Whilst watching your iTunes music videos, you may come across the following question.

The media files are DRM protected, and you can't remove it or use it on other devices. Such an uninviting question appeared along with the journey of watching iTunes music video. Are you seeking the way to smash the tiresome DRM protection down?

Here, you got the right place. Come and learn the way to remove the DRM from your iTunes music videos.

iTunes music Video DRM free


In the face of a host of the iTunes music videos, you may wonder how can I remove the Digital Right Management from the iTunes music videos so that you can bring it to your other devices and watch it go-as-you-please. Here is a tool which can break the DRM from the video files and is valuable to be introduced. That is TuneFab M4V Converter.

Part 1. Break the DRM protection of iTunes music videos

TuneFab M4V Converter is a software aimed at killing the DRM protection from the iTunes music videos by converting it into MP4 files format.

What's the advantage?

Produce the output files into 100% quality with fast conversion speed

All your iTunes music videos will be converted into totally quality in the format of MP4 as the same as your iTunes music video files. And it won't cost you much time to convert all the files in maximized 30X conversion speeds with batches.

Compatible with your Windows and Mac

It allows you to install TuneFab M4V Converter on Windows and Mac.

You may ask how the tool exactly removes the DRM from my iTunes music video. Here you just utilize 3 steps so that you can remove the DRM from your files.

3 Steps to Remove the DRM from Your iTunes Music Videos

Step 1: Install the tool and run it

Launch TuneFab M4V Converter

Step 2: Turn it on and click the Add files from your Library

Add Music Videos to Convert

Step 3: Click the Convert bottom and start to convert your iTunes music video

Click to Convert

Here you have already mastered the ways to break the DRM from your iTunes music files. With TuneFab tool you can start your iTunes music video entertainment right now. As for more about the iTunes music videos, let's move on the following parts.

Part 2: Know more about your iTunes music videos

Perhaps, you are aware of your iTunes music video for its function that is displaying the Music by watching a short movie or video for better understanding your Music itself. However, are you truly know about it? Here are some points you are supposed to make sure about.

A. Definition:iTunes music video is a short film united with music and picture with the aim of propagating the Music as well as the artist, produced by Apple Inc. There is a various category of the iTunes music video, such as Classic, Pop, R&B and the like.

B. Prices:iTunes music video allows users to buy the music videos for watching. The average price of each music video is nearly $1.99. For the concrete price, you can see the prices below the image of the music video before you purchased.

C. Format: The format of the iTunes music video is the same as the iTunes Movies. It is the protected M4V video files which produce by Apple Inc.

So far, you are able to kill the DRM from your iTunes music videos by one sword, TuneFab M4V Converter and flexible play all your music videos on different devices, such as Samsung GALAXY S8, Pixel, OnePlus5 and the like. Enjoy your diversified journey of your music videos.

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