Music has been indispensable in our life. Despite accessing streaming music for online listening, many of you may still want to buy MP3 music as personal collections or use it in self-creating media content such as video clips for sharing on social media platforms. For such purposes, you wonder if there are still ways to buy MP3 music.

Many platforms are providing MP3 resources to let you purchase and keep them as your own. In the following, the 8 best places to buy MP3 music online will be introduced. Take them to expand your MP3 music library now!


Buy MP3 Music Online for Daily Listening

To begin with, let's check platforms with the latest updated modern music for purchasing and downloading DRM-free music in MP3 format. They contain the most original resources and are suitable for daily listening. Now, please take a look.

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iTunes Store

Recommended as the best place to buy MP3 music, iTunes Store provides more than 50 million songs covering all genres. It is also one of the world's largest online music retailers, available for you to purchase DRM-free music and create MP3 versions for keeping them offline. Even for mobile devices, iTunes Store has equipped compatible platforms for you to access and purchase MP3s with ease. The purchased MP3 tracks can directly be synced across your Apple devices, making it easy for you to access and stream at any time you want.

Buy MP3 Music in iTunes Store


  • Provide 50 million songs covering a majority of genres.
  • Deliver Apple lossless quality to encode every purchased MP3 track.
  • Download as DRM-free files and can be synchronized across Apple devices flexibly.


  • Limited compatibility (it can be a bit troublesome to get them to non-Apple devices).
  • Very limited customization options to manage MP3 downloads within the iTunes Store.

Amazon Digital

Another music retailer with a vast amount of resources for purchasing songs refers to Amazon Digital. This platform offers millions of songs across every category, from classic hits to the latest releases. It offers reasonable pricing for you to purchase singles. After the billing, you will get the right to download them as MP3 files for offline saving. However, pay attention to that the best audio quality delivered by Amazon Digital only reaches 256Kbps. But you can still get an exceptional listening experience with these MP3 downloads.

Buy MP3 Music on Amazon Digital


  • Rich music library with music of all categories provided.
  • Competitive pricing to buy MP3 music online.
  • Intuitive platform designed to manage the downloads at your wish.


  • The best audio quality of MP3 music can only reach 256Kbps.

Buy MP3 Music Online for DJ Remixing

If you wish for some MP3 music materials to highlight your DJ remixing career, then consider the following two platforms to buy MP3 music online.


For DJs, music quality can be quite an important factor as the remixing tracks need to be maintained at uncompressed conditions. Considering this, Beatport can be the best place to buy MP3 music for DJ remixing. On this platform, you can easily discover lots of electronic music, and there will be new releases updated daily from niche to some popular artists.

Beatport will also ensure high bitrates to save MP3 music offline, making it perfect for professional DJs to discover music and download it as MP3 for remixing in DJ programs.

Beatport Interface


  • Provide massive selections that are suitable for remixing DJs.
  • The output music quality will be maintained at high bitrates (typically 320Kbps).
  • Equipped with DJ-centric features such as BPM/key detection, preview clips, and more for double-checking before purchasing.


  • The MP3 music resources provided on Beatport can be more expensive.
  • Only with the electronic music category provided.
  • The MP3 music downloads are protected by DRM and may be limited by Beatport on their usage.


Another platform perfect for discovering MP3 music to purchase is Traxsource. This online store offers an extensive catalog of more than 500 thousand electronic tracks that are perfect for DJ remixing. Once you get your favorite single, album, or playlist purchased, you can directly download them as MP3 files offline at lossless quality. For many DJs, Traxsource has been a perfect place to discover and buy MP3 music online.

Traxsource Interface


  • User-friendly interface to search, buy, and manage MP3 songs.
  • Provide a massive amount of music resources to select.
  • High quality will be retained in downloading MP3 music.
  • Offer very competitive pricing and is regarded as the cheapest place to buy MP3 music online.


  • Only provide electronic dance music to purchase.
  • No streaming option is available.
  • You may run into getting incomplete releases.
  • Regional restrictions may limit you from accessing and buying some pieces of music.

Buy MP3 Music Online for Music Production

For music producers, the requirements for MP3 music maybe even much higher. To satisfy your needs, here also collect the 2 best places to buy MP3 online for music production. Also, grab them if you need them.


