Despite streaming YouTube Music online, sometimes you probably desire to keep your favorite songs on portable devices like a USB drive, so that you can save your device storage and even bring YouTube Music downloads to play elsewhere with ease, like on televisions or in a car.

Hence, today's blog will mainly focus on guiding you on how to download music from YouTube to USB. If you have no idea how to save music from YouTube to USB, keep reading and grasp all ways (including the professional software, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter) to do it with ease!


Can You Download Music from YouTube to USB Directly?

Unfortunately, directly downloading music from YouTube to USB is not possible, as YouTube Music also adopts Digital Rights Management (so-called DRM in short) like other streaming platforms to protect streaming media content released on it. Despite YouTube Premium offering a paid subscription with extra services, including music download, it doesn't allow direct downloads to USB, since it doesn't eliminate the download limits as follows:

Play within YouTube Music app only: YouTube Music downloads are only available to stream offline within the official YouTube app installed on mobile devices.
● Can't transfer downloads to other devices: Although there will be copies of the downloads stored on your devices, you can't play or move them to other programs or devices to play.
● Can't access downloads when the subscription ends: When your YouTube Premium subscription expires, unless you keep renewing it, all YouTube Music downloads will be deleted in no time.

As you can learn from this part, because of DRM encryption, it seems impossible to directly download YouTube Music to USB. To realize this, removing DRM is a must, which will also need help from an extra YouTube Music Converter to USB. Next, let's also grasp who can help.

Part 1. How to Download YouTube Music for Free on Laptop/Macbook

Oriented for the YouTube Music streaming platform, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter provides the professional ability to bypass the sophisticated YouTube Music DRM encryption and decode it, helping to extract audio and download music from YouTube Music to MP3, M4A, and more regular formats. Additionally, you are allowed to download YouTube music videos as MP4 files, too.

The program will maintain lossless YouTube Music quality, with up to 320kbps and HD quality selections to output YouTube Music downloads for you. Once you get YouTube Music tracks as DRM-free local files, you can directly import them to your USB drive and stream them on any device later on.

Key Features of TuneFab YouTube Music Converter:

● Built-in web player available: Embedded with the official streaming web player to select any song or playlist to download offline and transfer to USB without installing the YouTube Music app at all.
● Output parameters personalization: Customized parameter settings are available to keep YouTube Music downloads offline in your desired format and quality losslessly.
● Keep ID3 information for you: Preserve full ID3 information such as titles, artists, etc for all YouTube Music downloads to ensure easier music management after getting bulky downloads offline.
● Batch download at 10X faster: Equipped with advanced acceleration techniques to speed up the batch YouTube Music playlists download process to 10X faster.

Next, please also walk through the manipulation guide and see how to remove YouTube Music DRM to download music from YouTube to USB via TuneFab YouTube Music Converter. There are only several very simple procedures that need to be followed.

Step 1. Open YouTube Music Web Player in TuneFab

First, please install the program on your computers. It is recommended to experience the free trial for the first time before determining to subscribe to TuneFab YouTube Music Converter.

Once launch the well-installed software, directly click on the Open the YouTube Music web player on its main interface to skip the tutorial page and enter the built-in YouTube Music web player.

Open YouTube Music Web Player

Step 2. Add YouTube Music from Web Player

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter doesn't force you to log in to your account to utilize its download function. So in the built-in web player, you can directly browse the songs or playlists you wish to download to USB. Subsequently, simply drag them to the Add button aside.

Import YouTube Music Songs and Playlists to Conversion Queue

Step 3. Configure Output Parameters

Next, please turn to Menu >> Preferences to further determine the parameters to export all YouTube Music songs. In the Advanced module, you can select the output format as well as quality for both video and audio in your preferences.

