It would be fascinating to turn up the music while driving, no matter if you are heading to the office or on a road trip. Hence, for Apple Music users, building connections and playing Apple Music in the car has become a skill you desire to grasp.

Today, this blog will offer the full guide to teach you how to play Apple Music in the car without hassle. Simply take the appropriate method and start a nice journey with your favorite Apple Music tracks!


Play Apple Music in a Car with Apple CarPlay

For iOS users, the embedded CarPlay feature enables you to directly process the Apple Music playback on the car without hassle. With you successfully connecting your iOS device to the car radio, you are able to access all Apple Music subscription downloads in the car, and control the music streaming through Siri by voice. Here we guide you to the appropriate way to set up CarPlay for streaming Apple Music in the car with ease:

Step 1. Firstly, you should use a USB cable to connect your iOS device to the car radio through the provided USB port. Or you are able to build the connection through Bluetooth if your car supports it.

Step 2. Go to "Settings" to set up "CarPlay" on the iOS device. Then it will pair with the car radio and connect to it.

Step 3. Now, open the Music app, and select the playlist for playing songs. The music will be played through your car radio for streaming right away.

Use iOS CarPlay Function to Play Apple Music in the Car

Play Apple Music in a Car with Bluetooth

The traditional function equipped on most devices, Bluetooth, is also workable to help play Apple Music in the car without going through complicated processes. If both your device and the car radio offer the Bluetooth feature, build up the connection through it and you are able to enjoy Apple Music playback in the car without hassle. Now, grasp the way to process it:

Step 1. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on both your mobile device and the car radio.

Step 2. Awake the mobile device and check the Bluetooth device detection list to find your car radio and select to connect.

Step 3. Once the connection is built, launch the Music app and select the Apple Music tracks to stream directly.

How to Play Apple Music in Car Using Bluetooth

Play Apple Music in a Car with USB Drive

If your car models are a bit older, without a modern wireless syncing feature to enable Apple Music playback directly, it is possible for you to pre-download Apple Music tracks and move them to a USB drive to insert them into the car radio for streaming offline. Hence, to download music from Apple Music offline first, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is able to help.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter provides a powerful music download function to help grasp Apple Music albums offline in batch to mainstream media files in MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC for streaming and preserving offline without limitations. When you save the tracks in DRM-free status, you are available to transfer them to a USB drive, then insert it to stream in your car without connecting to your devices or network anymore. As TuneFab Apple Music Converter will keep the original Apple Music lossless quality, so you are sure to enjoy the best music streaming experience in car and have a nice road trip.

Highlighted Features of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

● Integration with Apple Music web player to process music download directly;
● Mainstream formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC options are supported to export Apple Music tracks offline;
● Original quality guaranteed to ensure the best music streaming experience locally;
● Preservation of full ID3 info for easier music collection managing offline;
● Batch download feature with a speedy performance at 5X faster speed;
● 100% secure in-app environment without adware, malware, or virus.

Now, read on to find out how to use TuneFab Apple Music Converter to save Apple Music and download it to a USB drive so you can play it in the car.

Step 1. Once installing TuneFab Apple Music Converter on your device, launch the software and enter the integrated Apple Music web player to log in via your Apple ID.

Sign in Apple Music Web Palyer

Step 2. After processing the login, you are able to search for the Apple Music albums for downloading to play offline in the car as you like. Simply drag them to the floating "+" icon to import them to the converting list once accessing the playlists.

Drag Music to Convert

Step 3. Then, navigate to "Menu" > "Preferences" > "Advanced" for customizing the output settings, such as the format, sample rate, and bitrate to save the Apple Music downloads. Remember to hit the "Save" icon to apply the changes.

Advanced Settings AMC New

Step 4. Now, tap the "Convert All" button to process the Apple Music download right away. TuneFab Apple Music Converter will complete the conversion for you within a short period for you.

Converting Apple Music to MP3 AMC NEW

Step 5. Once accessing the downloaded tracks, now simply insert your USB drive into the computer and drag the songs to it to save. Then you are available to put it in the car to play the downloaded Apple Music tracks to enjoy while driving flexibly!

Insert USB to Play Apple Music in the Car

Play Apple Music in a Car with Auxiliary Input

Instead of using USB to connect your device and the car stereo to play Apple Music, if you discover that you car also provides the auxiliary jack, you are able to process the music streaming through auxiliary outputs without hassle. Here is the brief guide you can follow to process the playback:

STEP 1. Use a cable to connect both your device and the car stereo through the AUX port.

STEP 2. Hit the AUX option provided on the car stereo, then you will be able to select launching the Apple Music app.

STEP 3. Choose the song for playing in the car without hassle now.

Play Apple Music in the Car Using Auxillary Input

Play Apple Music in a Car with FM Transmitter

If you consider playing Apple Music in the car with better audio quality, the FM Transmitter device is able to deliver you an easy help. When you are not able to use the embedded connection feature such as CarPlay or Android Auto, getting an FM Transmitter is also possible to see Apple Music streaming on your car stereo. Now, you are able to grasp how it works:

STEP 1. Once you get the FM Transmitter device, insert it into the car stereo through Bluetooth or use a USB cable.

STEP 2. Select a radio frequency on FM Transmitter, then you are able to tune your radio to the same setting as well.

STEP 3. Once the frequency matches, launch the Music app on your mobile phone, then you are able to play the track or playlist on the preset FM frequently in the car successfully.

Play Apple Music in the Car Using FM Transmitter

Play Apple Music in a Car with Android Auto

Like the CarPlay feature provided for iOS devices, Android users are available to use the embedded Android Auto functionality to stream Apple Music in the car directly without extra help. Once connecting your Android device to the car system through Android Auto, you are also able to control the playback in a more flexible way. Here guides you on how to set up Android Auto for directly streaming Apple Music tracks in the car:

STEP 1. Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the car system.

STEP 2. You are required to follow the on-screen instructions to set up the connection for the first time.

STEP 3. Now, from the car display, select "Android Auto" and get started with the services provided through this feature.

STEP 4. Find the Apple Music app from the car display, then choose any song to get started streaming in the car to enjoy while driving.

Use Android Auto to Play Apple Music in the car

Burn Apple Music to a CD

Once you download Apple Music tracks onto the computer through TuneFab Apple Music Converter, instead of using the USB drive, you are also possible to burn the tracks to CD for inserting to play in the car. The only software you will require is the free Windows Media Player. The following guide will show you how to transfer Apple Music downloads to a CD and play in the car with ease:

STEP 1. Insert the black CD into your computer and open Windows Media Player.

STEP 2. Go to "Organize" > "Manage Libraries" > "Music" to add the Apple Music tracks to the software.

STEP 3. Now, open the "Burn" tab from the right panel and choose the imported Apple Music songs from the burning list.

STEP 4. Select the output setting from "Menu" as "Audio CD". Then simply start burning by clicking the "Start Burn" icon, then the Apple Music songs will be added to CD immediately.

Burn Apple Music Downloads to CD to Play in Car

Once the burning process completes, you are able to take the CD disc to the car and insert for streaming while driving without hassle!


To play Apple Music in the car, there are 7 ways you are able to try processing enjoyable music streaming while driving on the road. Simply select the most convenient method to start your journey with the music you like from today!

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