It is quite upset to iOS 7 users that Apple Music requires only iOS 8.4 or later. At present, Apple is not going to improve Apple Music to be compatible with iOS 7.

It would be a pity for some users since Apple Music doesn't support iOS 7. But now, you could get an idea of playing Apple Music on iOS 7 devices or any other devices. That is to remove DRM from the songs in Apple Music.

Under DRM protection, Apple Music songs can only be played on authorized devices. However, if you remove the DRM, you can play them freely on any device.

Tutorial: How to Remove DRM from Apple Music

The wide use of Apple Music makes some users want to play Apple Music in iOS 7 or other devices more flexible. As a result, people now are trying to remove DRM from Apple Music, and it has made a breakthrough. The removal of DRM can be helped with some apps. They can convert Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, etc. into MP3, AIFF, FLAC, AC3, and so on. After removing the DRM, you will find that the Apple Music is able to play on iOS 7 as well as many other devices.

The TuneFab Apple Music Converter is an app that helps to convert the format of Apple Music into, which is supported by iOS 7 devices. Additionally, it can also remove DRM from the songs. The operations to use this app is quite easy to grasp. Let's have a look.

Step 1. Launch the tool

Certainly, the first step we have to do is to find the tool and download it. (Also, iTunes is needed.) When you open the program, it will immediately link with your iTunes.

Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Songs selection

If you can see the Playlist which is the same with your iTunes, it means the app runs normally. You are able to choose the songs you want to play on iOS 7 now. Click on "Music" in "Library", you can get the list of your songs.

Select M4P File

Step 3. Alter the data of the output songs

You can alter the format, bitrate, channels, etc. of your output songs. In order to play them on iOS 7, we could set its format at MP3.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. Click on "Convert" and get the converted songs

All the settings are finished and you can click on the "Convert" button now. When the conversion successfully converted, the "View Output File" will occur. Click on it and you can get the converted songs.

Convert M4P to MP3

With the app, it is possible for us to play Apple music on an iOS 7. The essence of the conversion is, obviously, to remove DRM from the protected music. In this way, the iOS 7 users are able to enjoy Apple Music, either.

So, have you got the ticket of "Apple Music" train?

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