If you are the fans of Apple Music, you may notice that Apple Music in iOS 11 has newly added a "TV & Movies" section inside its program.

Apple is making its way into original TV shows and movies to try to make the services of Apple Music more competitive. The Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke are two most representative original TV episodes in this new section. You could gain the fun and tips for listening to Apple Music songs as well as Apple Apps. They could lead Apple Music’s way to discover the possibility of adding the additional videos service instead of just providing the music streaming service.

The newly-launched "TV & Movies Section" in Apple Music has also tightened the relationships between Apple's providing services among music, movies, TV shows, apps, etc., making Apple more wide-spread in people's life. It is really a great challenge to combine Apple Music with TV shows and movies.

Descriptions for Watching TV Shows on iPhone/iPad

Firstly, you have to find TV & Movies section inside your Apple Music program.

Step 1. Open Apple Music program, and go to Browser.

Step 2. Scroll down and you will find "TV & Movies Section".

Step 3. Click into the section, you could preview the TV shows lists.

iTunes Extras

Select the TV shows you want to watch from the lists, then you could choose one of the episode from it. On iPhone, the episodes would be shown as a list. On iPad, they are shown as the grid-like representation.

Apple Music TV Shows on iPad

Follow the above steps to enjoy Apple Music TV shows on your iPhone/iPad if you have subscribed for Apple Music Membership. These Apple Music TV shows can be played on Apple TV 4 conveniently just like Apple Music songs. You could also keep these TV shows after the Apple Music Membership expired by virtue of the TuneFab M4V Converter.

Guidance here:

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>> Use TuneFab M4V Converter to Make DRM-ed TV Shows Playable Offline

If you are not a member of Apple Music, you could still watch the first episode of each series of TV shows from Apple Music. Just try to search for the TV shows in iTunes Store, then click on the first episode for enjoy.

The release of this TV & Movies section in Apple Music doesn't mean that Apple want to start its steps to invading in TV shows and movies industries. It would be more reasonable to say that Apple wants to make the services of Apple Music more competitive. Comparing to Spotify, Apple Music also provides with high-quality original TV shows for users, which has made the $9.99/month subscription fee more beneficial. It is quite expected to see what improvement would be made on Apple Music's TV shows!

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