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Deezer takes advantage of HiFi service, which allows you to explore and enjoy a wide range of crystal clear FLAC music content. However, you will have to pay $14.99 for this per month. This means only paid accounts have the ability to stream FLAC music.

Hence, is there another way to download Deezer music to FLAC without subscription fees, or allow you to listen on any devices offline permanently? Definitely, with the help of a third-party Deezer FLAC downloader, you can easily download Deezer music as FLAC local files for offline playback.

In this article, we are going to discuss these 2 workable ways of downloading FLAC music from Deezer. Just read on!


Way 1. Download FLAC Music from Deezer Directly

As one of the biggest music streaming services, Deezer delivers over 52 million lossless FLAC-based audio tracks that are compatible with most devices to let you completely obsessed with sound. Either Deezer Premium or Deezer Family account gives you access to stream millions of music in FLAC quality, creating an immersive audio experience.

However, once you cancel your premium or family subscription, you are no longer eligible for Deezer FLAC. If you want to keep the Deezer FLAC songs as local files even after the subscription ends, try Method 2 in this article. For active Deezer premium users, check out the below steps to download FLAC music from Deezer.

How to Set up Your High-Fidelity Audio Quality

First, you need to change High Fidelity settings and FLAC download settings. You can check out the following steps.

For Android and iOS users
1. Go to "Settings" and choose "Audio".
2. Find "Streaming quality" and "Download", and then adjust your audio quality according to your wish.

For desktop users
1. Tap on the "Audio" icon in the bottom right corner of the player
2. Set up the audio speed during playback (Note: Download settings can not be modified on desktop).

How to Download FLAC Songs from Deezer

Once you have set up the High Fidelity settings, you are ready to download FLAC music on Deezer. Just refer to the below steps to get Deezer FLAC songs downloaded.

Step 1. Launch Deezer and go to "Favorites".

Step 2. Find your your wanted Deezer song/album/playlist.

Step 3. On your iOS/Android Deezer, click the download icon. On your desktop Deezer, just toggle on the "Download" button.

Download FLAC Music from Deezer

Then Deezer will start to download FLAC music. But it should be noted that all the downloaded FLAC tracks are only playable within Deezer itself, which means a built-in the Deezer app is required regardless of the device you want to stream from. To get rid of this limitation, getting help from a dedicated Deezer FLAC downloader is recommended.

Way 2. Download Deezer Music as FLAC Files with Deezer FLAC Downloader

To break the restrictions on Deezer Music, the best solution is to rely on a professional Deezer FLAC downloader to download Deezer songs as common FLAC files so that you can play them anywhere anytime, even with a free subscription.

When it comes to having Deezer music as FLAC files for offline entertainment, TuneFab Deezer Music Converter is the exact tool to help you. With it, you are able to download songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts from Deezer to FLAC or other common formats freely. And you can enjoy lossless music offline endlessly on any of your devices, no matter whether you are a Premium subscriber or a Free user.

What's more, this Deezer FLAC downloader has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface that enables you to get Deezer music downloads simply by drag-and-drop support within a built-in Deezer web player.

Main Features of TuneFab Deezer Music Converter

● Download Deezer songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts to FLAC.
● Support 4 output format options: MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC.
● Strip DRM from Deezer music for unlimited offline listening.
● Perform 5X converting speed for the fastest downloads.
● Customize the output audio parameters: sample rate and audio bit rate.
● Preserve the original ID3 tags automatically, including title, year, genre, cover, etc.

Now that you know the basic functions of the TuneFab Deezer Music Converter, you might be wondering how it works. Actually, the steps to download music from Deezer in FLAC with this Deezer FLAC downloader are extremely simple. Let's walk you through the steps below:

Step 1. Log in with Your Deezer Account

Install and launch TuneFab Deezer Music Converter, and then log in with your Deezer account (premium or free). This will automatically sync your entire music library like playlists, albums, artists, podcasts, and much more.

Enter Deezer Account

Step 2. Add Deezer Songs

Type the music you want into the search box or go straight into your music library if you have added the songs you want to download to it. Drag and drop an individual song or the entire playlist or album directly onto + zone.

Drag Deezer Music to Converter

NOTE: If it is necessary for you to tailor the output parameters, go to Preferences on the top menu bar. Under the Advanced option, you can select the output format, sample rate, and bit-rate, while under the General option, you can choose where you want to save the converted files.

Addvanced Setting Deezer

Step 3. Start Downloading Deezer Music to FLAC

Make sure that you have set FLAC as the output format, but it all depends on your requirements. Then, choose Select All and hit Convert All to start converting Deezer tracks to FLAC.

Choose Output Format Deezer

After completing the conversion, the downloaded Deezer FLAC files can be viewed by clicking View Output File from the file bar under the Finished section. Now you can transfer Deezer FLAC songs anywhere and indulge yourself in an infinite world of music.

Finish Converting Deezer Music


Overall, there are 2 viable ways to download FLAC music from Deezer. For active Deezer premium subscribers, directly downloading Deezer songs in FLAC quality is within reach. But you don't really own Deezer Music songs even if you pay $14.99 a month. This is because the company has enabled DRM protection so the music is only accessible to the devices running Deezer Music app.

But thanks to TuneFab Deezer Music Converter, a powerful Deezer FLAC downloader, both premium users and free users can download the music from Deezer in FLAC and other universally-used formats so that you can move Deezer songs to your phone, tablet, or computer instantly for boundless streaming offline. That's why we strongly recommend TuneFab Deezer Music Converter. It provides the most efficient and hassle-free solution for Deezer FLAC Music download.

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