Customize Parameters to Download YouTube Music Songs

Step 4. Remove DRM and Download Music from YouTube Music

Eventually, please tap the Convert All button to initiate the music download in no time. The program will batch-process them for you. Just wait for a moment, then the downloaded YouTube Music songs can be exported in your selected format as well as quality in DRM-free status. You can access them under the Finished module and click on the View Output File button to open the output destination folder.

Remove DRM and Download YouTube Music As Audio Files

Note: TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter is finally released! It can convert music to drm-free MP3/WAV/M4A/FLAC from 6 music streaming platforms, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. If you are looking for a comprehesive tool, don't hesitate to give a whirl!

Part 2. How to Download Music from YouTube Music Online

If you desire a hassle-free method to download music from YouTube, and then move the music files to a USB drive for keeping, selecting an online YouTube Music downloader is also a good idea. YTMP3 offers pretty easy-to-grasp functionality, enabling you to convert YouTube Music to MP3 and then download songs directly to your desktops or mobile phones. More importantly, YTMP3 is completely free to use! You will not cost a penny but directly grasp YouTube Music downloads as DRM-free music files in good quality offline.

NOTE: However, as YTMP3 doesn't support the batch download feature, and its music download quality can't reach the best status at all, if you desire a more efficient and high-quality way to download music from YouTube, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter is still the best YouTube Music downloader you are recommended to try.

Now, also grasp the way to download music from YouTube using this online tool for later transfer to a USB drive for free:

Step 1. In a web browser, go to the YTMP3 website.

Step 2. You can paste the YouTube Music URL to the bar, or directly type in keywords to search the song you desire to download offline.

Step 3. Simply hit the Download button to download music from YouTube as a local audio file offline right away.

YTMP3 Download Music from YouTube to USB

Part 3. How to Save YouTube Music Downloads to USB Drive

After going through the former two methods to download YouTube Music offline, now you need to transfer these downloads to a USB stick. Based on the different device systems you are using, follow the guide below to move downloaded YouTube Music files to a USB stick or a USB pen drive right away.

On Windows

Step 1. Insert the USB stick to your desktop, and then open File Explorer.

Step 2. Navigate to the folder where you save the downloaded YouTube Music files.

Step 3. Highlight all files you desire to transfer to USB, then right-click on them and select Send To. Tap the detected USB stick and it will be moved to its folder for preservation.

Save YouTube Music to USB on Windows

On Mac

Step 1. For Mac users, you probably need to prepare an adapter and insert the USB flash drive to let your computer detect it first.

Step 2. In Finder, access the downloaded YouTube Music files you have prepared to transfer to USB.

Step 3. Directly highlight them and drag them to the detected USB drive on the left panel to complete the file transfer.

Transfer YouTube Music to USB on Mac

FAQs About How to Download Music from YouTube to USB

Q1: How Can I Download Music from YouTube Directly?

A: Instead of directly processing music downloads within the USB hard drive, you can select it as the output folder while processing YouTube Music downloads (like in TuneFab YouTube Music Converter, you can switch the output folder to another destination according to your requirements flexibly). In this way, the music downloads will automatically be saved to your USB stick directly!

Q2: What is the Best YouTube Music Converter to USB?

A: To select the "best" YouTube Music converter to USB, you should consider the following aspects:

● Security: Whether the converter is staying away from messy ads or bundled malware, adware provides you with safe services.
● Efficiency: whether you need to spend a long time processing YouTube Music downloads with it.
● High quality: whether the output quality of YouTube Music downloads can satisfy your needs in offline music streaming.

There may be more qualifications different users would consider while selecting the best YouTube Music to USB converter, but the above ones are the very basic ones you should pay attention to. By comparison, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter is the most out-performing one with high quality, accelerated performance, and a 100% secure in-app environment to bring you the best YouTube Music download experience.


To conclude, this blog has introduced two helpful methods guiding you on how to download music from YouTube to USB for you. Compared with the online option, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter brings stabler and more efficient, high-quality functionality to download YouTube Music offline, helping you to move the offline music files to a USB drive without any limitations. Now, just give it a try!

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