We can't deny that Apple Watch has influenced our daily entertainment activities deeply. It is flexible when people use it to listen to music. Or play iTunes or Audible audiobooks on Apple Watch. That is why so many Apple Watch music apps have been released for catching up with this new music trend. Still looking for Apple Watch Music apps to suit your taste? This article is going to list the 2017 hot and popular apps for Apple Watch in detail. I believe that they are truly useful to what you need.

Popular Music Apps for Apple Watch of 2017

1. Pandora Radio

This outstanding music app is highly praised by Apple Watch users. You are allowed to scroll through your list of stations or create a new station with the assistance of Siri on your watch. On Now Playing screen, the current track can play, pause, skip or thumb up anytime. Just start with an artist, song, or genre to create a personalized station, you can put music world into your Apple Watch.

Pandora Radio App on Apple Watch

2. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn brings not only music you love but also live news, radio, sports, podcasts, and audiobooks. It provides more than 100,000 radio stations for you to select freely. Recording your favorite songs is allowed so that you are able to listen to music anytime. When using this music app on Apple Watch, you can jump to recent and related stations, pause and skip contents, follow stations and shows an easy touch.

TuneIn Radio App on Apple Watch

3. iHeartRadio

This is a free app that collects unlimited music, thousands of radio stations and podcasts for listening news, talks and comedies, etc. Most importantly, iHeartRadio includes a library of million Sof songs covering genres like Country, Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Hock, Alternative and more. So you can create personalized music station based on your favorite artists and genres. Download music app of iHeartRadio is a good choice if you want to listen to various content through Apple Watch.

iHeartRadio App on Apple Watch

4. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the world's largest lyrics catalog, giving you synchronized song lyrics with multilingual translations for all your music. It enables you to connect your Spotify or Apple Music account to get synced lyrics. If you want to learn new languages by listening to music, this app is a great choice for you because it has a line by line lyrics translation of songs. With a simple tap on your Apple Watch, you can instantly identify any song.

Musixmatch App on Apple Watch

5. SoundHound

With SoundHound on your Apple Watch, you are able to change a way of searching and discovering music on Apple Watch. If you have a song stuck in your mind, just sing or hum the tune and the app will help you identify the song easily. It is built with natural language understanding, so speak like you would with a friend. A built-in YouTube player can playback songs and view lyrics you discover. Try it and you'll start a brand new journey.

SoundhHound App on Apple Watch

With so many powerful Apple Watch music apps, I'm sure you can't wait to have a try. Connecting Apple Watch to Bluetooth headphone, you can listen to music with these amazing music apps now. Bind wonderful music world on your wrist and let your heart beat as musical notes flowing.

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