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There're plenty of ways to listen to Apple Music songs, you can play Apple Music on your Music app on iPhone iPad or Android, or you can listen to Apple Music with iTunes on your PC.

However, similar to the "Apple Music missing on iPhone" issue, quite a lot of users reported that Apple Music is not showing up in iTunes. What's wrong? Have you ever met this issue before? This guide is about to help you solve the problem.

Solution 1. Log into iTunes with the Apple ID that You Use for Apple Music Subscription

When Apple Music is not showing in iTunes, here's how to fix:

Step 1. Open iTunes on Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Click "Account" and check the Apple ID that you've used to log into iTunes.

Fix Apple Music Not Showing Up in iTunes by Using the Correct Apple ID

Step 3. If the Apple ID is not the one that you use for Apple Music subscription, then log out and sign in with the correct Apple ID. Sometimes, to sign out Apple ID and sign back in might be able to fix some bugs.

Step 4. Then you should be able to see the "missing Apple Music songs" come back in iTunes. If not, try solution 2.

Solution 2. Check the "iCloud Music Library" Option in iTunes

Step 1. Launch iTunes and then open the "Preferences" window.

Step 2. Select the "General" tab and you will find "iCloud Music Library" under "Library Name".

Step 3. Make sure that you've selected the "iCloud Music Library" option, otherwise all your Apple Music items will be disappeared from iTunes. If "iCloud Music Library" is already checked, then uncheck it and select it again.

Fix Apple Music Not Showing Up in iTunes by Enabling iCloud Music Library

Solution 3. Wait for Apple's New Music App

The rumor has finally come true that Apple is about to shut down iTunes, and replace iTunes with 3 separated apps, including Music, Movies and Podcast. You may get shocked if you have been using iTunes for listening to music or downloading music for years. But at some point, you can finally get rid of iTunes and get a much better experience on enjoying music, movies and podcast.

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