Talking about the music streaming services, we must mention these two giants, Spotify and Google Play Music. Both of them are widely used and make the significant influence on our ways to enjoy music. As the user, which one do you prefer? Google Play Music vs. Spotify, how much do you know?

Right here, we will discuss the differences between these two, so if you are going to try one of them, this article can provide a comprehensive analysis for you to make a choice easily. By the way, we will also offer you a useful method to deal with the Spotify music freely. See what's going on now!


Part 1. Google Play Music VS. Spotify


Spotify has been widely used for a long time. Although many new music services appeared from time to time, it keeps developing to change and make the improvement. That why it is still famous now. With many excellent features, no wonders that users will continue to choose it.

Spotify Main

Pros & Cons


1. Spotify Connect enables you to keep listening songs when you switch to different devices. This feature lets your phone become a controller, you can adjust the playing progress on your phone to change the music playing on your computer.

2. Its discovery tool will give you nice recommendations based on listening habits, genre, and artist-led radio stations.

3. Spotify provides the function that several persons can share the same playlist as well as edit it. If a group of people wants to play their favorite songs at the party, that will be very useful.


1. Podcast and video can be used on Android, but fail on Browse.

2. Cannot offer a comprehensive audio library overseas due to licensing issues.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music comes later than Spotify, but it quick occupies an important position in music streaming service. It provides a comprehensive music experience for the users. With a great number of songs both on app and web, you can freely listen to what you like. You can also share them on social media with your friends through podcast upload.

Google Play Music Interface

Pros & Cons


1. You can get nearly 50,000 songs without pay at the Play Store.

2. It is easy to upload your whole collection with Music Manage.

3. It offers access to YouTube Red, so you can play YouTube content offline and enjoy no ads YouTube experience. That is the most wonderful feature that Play Music has, so you can watch YouTube videos of most of the songs.

4. You can listen to your cloud music on the web player.


Google Play Music works not well in recommending songs, sometimes it may recommend songs you don't like or a long time ago.

Part 2. How to Listen to Spotify Music on Google Play Music

Given that Google Play Music offers nearly 50,000 of your music for free, most people may much prefer this service. What's more, nowadays YouTube is one of the best sharing video platforms, if we use Google Play Music, you can access it. So if you want to change to use Google Play Music and don't want to lose your songs on Spotify, how to do?

Like most streaming services, Spotify music adds DRM, so you cannot directly play them on other streaming services. But we can provide the method for you. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the best choice. You can easily get a DRM free version of Spotify Music Playlist by this program. Let's see how to make it.

Step 1. Install TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

First, you need to make sure you have installed the latest version of Spotify. Download and install this program, then launch it. Spotify will be activated automatically. You will see the clear interface of this program like below.

Main Interface Mac

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs

Click "Add Files", a new window will pop up, then you can drag songs, playlist, albums, tracks, etc from Spotify.

Add Files Mac

Step 3. Choose Songs to Convert

You can choose one or more songs to convert at one time. After that, you need to click "Add" one more time.

Drag and Drop Spotify Songs Mac

Step 4. Select Output Format

There are four output audio formats for you to choose. Just go to "Options" first, and then choose "Advanced", you will see MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC.

Select Output Format

Step 5. Start Converting

Click "Convert" button to start converting Spotify music without losing quality. The conversion time varies on how much your music files.

Start Converting

Now it's time to upload your converted music to Google Play Music. After log in your account, go to the menu to choose upload songs. The Music Manager can automatically find your folder and tells you which songs are available. That's it.

Overall, after known the difference between Spotify and Google Play Music, if you want to move music from Spotify to Google Play Music, never miss TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. It can help you perfectly. If you try this program and think it is useful, welcome to recommend to others. Enjoy the music.

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