If you are a DJ, you can second this: better DJ mixing requires rich and trending playlists to play from. If you are looking for the world's best platform for such playlists, Spotify is an easy choice thanks to its huge collection of handpicked playlists with the latest songs and remixes.

When it comes to dj software that works with spotify, there are quite a few options out there. These tools are designed to help you edit, mix, and share Spotify songs with the help of an application programming interface (API). But such software requires you to have a Spotify subscription to edit or mix songs for DJing. Other tools offer great DJ experience but lack Spotfy integration. So, how to DJ with spotify with the currently available software, and which one is the best? Well, our experts have tested all the leading software to compile a list below of what we think are the best DJ apps that work with spotify, along with another recommended tool that will help you achieve true freedom in DJing. Let's explore them all, one by one.

Top 1: Mixonset

Mixonset is fairly a new paid DJ app in this niche but is widely appreciated in the entire DJ industry space. Built with AI and smart algorithms, the app is directly compatible with Spotify integration and is designed to take all the workload from DJs. You will love the way it works as a tool for DJs; for example, it lets you create seamless mixes from Spotify playlists with a single tap. You will also appreciate the easy shuffling of a playlist, and the entire interface for mixing music is extremely intuitive.

But the most prominent feature of this app is its ability to create smooth transitions by automatically picking the best mix points in between the tracks. Moreover, this app only picks the most relevant (20 to 25 percent) part of long songs in mixing to make sure that the end mix has only the part of the song that is most likable for the crowd. 

Mixonset DJ Software

● Smart features for a professional DJ mixing experience
● Automix is great for novices
● Accidental playlist changes can be avoided with the "built-in queue" feature.
● Intuitive and polished interface
● Supports integration with Spotify Premium, Apple Music, SoundCloud, TIDAL and local libraries

● Only available for iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and MacOS (Silicon M1 Chips)
● Requires Spotify Premium
● Limited discoverability of soundtracks

Top 2: Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro provides all the necessary professional features required by DJs. The highlight feature of this software is its seamless mixing, which works on beat-matching algorithms. The result is a seamless mix with the same key all lined up as harmonized soundtracks. This feature is really handy for DJs, as it takes away a lot of the effort required for manual mixing.

It also comes with native support for integration with external hardware, including DJ controllers and manual mixers. Moreover, the library itself tends to organize your tracks based on the tracks themselves and on the usage of these tracks by DJs. You can also easily share and edit these songs with others with a few clicks through this software. Overall, this software gives a satisfying DJ mixing experience and can be easily regarded as a fully capable professional DJ mixing software.

Serato DJ Software

● Best-in-class audio mixing for DJs
● Quick harmonized syncing and queueing of soundtracks
● Easy sharing of mixed tracks
● Smart sorting of tracks in the library

● Requires Spotify premium subscription
● Only available for desktop operating systems

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Top 3: Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a capable DJ tool optimized to be a complete gig companion. Features like harmonizing tracks in the same keys, compatibility with a wide array of DJ gear (DJ mixers and controllers), and strong mixing/editing features within the app make it a great choice.

The app experience is sometimes plagued by occasional glitches in playback along with significant load times upon launch. But aside from these minor issues, the app itself is an extremely capable option for those looking to have a great DJ mixing with a paid Spotify subscription.

Virtual DJ Software

● Smooth importing and mixing of Spotify playlists
● Clean and functional interface
● Wide compatibility scale with different kinds of DJ gear
● Convenient music library features

● Occasional glitches and significant load times
● Requires Spotify premium and an active internet connection
● Only available for desktop operating systems

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Top 4: Djay Pro

Djay Pro is the only app in this list that received the Apple Design Award and is yet another great tool that should be on your radar. Designed for MacOS and Android operating systems by Algoriddim, this tool is a powerhouse for DJs loaded with tons of features and a sleek interface. It effortlessly converts your Android-powered device and Mac computers into a fully functional DJ with a great set of mixing features. Also supports integration with your local library, Tidal Premium, SoundCloud Go+ (for Android), and Apple Music (on iOS and Mac devices), instantly giving you access to mixing millions of songs. Modes like Automix AI mode, manual remix mode, and live performance mode are the highlights of this platform.

