When switching from iPhone to Android, many people may want to transfer iTunes movies to Google Play and then sync them to the newest Android phone, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei P10 and LG G6.

However, you will fail to upload iTunes movies and TV shows to Google Play. And there are two reasons for the failure:

1. All iTunes movies are DRM protected, which means that you can only play them on authorized Apple devices. Google Play or Android phone is not included.

2. Right now, Google does not allow you to upload your own movies or videos for access in the cloud. Its Play Movies app solely functions as a movie rental service.

So, is there any solution to watch iTunes movies on Android devices or store iTunes movies in Google Play?

Yes, just keep reading.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies

To transfer the iTunes movies to Google Play successfully, one solution is to bypass FairPlay DRM from the protected files. You need a conversion program to help you finish the conversion, here I recommend the TuneFab M4V Converter. By passing the DRM, you can play iTunes movies on your Android device freely.

• Remove DRM from iTunes purchased/rented Movies;

• Convert the M4V movies format into MP4;

• High conversion speed;

• With no quality loss;

Note: TuneFab M4V Converter (Windows) is not able to convert iTunes rental videos/movies currently, so Windows user is out of luck for the moment. For Mac users, however, you can still use TuneFab M4V Converer(Mac) to convert iTunes rental videos/movies.

Here are the steps followed to remove the DRM from iTunes movies:

Step 1. Launch the Program and Add iTunes Movies to it

Click on the download button above to launch the program. After installation, run it. When it connects with you iTunes, you are able to press "Add Files" to upload some unconverted iTunes movies to it.

Add M4V Files

Step 2. Customize Settings

Set the tracks and subtitles of your files as you like. This step is optional. If you don't set these, they will be saved by default.

Select Output Settings

Step 3. Remove DRM from iTunes Movies

Click on the "Convert" button to bypass DRM from the movies. The conversion will be finished in few minutes.

Convert M4V to MP4

Step 4. Upload iTunes Movies to Google Play

As we mentioned before, now Google doesn't allow you to upload videos to Google Play. However, when you get the DRM-free iTunes movies, you can:

1. Directly transfer the iTunes movies from computer to your Android phone;

2. Upload the iTunes movies to the Google+ or Google Drive for collection and share.

Upload iTunes Movies to Google Play

Google Play VS. iTunes Store

As we know, iTunes almost has the largest stores- more than 28 million songs and 45 thousand purchased movies, while Google Play is comparatively smaller. Although the charges for iTunes would be higher, it is quality-guaranteed. iTunes surpasses Google Play in music, movies, and TV show, while Google Play has the world's largest e-book resources - over 5 million titles.

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