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Similarly to other music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music, Deezer also separates some exclusive features only available for its subscribers, like the HiFi audio quality, offline listening mode, ad-free experience, and so on. Therefore, this post will mainly concentrate on topics surrounding Deezer's plans. Before getting started with the services, the information contained here can be your reference on whether to select it or not. Now, please dive into reading.


How Much Do Deezer Plans Cost?

As mentioned above, Deezer enables both free and paid plans for audiences to select according to their personal budgets and music streaming experience. There are optimal pricing options delivered by Deezer for you to select by subscribing to any of them. First, please walk through the pricing chart here to take an overview of each plan type and the accessibility:

Deezer Plans Pricing Available Devices
Premium $11.99/month 3 devices
Student Discount $5.99/month 3 devices
Family $19.99/month 6 devices
Premium Annual $107.99/year 3 devices
Family Annual $218.99/year 6 devices

It is noted that Deezer doesn't contain any hidden cost guiding you to unlock more features after being its subscriber. Once the subscription is activated, you can access full music streaming functions in Deezer platform till it expires.

Deezer Free Plan VS Paid Plan: What Are the Differences

Definitely, Deezer has separated some accessible features, which will only be delivered to users subscribing to Deezer plans. Alternatively speaking, some functions will only be available after you become a subscriber of Deezer premium plans. Here are more details about these exclusive features included in a Deezer plan.

Ad-free Playback

For Deezer free users, you may notice that there will be some 30-second ads appearing during the transitions between two songs or playlists, which can affect your consistent music streaming experience. But by upgrading your account status to premium by subscribing to Deezer plans, this streaming obstacle will be immediately removed. For Deezer subscribers, ad-free playback is guaranteed as a basic feature, delivering a smoother experience without any interruption.

Audio Quality

HiFi audio is a representative feature delivered on Deezer only. It can bring even better music streaming quality than "lossless". For free users, you can only access the "Standard" audio quality delivering at 128Kbps. While for Deezer plans subscribers, the available music playback quality will be added to both the "High Quality" (320Kbps) and "High Fidelity" (1411Kbps) options. If you consider a versatile sound effect to stream Deezer Music, a subscription is needed.

Deezer HiFi Quality

On-demand Streaming

Another highlighted service that Deezer plans can bring refers to the on-demand music streaming controls. Like Spotify, free accounts of Deezer platform are not equipped with unlimited skips to control music playback in ways you like. You will be limited to skipping songs for only 6 times within an hour no matter streaming recommended daily playlists or personalized playlists. Only by paying for Deezer plans to activate the subscription, this restriction can be removed.

Offline Mode

The offline listening feature is also a special function oriented for Deezer plans subscribers. Users can download any Deezer track to stream offline in the official desktop clients or its mobile applications, and this function is not accessible by free users. When the subscription plan is activated, the download options will automatically be equipped to let you process Deezer Music downloads. Nevertheless, all Deezer downloads will only be available during the subscription period. Once you cancel the Deezer premium plans subscription, all songs kept in your offline library will be deleted. Only by renewing Deezer plans can you always access the downloaded Deezer tracks.

Are Deezer Plans Worthy of Paying?

To summarize, the Deezer premium version does offer a better music streaming experience, including ad-free and on-demand playback, High Fidelity audio quality, and also offline download mode, which can all facilitate a smoother, more convenient, and high-quality music playback experience on the platform. If you are also a music lover pursuing high-class streaming performance, definitely, subscribing to Deezer plans will bring you to start an amazing journey.

Can I Get Deezer Subscription Plans for Free?

Although Deezer plans cost a bit to subscribe, you still get opportunities to get Deezer trial for free. When Deezer has offered a free trial for new users, by signing up for a new account, you can typically get a one-month free trial (some regions may even get a three-month trial) to access Deezer premium services without any charge.

Despite this, sometimes Deezer will also cooperate with third-party websites or merchants to offer special giveaways as promotions. You are able to pay attention to Deezer’s official website or its social media platforms to learn the latest events and get Deezer premium for free. Before the next billing date comes, cancelling Deezer subscription in time can avoid causing extra expense!

How to Keep Deezer Library Offline Before Free Deezer Premium Plans Expire

Once you get Deezer premium for free, before they expire someday, you can take this chance to download Deezer Music for free as regular media files permanently without worrying about expiration. For such a purpose, TuneFab Deezer Music Converter offers the best assistance.

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter is embedded with Deezer's official music player, by logging in, you can access the full music database to process music download in no time. The program can bypass DRM encryption, and convert and download all Deezer playlists to MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC formats at HiFi quality for you. Once grabbing Deezer Music resources as DRM-free files, you can access them at any time, and the downloads will not be removed even if your Deezer premium subscription expires someday in the future.

👍 Sparkling Features of TuneFab Deezer Music Converter

• Support downloading all Deezer playlists to keep them offline permanently.
• Provide popular formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC to download Deezer Music offline.
• HiFi sound quality will be retained for every Deezer download to facilitate your offline music streaming experience.
• The batch download feature is equipped to increase productivity.
• Ultra-fast speed is ensured to process Deezer playlist download at 10X faster.
• Retain all ID3 tags accompanying music download at the same time.

In the following, please also follow the easy manipulation to download Deezer tracks before your free Deezer premium plan expires:

Step 1. Run TuneFab Deezer Music Converter after installing it well on the desktop. You need to enter the embedded web player to log in first.

Log in Deezer Music Player

Step 2. Browse and search for any Deezer track or playlist you’d like to save offline. Drag them to the Add button and import all songs to the Converting list.

Add Deezer Music to Convert

Step 3. Go to Menu >> Preferences >> Advanced to further configure parameters such as Format, SampleRate, and Bitrate.

Configure Output Parameters

Step 4. Eventually, click on the Download button to batch download Deezer playlists offline at 10X faster speed.

Download Deezer Music

Final Words

Deezer plans do offer a more advanced music streaming experience to you. If you are considering a smoother and high-quality experience playing Deezer tracks both online and offline, subscribing to Deezer plans is a rational option. Enjoy a better music journey from today!

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