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For those who like to listen to a lot of songs on multiple music services, have you ever wondered is it possible to easily explore your listening history, discover new music and find friends with the same music taste on one app or software?

If so, then you can't miss which is compatible with Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and other services. That means with, you can scrobble any songs you listen to on Spotify and other music services from any devices to

Next up, let's know more about and walk through the step-by-step guide for scrobbling Spotify music to


Part 1. What Is

As the largest online music service that learns what you love, enables music fans to:

1. Create their own profiles which indicate their listening habit;

2. Track songs that they have listened to on their music services (which is referred to as scrobbling);

3. Get their own music charts and new music recommendations and meet their musical soulmates;

4. Discuss their favorite artists, albums, the latest obscure genre and so on.

Among the features of, scrobbling is the greatest advantage. The scrobble function means to keep track of every songs you've played on music services like Spotify from any devices with Only by integrating Spotify account with account, you can easily enjoy Spotify and at the same time.

Home Page of

Part 2. How to Scrobble Spotify music to

Step 1. Join or Log in

If you don't have a account, then you need to create a account at first:

Click on "Join" on the top right of interface, then enter your "Username", "Email" and "Password" and click on "Create my account" button on the bottom.

After that, you are prompted to verify your email address by clicking on the link on an e-mail sent by


For those who have joined before, you need to:

Click on "Login" on the top right of interface, then enter "Username" and "Password" and click on "Let me in!" button to log in

Log in

Step 2. Allow Access to Spotify Account

Put your mouse on your profile image on the top right corner and then click on "Settings" option from the pop-up list.

Go to Settings Interface

After that, go to "Applications" on the top of the settings menu and click on "Connect" button next to "Spotify Scrobbling" option. Finally, click on "Agree" button.

Scrobble Spotify to

Alternatively, you can go to the bottom of the page and click on "Track My Music" under "HELP" menu, then scroll down to find "Spotify" logo and click on "Connect" button under "Spotify" logo.

When you see a pop-up window indicating that "You're all set!", that means you connect Spotify to successfully.

Connect to Spotify Account

Now, you are free to explore your listening history and build your music collection on When you want to disconnect Spotify and, go to "Settings" page and click on "Disconnect" next to "Spotify Scrobbling" option.

Part 3. Pros and Cons of Scrobbling Spotify to

Next up, let's analyze pros and cons of integration of Spotify with, so that you can make a good decision whether to scrobble Spotify to

Pros: Except the above-mentioned main features that already provides, also in characterized by features as below.

  1. Local Spotify tracks can be added to, and all your tracks will be shown in a single interface. However, to be fair, this feature is not as reliable as the Google Play Music offering.

  2. enables you to download Spotify songs for offline listening and can scrobble the last 50 songs that you've played offline when you connect Wi-Fi network or cellular data again.

  3. If you want to suspend scrobbling function, then you can start a Private Session. The Private Session can help parents whose data are full of kids' songs and podcasts.

Cons: Though provides so many useful features, it does have some disadvantages.

  1. If you put great attention to your privacy, then you should take good consideration before scrobbling Spotify to, because is owned by CBS Interactive, a big entertainment company, which means your entire listening history might be used for other purposes by CBS Interactive without your knowledge.

  2. might not be a necessary option for everyone, especially for those who usually find new music by a Spotify's music discovery tool. Moreover, some of you might not want to see the music you listened to a long time ago when you launch

  3. The biggest disadvantage of is security. You should be aware that a serious data breach of occurs in 2012, wherein 45 million accounts were compromised.


In conclusion, is a good option for scrobbling everything you listen to on Spotify though it should be more concern about the privacy and security of users. Except, you can also choose alternatives for scrobbling Spotify such as Universal Scrobbler, Open Scrobbler and Vinyl Scrobbler.

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