Many music lovers use Spotify to stream their favorite songs, but now there are other better music streaming platforms providing similar functions. Tidal is one of the strongest alternatives, as it claims more songs and can provide higher sound quality. 

Given the fact that Tidal now provides a massive number of lossless audio and video content, you may want to switch your music streaming platform from Spotify to Tidal. If so, you need to pay attention to this article, we are going to tell you the best solution on how to transfer Spotify playlists to Tidal.

Spotify V.S. Tidal


Spotify vs. Tidal: What's the Difference?

We all know that Spotify and Tidal both provide music streaming services for music lovers. However, you must want to know what are the differences between Spotify and Tidal before you decide to switch your music streaming platform. No worries! We have made a brief comparison for you.

  Spotify Tidal
Music Library over 70 million titles over 80 million titles
Music Quality For Free Tier - 96kbps/160kbps For Premium Tier - 320kbps For High Tier - 320kbps
HiFi Tier - 44.1kHz/16bit
Master Quality Audio -96kHz/24bit
Streaming Content Enables personalized playlists; 'Discover Weekly' feature to discover new music
Enables personalized playlists;
'Tidal Rising' feature to discover new music
Social Media Features Strong social media sharing functions Focus more on music streaming itself
Pricing Free Tier
Premium $9.99 Per Month
Free Tier
HiFi $9.99 Per Month
HiFi Plus $19.99 Per Month
Supporting Systems Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Linux Windows, OS X, iOS, Android
Exclusives over 4 million podcasts TIDAL X

As you can see, both Spotify and Tidal have their own advantages. But Tidal indeed is better than Spotify in some aspects, for it can provide higher sound quality, and it has a larger music library.

So, you may want to switch your music streaming platform from Spotify to Tidal. But of course, it takes time to rebuild your playlists. The best way will be to transfer your Spotify playlists to Tidal so that you can smoothly switch your music streaming platform.

Back to the question then, how to transfer your Spotify playlists to Tidal?

Can I Transfer Spotify Playlist to Tidal Directly?

To some degree, the answer is YES. You can take advantage of some online music converters to sync Spotify playlists to Tidal. But actually, it works because it just matches the same audio content on Spotify and Tidal. It fails once you want to transfer music that is available on Spotify only.

Also, as it just automatically matches the same content on two platforms, it makes mistakes from time to time, especially when it comes to covers and remixes. For example, the online music converter may detect a cover instead of the original song on Spotify and sync it to Tidal.

How to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Tidal with Turn My Music Online Converter

TunemyMusic Logo

You can use TuneMyMusic to sync Spotify playlists to Tidal easily. It works not only on transferring Spotify playlists to Tidal or vice versa. TuneMyMusic also supports transferring playlists between online music streaming services including Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Pandora and so on. The transfer process is simple as follows:

Step 1. Go to TuneMyMusic official website, and click the Let's Start button.

Step 2. Find the Spotify banner on the Select The Source page, and tap on it. Log in with your Spotify account.

Step 3. Paste the Spotify playlist URLs that you need to convert to the search box. 

Step 4. Click Next: Select Destination, find Tidal and choose it as your destination. Log in with your Tidal account.

Step 5. Select songs you want to transfer from Spotify to Tidal from the playlists. Click on Start Moving My Music to sync your Spotify playlists to Tidal.

Tips: You can transfer as many as 500 songs from Spotify to Tidal for free. If you want to transfer more songs or with higher sound quality, you can subscribe to it for $9.99 per month.

Alternative to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Tidal with TuneFab

Although you can transfer your Spotify playlists to Tidal or other streaming platforms, in fact, you didn't actually download the music files. As Spotify Premium subscribers can download playlists for offline playback within the app, Spotify Free users can only listen to their favorite songs online.

That means if you are a Free Spotify user, you can not download any songs from it. If you switch music streaming platforms, chances are some music is only available on Spotify and you can no longer listen to them.

