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"How to connect Spotify to Xbox 360?"

Since there is no Spotify app on Xbox 360, lots of game players or Spotify lovers keep seeking the way to get Spotify playable on Xbox 360. To get Spotify Music on Xbox 360, we have worked out this solution: download music from Spotify to MP3 with Spotify Music downloader and then transfer Spotify Music from PC to Xbox 360 to make it. Curious about how to make it? Keep reading this post and you can make it like a piece of cake.

Tool Required: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Since it is hard for Spotify Premium and Spotify Free users directly download music from Spotify, you can use some Spotify Music Converter to make it. And TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is such a tool for you. You can learn the main features below.

Main Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

#1 Download music from Spotify Playlists, Spotify Albums, Spotify Single tracks to various music formats.

#2 Multiple music formats are optional, such as MP3, WAV, M4A and more.

#3 Adjust the music parameter supported: bitrate(reach up to 320kbps) and sample rate(reach up to 44100hz).

#4 Speed up conversion speed, reach up to 5X conversion speed.

#5 Sort output folder according to your needs: Albums, Artists, Artists/Album.

#6 Fully compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and macOS 10.9 to 10.15.

#7 Easy to operate with a simple and user-friendly user main interface.

Full Tutorial: How to Get Spotify Music on Xbox 360

Step 1. Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Hit to Try It Free button above and then install the Spotify Music Converter. After the whole installation, run it on your Windows PC or macOS system.

Spotify Music Converter Main Interface

Step 2. Add Spotify Music to Converter

Manually selected the Add Files on the main interface of the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to enter add files mode.

Here you have got 2 methods of adding Spotify Music:

Method 1. Copy the Spotify Music URL

Enter Spotify desktop client, find out the music that you want to enjoy on Xbox 360 and then click right and then Share to Copy Album Link and then back to Spotify Music Converter to paste the URL to load Spotify Music for getting ready to convert.

Add Spotify Music Link

Method 2. Drag & Drop Spotify Music

Go to Spotify Music's main interface, choose the music that you want to play on Xbox 360 and then drop them onto the Converter. After all the music is successfully loaded onto the converter, then hit Add to confirm the music added.

Add Spotify Music to Converter

Step 3. Choose Output Parameters and Folders

After adding music to the converter, hit Options to enter the preference settings page.

Hit Advanced to enter the output format. There are 4 commonly used audio formats: MP3, M4A, FLAC and WAV. Along with output format, you are able to choose the sample rate and bitrate as per your need.

Choose Spotify Music format

Back to General, you are allowed to choose the output folder as your will, such as sort output files into folders according to Artists, Album, Artists/Albums.

Set Music Folders

Step 4. Download Music from Spotify to MP3

Now, hit Convert to get music from Spotify. Waiting for a while, then you can get the desired music from your desired output folder.

Convert Spotify Music

Step 5. Transfer Spotify Music to Xbox 360

Now you are almost done here. Just insert USB drive to your computer and drag the music to your USB drive for getting ready for music transfer. When the whole music transfer is done, eject USB cable and insert USB to Xbox 360 USB port then you can get Spotify playable on Xbox 360.

Transfer Spotify Music to USB Drive

That's all for today on how to get Spotify Music on Xbox one. If you meet with some problem on how to using TuneFab Spotify Music Converter or how to get Spotify Music to Xbox one, please contact us. If you think it helpful for your friends, share it with your friends. Enjoy your incredible Spotify music experience here. See you next time.

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