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Quick Solution for Apple Music Won't Download Songs on iPhone

By Tony Moton

October 11, 2018

Apple Music, as one of the most popular streaming music services, offers 45 million songs for music enthusiasts. Whether listening to your favorite song, album, mix, playlist or music video, you won't be interrupted by ads. If you don't want to use your cellular data, then you can download the track from Apple Music for playing offline. However recently some Apple Music users complain that they can't download songs from Apple Music on iPhone. In case you may also look for quick solution for Apple Music won't download songs on iPhone, I hereby recommend you 8 useful solutions for you.


Solution 1: Check Your Network

First of all, you should check whether you have turned on Wi-Fi/Cellular Data and your network is available. If you are using Cellular Data, then you are supposed to check two things as below:

#1. Go to Settings >> Music >> Cellular Data, then click on "Wireless Data" button to see if Apple Music can use mobile data.

#2. In addition to that, check whether you turn on "Downloads" to allow Apple Music to download songs on mobile data.

Check Your Network

Solution 2: Restart Apple Music App

Though you don't know why you can't download Apple Music on iPhone, restarting Apple Music app can be always useful. From the Home Screen, you can swipe right across the Dock (just below the bottom of the icons in the dock) , then you can find out Apple Music app and swipe up to close it. After that, click on Apple Music app on the Home page to restart it. After that you can try to check if you can download Apple Music on iPhone.

Restart Apple Music App

Solution 3: Restart Your iPhone

Except restarting Apple Music app, you can also restart your iPhone to try to solve the problem as some junk files generated in iPhone may prevent Apple Music from running smoothly. Restarting can clear the junk files and close some background apps, which can make your iPhone and Apple Music work smoothly. To restart, you need to long press the Power button for more than 5 seconds and slide the "slide to power off" button to close your iPhone, then long press the Power button once again to turn it on. Now just try to download Apple Music on iPhone.

Solution 4: Re-login Your Apple ID

As you need to log in your Apple ID for playing and downloading tracks on Apple Music, your Apple ID may be the reason of why you can't download Apple Music on iPhone. Hence re-login your Apple ID on iPhone may be helpful. To do that, just go to settings, find out your name and click on "Sign Out" button. Now you can re-login your Apple ID and then see whether you can download a song to your Apple Music library.

Re-login Apple ID

Solution 5: Turn Off and On "Show Apple Music"

If you have tried to restart your iPhone and Apple Music, and re-login your Apple ID, but you still can't download Apple Music on iPhone, then you may try the solution 5, turn off and on "Show Apple Music". Go to "Settings" and select "Music", then slide the "Show Apple Music" button to Off position and slide it to On position again. After that, you can try to launch Apple Music and check if you can save the tracks.

Show Apple Music

Solution 6: Update Apple Music

Is your Apple Music the latest version? Have you ever updated Apple Music lately? As you know, the updated version can resolve the vulnerability of the previous version, therefore you need to check whether you should update Apple Music app on your iPhone.

Step 1. Open App Store on iPhone and click on "Updates".

Step 2. Scroll down to find Apple Music.

Step 3. If you find an "UPDATE" beside Apple Music, then you need to update it, but if there is an "OPEN", that means your Apple Music is the latest version.

Update Apple Music

Solution 7: Update iOS System

Nothing is perfect, iOS system has been updating for removing problems occurring in the previous version. If you find your Apple Music won't download songs on iPhone, then you can try to update iOS system. It's very easy to update your system, just go to "Settings" and select "General" option, then click on "About" to check whether your system need to be updated. If the latest version is available, then click on "Software Updates" and then "Install Now" to update iOS system right now.

Update iOS System

Solution 8: Download Apple Music on PC and Sync to iPhone via iTunes

If the above solutions can't solve your problem, then try the last one which can always solve your problem, just download Apple Music on PC and then sync Apple Music to iPhone via iTunes right now. However, even if you subscribe to Apple Music and download Apple Music for offline listening, you are only allowed to play the songs on iOS authorized devices. Then if your Apple ID have been authorized on 5 devices, you can't play Apple Music on iPhone. At this time, what you need is a reliable and efficient Apple Music converter like TuneFab Apple Music Converter to remove DRM and save Apple Music as popular formats such as MP3, AC3, M4R, FLAC and more. To convert Apple Music to MP3, you just need to take only 3 steps including selecting Apple Music tracks, adjusting output settings and converting Apple Music to MP3.

Note: TuneFab Apple Music Converter also enables you to turn off Apple Music explicit content on iOS/Android/PC and export iTunes Music to Android phone or tablet. Just click the download button above to download this powerful software.

Convert Apple Music

The 8 solutions are shown as above, I hope you solve the problem of Apple Music not downloading songs on iPhone successfully. Actually, the last solution can totally solve your problem. Therefore, if you can't download Apple Music on iPhone, then just try to download Apple Music on PC, convert it to MP3 and sync to iPhone. But don't forget to download TuneFab Apple Music Converter at first.

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