotify” under your list of subscriptions.

Find Your Subscriptions

STEP 3: Scroll down on the Spotify page and click “Cancel Subscription.” This will complete your cancellation of Spotify Premium.

2. How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Mac

You can also cancel your Spotify Premium subscription using your Mac computer. Here’s how you can complete the cancellation in a few simple steps:

STEP 1. Launch the App Store app on your Mac and sign in to your account if you haven't yet.

STEP 2. Tap on your name then select “Account Settings.”

STEP 3. Scroll down to find your Subscriptions, then tap “Manage.”

Tap Manage to Cancel Spotify Premium on Mac

STEP 4. Select the Spotify subscription, then scroll down to click on “Cancel Subscription” on the Spotify homepage.

How to Refund Spotify Premium

If you change your mind about subscribing to Spotify Premium, you might wonder whether you can get a refund.

To refund Spotify Premium subscriptions, you must meet two requirements. If you are eligible, you can email the Spotify technical support team asking them to initiate your refund.

• You must submit your refund request within 14 days of buying the plan.
• You must have not used Spotify Premium services during the 14 days.

However, according to Spotify’s refund policy, you cannot get a refund on the following:

• Premium subscriptions through third-party services such as iTunes. If you want a refund, you should contact the third party from whom you bought the subscription.
• Gift cards. Only the store from where you obtained the gift card can determine whether a refund on your Spotify Premium is possible.

Tip: Listen to and Download Spotify Songs After Cancelling Spotify Premium

Cancelling your Spotify Premium subscription drops you down to the free plan. But, the free plan has many limitations. While you can enjoy unlimited songs for free, an ad will interrupt your listening every fifteen minutes. In addition, you cannot download your favorite tracks or listen offline. But, the good news is with a third-party Spotify downloader, you can enjoy all the nice perks of a Spotify Premium account even after canceling your subscription.

We strongly recommend TuneFab Spotify Music Downloader, a leading software that enables you to download Spotify music without a Premium. This tool has a built-in web player that lets you stream and download Spotify tracks without the app. You can batch-convert your favorite tracks at 35X faster speeds and save them in DRM-free output formats including MP3, WAV, and M4A, etc. Better yet, the downloader archives audio files in their original high quality, so you can enjoy Spotify music offline without a Premium membership.

Best Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter:

● Saves tracks in common formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, and more.
● Allows customization of output settings up to 320kbps in MP3 to match the quality of your source music.
● Equipped with a built-in web player for fast and efficient ripping and playback without installing the Spotify app.
● Enables batch downloading of tracks, albums, and playlists at 35X speeds from Spotify to your output folder.
● Retains original metadata including track ID, artists, title, and artwork.

After canceling Spotify Premium, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can help you download unlimited songs in your preferred format and keep them forever.

Follow these easy steps to rip Spotify music to MP3 using TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

STEP 1: Download and install the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter software to your Mac or Windows computer. After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to open the built-in Spotify Web Player. Next, you need to log in to access your Spotify account.

Install and Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

STEP 2: Use the search bar on the left panel to find songs, playlists, or albums you want to rip from Spotify. Queue up the music to download by dragging the files to the floating “+” icon to the right of the screen, adding as many tracks as you wish.

Drag and Drop Spotify Tracks to Convert

STEP 3: Adjust the output settings to your preference. On the homepage click the hamburger menu or the three horizontal lines at the top right corner and select “Preferences.” You can customize everything from the output format, sample rate, bitrate, and output file name. You can even determine whether to organize your music by artist, playlist, or album. Remember to click “Save” before closing the window.

Customize Output Settings for Spotify Songs

STEP 4: On the Converting window, which pops after you drag and drop your music files, simply click the “Convert” or “Convert All” buttons to download music from Spotify to MP3.

Convert Spotify Songs

STEP 5: When the conversion process is complete, you can click the “Finish’’ button at the top and select “View Output File” to locate your music downloaded from Spotify. You can also start playing your tracks within the built-in web player.

Find Spotify Downloads in Output File


Surely, there are many reasons why you might want to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription. If you simply do not want to go with Spotify anymore, you can check whether you are qualified for a refund, and cancel your Spotify premium on the Spotify website or on Apple (if you subscribed via iTunes).

For those who find Spotify downloads are unplayable outside the app or still want to enjoy premium perks after cancellation, our top-recommended music downloader, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, comes to be a solution. This powerful converter bypasses DRM restrictions and lets you rip music from Spotify to MP3 and other popular formats for seamless, unlimited offline playback. Original quality can also be retained after conversion. Don't hesitate to try it for free today!

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