When you want to watch iTunes TV Shows on Android devices, you are likely to encounter questions as follow.

"Sorry, you can't watch the iTunes TV shows on Android Smartphone unless you watch it on iPhone, iPad, iTunes or QuickTime."

"Sorry, you can't watch your iTunes TV shows on Android Smartphone because it is DRM protected"


Are you fed up with such uninviting and endless warning? Do you still want to watch your awfully amazing iTunes TV shows on Android cellphones? Here comes the good news! You can employ the following 3 steps to enjoy your iTunes TV shows on your Android devices. Okay, here we go now!

Watch iTunes TV Shows on Android


iTunes TV shows are all protected by a technology developed by Apple Inc., the Digital Right Management which avoids its files from being stolen and being private. Users are allowed to watch the shows in the Apple productions, such as iPhone, iPad, iTunes and the like. To watch the iTunes TV shows means you need to break the digital right management out of your TV shows product. And here I would like to recommend a tool which can easily remove the DRM from your TV shows files. That is TuneFab M4V Converter.

Part 1. Where's the Bright Spot?

• 100% output quality with 1080/720 HD Video files

TuneFab M4V Converter allows you to convert your TV shows into MP4 files with totally output quality in 1080/720 HD maintained. Thus, you are free from missing any details in your output files.

• Fast conversion speed with simple-operated-oriented interface

TuneFab M4V Converter understands your times is valuable so that it offers you transfer speed, reach up to 30X and easy-to-use interface. Therefore, you won't wait for long times for your conversion tasks finished.

• Select your favorite subtitles and audio tracks

You won't catch sight of lines of subtitles or listen to various soundtracks in your conversion files. And thus here you can select the one that you are fond of and compound it into output files for enjoying your TV shows better.

All the virtues of this program, you can watch the following movies for having intimate knowledge of it.

However, you may wonder how it can deal with the problem I faced with when I want to watch the iTunes TV shows on my Android device. Let's follow me and do it step by step you can perfect manage this puzzle.

Part 2. Watch iTunes TV Shows on Your Android SmartPhone

Step 1. Find your iTunes TV Shows

Download and install the TuneFab M4V converter and launch it on your computer. You can find the bottom of Add Files on the home page, and click it to find your TV shows.

Add iTunes M4V Videos

Step 2. Select your Subtitles and Audio 

After adding your TV shows in the main page, you can click the left bottom Settings to select your favorite audio and subtitles.

Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Step 3. Converting your files and transfer it to Android device

And now, you can click the bottom and start your conversion tasks. After waiting for moments, you can transfer it to your Android devices.

Convert iTunes M4V to MP4


1. With the Free Trial Version, you are allowed 5 minutes to convert your iTunes TV shows.

2. With the Free Trial Version of Windows, your iTunes Movies Rentals aren't allowed to convert. Wait for the updated version to overcome it.

With these three ways, you can watch your iTunes TV shows on Android Smartphone handily without any limitations. Enjoy your iTunes TV shows with this converter freely right here.

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