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Audible Audiobooks vs. Google Play Audiobooks: Which One to Choose?

By Tony Moton

January 25, 2019

Audiobooks, also known for talking books, are recordings of text being read. When you do housework, play sports or go on a journey, you can listen to audiobooks for fun. But where to get adudiobooks? Audible should be the best choice which offers digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspaper. But Google Play store, a store sells about every media type, increased one more category: audiobooks, seeking to compete with Audible. Now, you may be confused about which one to choose, Audible audiobooks or Google play Audiobooks. To answer this question, we need to make a comprehensive comparison between them.

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#1. Audiobook Library

I think collection is the most important factor of choose which audiobook services, so I'd like to see how many audiobooks Audible and Google Play has as first.

Audible Audiobooks

Audible offers a list of best-selling audiobooks in US, complied by The New York Times. It boasts a large audiobook library with over 4000 thousand audiobooks titles. Under the categories menu of Audible, we can find 27 kinds of categories including Arts & Entertainment, Business, Comedy, Fiction, Sports, Travel & Adventure, etc. Besides, there are four kinds of categories in the categories list of New York Times, Hardcover Fiction, Hardcover Nonfiction, Paperback Fiction and Paperback Nonfiction. In a word, no matter how old you are, you can find your audiobooks that match your interests.

Google Play Audiobooks

Google doesn't announce how many audiobooks are available for listening on it. As Google just launched this new audiobook services this year, I guess now it doesn't want to be compared with other online audiobook sellers.

In terms of audiobook library, I think Audible Audiobooks is better than Google Play Audiobooks as Google Play Audiobooks doesn't share any information about its library while Audible has so many audioblooks. I believe in the future, both Google Play and Audible will make efforts to increase more and more audiobooks, we will see who's the better at that time.

#2. Price

How much you should you pay for the audiobooks? Which one offers a better price to readers? Let's find out.

Audible Audiobooks

To date, Audible provides five plans: Gold Monthly, Gold Annual, Platinum Monthly, Platinum Annual and Audible Channels. The major difference among them are shown in the table below.

Plan Name

Gold Monthly

Gold Annual

Platinum Monthly

Platinum Annual

Audible Channels








1 per month

12 per year

2 per month

24 per year


Credit Rollover Limit

5 credits maximum

6 credits maximum

10 credits maximum

12 credits maximum


30% Discount off Additional Audiobooks






To know more about the plans, you can go to the Help page of Audible to find information about these five plans.

Google Play Audiobooks

What about Google Play Audiobooks? In contrast, there is no membership plans in Google Play Audiobooks app. That means you can buy each audiobooks at its shelf price. As now Google Play Audiobooks is running a promotion, in order to let more readers know more about Google Play Audiobooks, Google decides to provide its readers with certain percentage of discount on purchasing audiobooks from it.

Referring to the price, I can say which one is better as Audible Audiobooks and Google Play Audiobooks take different approach on selling audiobooks. For those who would like to listen to various audiobooks, Audible Audiobooks is the better one, while for those who just want to buy several audiobooks in a whole year, then Google Play Audiobooks can be a better choice.

#3. Availability

After purchasing audiobooks, you may wonder that how to listen to these audiobooks and which devices can be available for enjoying these audiobooks. Well, so let's see which one is the better, Audible Audiobooks or Google Play Audiobooks.

Audible Audiobooks

Audible Audiobooks is compatible with iOS and Android system and audiobooks on Audible Audiobooks are available for hundreds of audio players, PDAs, mobile phones (including Apple iPhones, Android and Windows Phone devices) and streaming media devices. If your devices doesn't have AudibleAir capability, then you need to download the audiobooks on your Windows and Mac computer. If you want to enjoy Audible audiobooks on multiple devices, you can convert them to popular formats with TuneFab Apple Music Converter which is designed to remove DRM protection from Apple Music, iTunes purchased M4P songs and M4B audiobooks, and Audible AA/AAX audiobooks and convert them to multiple formats including MP3, AC3, M4A, etc.

Google Play Audiobooks

Comparing with Audible Audiobooks, Google Play Audiobooks allows users in 45 countries to play audiobooks purchased from the service on multiple platforms such as Google Assistant, Google's Home device and soon, Android Auto. Though Google Assistant are not available on iOS devices, Apple users can buy Google Play Audiobooks app on iTunes. What's more, Google Play Audiobooks are available in 9 languages.

In my opinion, Google Play Audiobooks gains an advantage over Audible Audiobooks in country availability and compatibility which are available in more countries and provides more languages.

#4. Return Policy

At last, I want to make a comparison between Audible Audiobooks and Google Play Audiobooks on their return policy.

Audible Audiobooks

If you are not satisfied with your audiobook purchased on Audible Audiobooks, you are allowed to return or exchange it in 365 days of the original purchase. It's very easy to do that, just go to your order history and click on the Return button. Then you'll get the credit or money back depending on how you purchased the audiobook.

Google Play Audiobooks

Actually, Google Play Audiobooks don't have a return policy like Audible but a policy called "All sales are final". Only when the audiobooks you purchased can't be loaded or run, then you'll get a refund.

There is no doubt Audible Audiobooks is the winner in the competition of return policy as Audible Audiobooks allow readers to exchange another audiobook for free as long as within 365 days of purchasing, while Google Play Audiobooks don't have similar policy.


I have compared Audible Audiobooks and Google Play Audiobooks in the aspects of Audiobook Library, price, availability and return policy. Basing on the comparison as shown above, I can say Audible Audiobooks is better than Google Play Audiobooks as of now. But I believe that Google will continue to improve Google Play Audiobooks, it's different to tell which one is the better in the future.

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