Thus, we recommend you use a reliable third-party tool to download your Spotify playlists, keep them on your local devices, and then you can listen to them at any time, anywhere. You are then free to upload them to your Spotify and use an online converter like TuneMyMusic to transfer your uploaded Spotify playlists to Tidal.

The TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will be our best recommendation. It is a reliable, and efficient Spotify music converter that can remove restrictions and DRM protections from Spotify, allowing Spotify Free users to download desired music content, and save them to MP3/M4A/FLAC/WAV audio files.

Key Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

● Supports downloading Spotify audio content, including songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts;
● Supports batch conversion and up to 5X faster speed, while keeping high sound quality, up to 320kbps.
● Preserves ID3 tags and other information for better management.
● Keep downloading Spotify music on your local devices permanently for convenient offline playback.

Download Spotify Playlist Without Premium via TuneFab

The process of downloading Spotify Playlists via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Download, install and launch TuneFab Music Converter

A built-in Spotify web player makes downloading easier. When you launch the app, the LOG IN button is in the upper-right corner. Click to log in. No Premium subscriber account is needed.

TuneFab Log In with Spotify Account

Step 2. Select your desired Spotify playlists for conversion.

Search songs/playlistgs you want to download. You can choose which songs/playlists/albums you want to download from your existing playlists. Drag and drop to the green "+" icon to add them to the Converting page.

TuneFab Select Desire Spotify Playlists For Conversion

Step 3 Confirm Output Format and other settings.

You can choose the output audio format from the upper-right Convert all files to menu, or choose one by one from the Output Format menu next to each song. You can choose to convert them to MP3/M4A/WAV/FLAC. Here we suggest you choose FLAC formats because Tidal supports this audio format.

Note: From the Preference Settings, you can set up the default output formats, Sample Rate and Bitrate.

Click on Convert All, and the batch conversion mode will be on. Or click on the Convert button to convert each song.

TuneFab Confirm Output Format

Step 4 Find the downloaded songs in the Finished tab.

Tap View Output Files to locate the downloaded files. You can listen to them on any music player you want.

TuneFab Finished Conversion

Upload Downloaded Playlist to Spotify

Step 1. Launch Spotify desktop software, click on the downward arrow icon and tap Settings.

Step 2. Scroll down to find Local Files, and then press the button to enable the Show Local Files function.

Spotify Show Local Files

Tips: Spotify automatically detects music files from iTunes, Downloads, and My Music folder. If you want to import songs from CDs or other sources, click on Add A Source to import your selected local files.

Step 3. Under the Your Library section, choose Local Files and you can check all titles you have imported to Spotify.

Spotify Local Files

Transfer Spotify Playlist to Tidal Online

Now that you have uploaded local playlists to Spotify, you can use TuneMyMusic to transfer your new Spotify Playlists to Tidal.

FAQs about Transfering Spotify Playlist to Tidal

How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Tidal for Free?

TuneMyMusic only allows free users to transfer within 500 songs. But you can use FreeYourMusic to transfer Spotify playlists to Tidal for free. It is available on PC/Mac as well as on iOS/Android phones. But you need to download the FreeYouMusic app.

FreeYourMusic App Main Interface

Step 1. Download FreeYourMusic ap, launch it, and choose Spotify as a source.

Step 2. Select Tidal as your destination.

Step 3. Select the playlists you want to transfer.

Step 4. Confirm and start to transfer.

Can I Transfer Tidal Playlist to Spotify?

Of course. You can use TuneMyMusic or Soundiiz to transfer Tidal Playlists to Spotify at the same steps introduced above.


If you want to switch your music-streaming platform but would like to keep your Spotify playlists, use online converters to transfer Spotify playlists to Tidal. Among them, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter enables you to download Spotify music and keep them on your local devices even without a Spotify Premium subscription. You can keep the music files as long as you want. Then, just upload them to Spotify and you can transfer the newest playlist to Tidal via an online converter.

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