You also get another handy tool: the "pre-cueing" which enables you to pre-listen to mixed songs through headphones independently from the mix that goes through the main speakers for live DJing. This is a pretty neat feature which is loved by many DJs. Other noticeable features include its great MIDI Control with wide hardware integration which pre-map all functionality upon connection with a controller device and Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device. It also has an auto gain feature with automatic beat & tempo detection along with its super high-res waveforms that we truly appreciate. But like every other app, it is also not perfect. Although the app boosts tons of features but lacks Spotify integration, shows a lag in between app switching, and requires premium subscriptions for media imports.

Djay Pro DJ Software

● Super clean interface
● Pre-cueing is very handy during gigs
● Works across iOS and Mac OS devices.

● Laggy interface (for Android)s
● Requires premium subscription for Integration
● Lacks Spotify integration

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Bonus: How to DJ with Spotify on Any DJ Apps

All the tools we mentioned above give their users an enhanced DJ experience, and a great set of features, but the requirement of Spotify premium subscriptions for their integration is a big turn-off for most of the DJs out there. Some software lacks integration with Spotify altogether. But, if you are looking for a quick fix for this and want a truly free DJ mixing experience, then TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is here to save the day.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a special tool designed to remove the integration limitations that were introduced in the Digital Rights Management (DRM) policies of Spotify. This policy limits users to only listen to Spotify songs within the app itself and integration with DJ apps is also restricted. Thanks to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, you can easily bypass these limitations.

This tool can effortlessly convert Spotify music files into the most common audio formats which can be later imported in your DJ software for editing and mixing. And the best part is that these downloaded/converted songs will always be with you without needing premium subscriptions of Spotify or its integration DJ app. With such functionality, you get true freedom for DJ mixing with endless possibilities for your gigs. Below are the most prominent features of this tool: 

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter: Giving Better Experience for DJing with Spotify

● Easy downloads of DRM-protected Spotify tracks (including playlists and albums) to a local drive
● Offline import of all Spotify tracks into any DJ mixing software
● Effortlessly conversion of Spotify audio tracks into the most common audio formats (WAV, MP3, FLAC, etc.)
● Guaranteed preservation of audio sound quality and file attributes (ID3 and metatags)
● Super fast one-click batch conversion (up to 35X speeds)
● Compatible with major desktop operating systems (Mac and Windows)

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter does all of that with a super sleek interface with almost zero load times. The entire interface loads with Spotify's application interface which is not glitchy like other third-party tools and runs just like any Spotify client running on your device. Getting started with this tool takes a few seconds. Follow the below steps to learn how to start your DJ mixing experience with true freedom:

Step 1. Install the software by downloading the installation package from the above download button. Upon initial launch, a welcome screen will appear with an option to open the web player at the bottom of the screen. Click the "Open the Webplayer" button where you will be asked to enter your Spotify account information.

Open Spotify Web Player via TuneFab

Step 2. Select a song or album and drag into the conversion panel displayed as "+" located on the right side of the main window. Once you drag a song here, a prompt "Click here to convert/ Drag your songs here" will appear and your selected song will be automatically added to this conversion panel.

Drag Spotify Songs to Convert

Step3. Once your audio files are in the conversion panel, a popup window will appear showing individual files "Title", and "Artist name" and options of "Output Format" with each audio file. Click this option and you will be given different output audio formats to choose from, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, and M4A. Choose the output format for each file. You can choose different output folders from the "Open Folder" tab.

Choose Spotify Output Format

Step4. If you are converting a large number of songs, then you can click on "Convert all files to" to execute batch conversions. You can also edit the output format and tweak the sample/bitrate of the individual song added in the conversion panel by navigating into "Preference > Advanced" as shown in the picture below.

Advanced Settings

Step5. After selecting your preferences, click the "Convert all" tab located at the bottom to start the conversion process. Once completed, you can find all the downloaded Spotify songs  by clicking "Open Folder" or "View Output File". These converted files are now DRM-free and are incompatible audio formats for import into any other DJ software. You can also play the individual files from the conversion panel as shown in the picture below.

Get DRM-free Spotify Songs


There are many free DJ apps that work with spotify and also claim to give a complete DJ experience with integration options. One of the DJ apps that work with spotify is Mixonset, which is only available on iOS devices. Most other software doesn't offer Spotify integration due to DRM restrictions. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is an easy solution that enables  conversion and offline downloads of Spotify music for DJ mixing, and also supports high-quality audio retention. This gives DJs true ease in their mixing routines and effortlessly fixes the problem of Spotify integrations. 

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