It's important to be able to download songs from the Apple Music catalog to your computer or mobile devices if you want to listen to music without WiFi or data connection. Somehow you might run into troubles like these:

"Apple Music songs won't download to my iPhone! Anyone else got this problem?"

"My Apple Music has stopped downloading songs and when I add them to the library nothing happens. Anyone got any ideas?"

If you have tried every way you can think of to contact Apple support but got no response on fixing this issue, it's time to try some different solutions. I've rounded up the 12 possible solutions to help you solve Apple Music won’t download songs issue. Shall we begin?


Solution 1: Check Your WiFi & Mobile Data Network

A stable network connection is required if you want to download Apple Music songs. So you should check whether you have strong Wi-Fi or whether you have turned cellular data on. If you are sure that your phone has a strong signal when using your mobile data but you still can't download Apple Music songs, check 2 things:

1. On your mobile device, go to "Settings" > "Music" > "Cellular Data" > "Wireless Data", you need to select "WLAN & Cellular Data" to allow Apple Music to use data for updating your library and loading artwork.

2. Under the "Wireless Data" option, you will see the "Download" feature. Turn on the "Download" function by switching the button to "On".

Check Your Network

Then you will be able to download Apple Music songs with mobile data. But enabling the download feature will greatly increase your data usage.

Solution 2: Free Up Storage Space on Your iPhone

If the new music cannot be downloaded to your iPhone, you'd better check your iPhone’s available storage space.

Launch "Settings" > "General" > "iPhone Storage", you will find how much space each app uses. 

If your device is running out of storage space, you should delete some large files to free up space on your iPhone. After that, you can download new music to your device.

Solution 3: Check If Your Apple Music Subscription Is Active

Apple Music offers a monthly subscription service, which means you need to pay every month to enjoy or download music from Apple Music. 

If you cancel your Apple Music subscription after the trial or turn off Apple Music Auto-Renewal function, then you won't be able to access Apple Music songs on any of your devices including PC, iPhone, Android, etc. Therefore, in order to download Apple Music successfully, you are supposed to check whether your Apple Music subscription is active, if not, you need to subscribe again

Solution 4: Sign Out Apple ID and Re-login Again

Apple ID is an important key for you to access the Apple Music library. If there is a problem with playing or downloading your Apple Music files, you can sign out and re-login with your Apple ID to see if it helps.

Step 1. Launch "Settings" and go to [Your Name].

Step 2. Scroll down the screen and tap "Sign Out".

Step 3. Sign in again with your Apple ID, and then run Apple Music app and download songs again.

Re-login Apple ID

Solution 5: Disable and Enable "Show Apple Music"

"Show Apple Music" is not only an option to turn Apple Music on or off, but also a way to restart the Apple Music app. When Apple Music is not downloading songs, you can try this way to relaunch the app.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "Music", and then slide off "Show Apple Music". 

Step 2. Wait for a few minutes, and then slide on "Show Apple Music" and restart Apple Music.

Show Apple Music

Solution 6: Close and Re-open Apple Music App

Restarting the Apple Music app can fix some bugs, including fixing Apple Music won't download. Here's how to restart the app:

Step 1. From the Home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause near the middle of the screen until all open app cards appear. (If you are using an old iPhone, double-click the Home Button).

Restart Apple Music App

Step 2. Look for Apple Music app by scrolling through the list of apps.

Step 3. Hold the Apple Music app and swipe it up and off the screen.

Step 4. Go back to Home screen and tap Music app to restart it.

If you restart your Apple Music app several times, but it still didn't work, you can try another way to fix this issue.

Solution 7: Turn off iCloud Music Library and Restart iPhone

If your Apple Music app is not working properly, it might be caused by some background apps or junk files running on your device. You can restart your device to clear the junk files and shut down some of the background app. After that, you can use Apple Music more smoothly.

Also, you need to check if you have enabled iCloud Music Library function on your device:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app and tab "Music".

Step 2. Find out "iCloud Music Library" and switch the button to "ON" to enable the feature.

After turning on the "iCloud Music Library", you can run the Apple Music app again to download Apple music songs.

Solution 8: Update Apple Music App to the Latest Version

You should check if you are using the latest version of Apple Music app. If not, update your app now because an updated version can probably solve the music downloading not working issue. 

Here is how to update:

Step 1. Launch "App Store" and tap on "Update",

Step 2. If there is an "UPDATE" option beside Apple Music, you can tap "UPDATE" to get the newest version.

Update Apple Music

Solution 9: Update iOS System to the Latest Version

It’s necessary to update your iOS device to the latest version of iOS. By doing so, some bugs or software issues can be removed and resolved. Try updating the iOS system and see if you can save Apple Music songs to your library.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "General", and then tap "Software Update" to see if an update is available.

Step 2. If a new version is available, tap "Install Now" to download and install it.

Heads Up: Make sure that your iPhone’s battery is charged at 50% or above before you start updating your iOS system.

Update iOS System

Solution 10: Turn Off the VPN

If you are using a VPN on your iPhone, it might be the reason why you can't using the download feature of Apple Music. You can try turnning it off or change the IP to another one and restart your Music app to download the music again.

Solution 11: Download Apple Music on A Different Device

If you fail to download songs on your iPhone, try using a different device that can access Apple Music under the same network connection and with the same Apple ID.

If you can download songs on another device instead of yours, then there could be something wrong with your iPhone.

Solution 12: Download Apple Music Songs with An Alternative Tool

If you still cannot fix your Apple Music won't download songs issue through the above 11 solutions, then you can try this ultimate method - using an Apple Music Downloader, to download the Apple songs you want, instead of getting stuck with this problem. Here, a professional program can help, which is TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter can help you download Apple songs by directly accessing your music library in the built-in Apple Music Web Player. It allows you to save the downloaded songs to popular formats, like MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC in high quality. What's more, it provides up to 5x conversion speed and even helps you retain the original ID3 tags for the songs, which facilitates more convenient offline songs management.

The following steps guide you to download Apple Music songs to popular audio formats using TuneFab Apple Music Converter:

Step 1. First, install and launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter. Then sign in your Apple ID to enter the Apple Web Player.

Step 2. After entering the Apple Music Web Player, you can select the songs you want to download and drag them directly to the "Add" button.

Step 3. Go to "Preferences" on the right corner above to reset the output format, bitrate and sample rate under "Advanced".

Step 4. Subsequently, click on "Convert" and the Apple Music songs can be downloaded in batches with original quality.

Converting Apple Music To MP3 AMC New

After the downloading process is over, you can go to "Finished" to view the output file and then listen to the downloaded songs.


This post has shown you the above 12 solutions to help you resolve the Apple Music won't download on iPhone issue. If you also meet such an error unexpectedly, try any of these methods to see if the problem can be solved successfully. Or you can also ask Apple Music customer service for help. Hope this post is helpful!

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