For music producers or video editors, it can be trouble while using any copyrighted music and cause copyright infringement. But on Soundstripe, you can avoid this from happening because it provides all royalty-free MP3 resources to purchase and download. It only costs a very low subscription fee, then you can enjoy unlimited downloads for a week in preferences. Compared to all platforms, Soundstripe can be one of the cheapest places to buy and download MP3s online.

Soundstripe Interface


  • Offer royalty-free music resources to download as MP3 for direct use.
  • Cover multiple genres with a large music database.
  • High-quality download quality makes it perfect for movie makers, YouTubers, marketers, and so on.
  • Low subscription fee to access all resources and download without limitations.


  • Music resources may be overused by many people.
  • No stem files will be provided.


Another best place to buy MP3 music for production is AudioJungle. Compared with Soundstripe, AudioJungle offers a larger music database, with more than 1 million songs and clips to purchase and download as MP3. No matter if creators only need a sound effect or a complete music track, you can discover resources on AudioJungle and purchase them to download. For producers, AudioJungle can be a perfect place to buy MP3 music with high quality.

AudioJungle Website


  • Offer a large music database with over 1 million tracks and sound effects.
  • Keep pretty high quality to download music as MP3.
  • Completely royalty-free music resources without worrying about copyright infringement


  • The license for one song can only be used for once but not across multiple projects.
  • The music quality will depend on the original launches.
  • Unfriendly search functions make it hard to discover the exact music you like.

Buy MP3 Music Online for Indie Music Support

For indie music lovers, then the following two platforms shall not be missed! They contain countless indie music resources and deliver decent quality to download as MP3. Please also dive into reading.


Among all platforms, Bandcamp can stand out to be the largest marketplace with numerous MP3 resources for discovering and purchasing. It is equipped with great support for even independent musicians, making it a haven for both creators and fans. Therefore, on Bandcamp, you can even discover lots of niche music for downloading. Its indie music resources cover multiple genres, like rock, experimental electronic beats, soulful folk melodies, and so on. You can find your type and buy them as your MP3 collection.

Bandcamp Interface


  • The largest platform for indie music with countless resources.
  • Provide indie music covering all genres.
  • Deliver decent quality to buy and download music in MP3 format.
  • You can discover a lot of niche music uploaded by independent musicians on the platform.


  • The pricing is inconsistent as it will be set by the artists themselves.
  • Resources are only available for downloading but not directly streaming online.

CD Baby

Another great place to buy MP3 music for indie music support is CD Baby. The platform also provides friendly support for independent musicians, allowing them to share their artworks with the world and earn profits. There are lot of music uploaded by talented independent creators, up-and-coming bands, etc, so you can definitely find lots of niche music on CD Baby to buy in MP3 copies. So for any of you who like such music type, there is no doubt that CD Baby can be the best place to buy MP3 music.

CD Baby Purchase Page


  • Over 9 million tracks to select.
  • Unique content uploaded by independent artists.
  • Fair pricing is guaranteed to buy MP3 downloads.
  • The music quality will be maintained in lossless as well.


  • Popular major-label releases may not by found on this platform.
  • The user experience of CD Baby can be a bit hard to understand.
  • No streaming feature is equipped.

FAQs About Purchasing MP3 Music Online

Which is the Best Place to Buy MP3 Music Online?

After comparing different platforms, they all deliver their pros and cons. So selecting which one may probably be based on personal requirements. For instance, platforms like iTunes Store and Amazon Digital are better suitable for getting modern streaming resources, while Beat Port and Traxsource are both recommended places for DJs to find materials to remix.

Overall, as streaming services cover almost a full music database today, I would like to recommend TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter, on which you will easily find all the above music resources to download as MP3 (you will get unlimited opportunities to get MP3 songs during the subscription period). The program is free to get started, so you can install it here in no time:

Is There a Website to Download MP3 Music?

Yes, there is. In fact, there are many best free MP3 download sites to get MP3 files downloaded at no cost. You only need to access the platform, select the audio tracks you like, and then download them with just one tap.

In Conclusion

In this post, 8 best places to buy MP3 music are recommended. If you are still wondering where to get MP3 music materials for creating requirements, grab any of them based on your demands and get started in no time. If you also want to have some offline music for daily listening or personal collections, try TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter mentioned above to rip your music to your laptop and rock with it!

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