Listening to audiobooks on iPhone has become a trend for many people. They enjoy listening to audiobooks while they are doing sports, waiting for buses, etc. When you get a new iPhone, such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, you want to transfer the audiobooks you have purchased on iTunes Store to your new-purchased iPhone. How to transfer them successfully? Here are two solutions provided for you.


Part 1. Transfer iTunes Audiobooks to iPhone Through PC

Step 1: Download the audiobooks you have purchased in iTunes on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with a USB cable, and open iTunes.

Step 3: Click on the phone-like button on the iTunes interface and go to the Audiobooks section.

Step 4: Select the audiobooks you have downloaded and sync them to your iPhone. After the selection, click on "Apply". Then you could get the iTunes audiobooks on your iPhone.

Transfer iTunes Audiobooks to iPhone

Part 2. Transfer iTunes Audiobooks to iPhone Using TuneFab Audiobook Converter

If you don't want to use iTunes to transfer the iTunes purchased audiobooks to your iPhone, you would find that it fails to transfer iTunes audiobooks in any other way. This would happen mainly due to Apple's FairPlay DRM protection, a kind of DRM protection developed by Apple Inc to protect its digital contents. FairPlay DRM has prevented the iTunes purchased audiobooks from being replicated and transferred to any other devices. As a result, you need to remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks if you want to transfer them to your new iPhone.

To remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks, I would like to recommend TuneFab Audiobook Converter to you. This third-party program has great ability to help to unlock DRM encryption of Apple Music songs, iTunes audiobooks, audible audiobooks, with rather a high efficiency. It can also convert the format of iTunes M4B audiobooks to M4A, MP3, etc., and keep the chapter information of the audiobooks remain.

Let's see how to use this program to remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks:

Step 1: Launch TuneFab Audiobook Converter

Firstly, download TuneFab Audiobook Converter to your PC. Open it, and it will connect with your iTunes automatically.

Note: TuneFab Audiobook Converter supports both Windows and Mac users. Besides, it also provides a free trial version.

Install Audiobooks DRM Removal

Step 2: Select iTunes audiobooks

When TuneFab Audiobook Converter connects with iTunes, it would detect the audiobook playlists of your iTunes Library. Go to "Audiobooks" in "Playlists", and you can find all the audiobooks you have downloaded from iTunes Store. Select the one you want to transfer to your iPhone. You are able to select more than one each time.

Select Audiobooks You Want to Remove DRM from

Step 3: Pre-settings

1. Output Settings

Select the output format of your iTunes audiobooks. I would recommend M4A and MP3 format, because it would save the chapter information of the audiobooks under these 2 formats. You can also select the output folder, codec, bit rate, and so on here.

Choose Output Format

2. General Settings

Click on the "Options" on the top left and you could find the general settings. Here you are able to amend the conversion speed from 1x to 16x according to your need. It would save much of your time.

Customized the Settings

Step 4: Start conversion

Click on the "Convert" button to start the conversion. It would be finished in just a few minutes. Then you can get DRM-free iTunes audiobooks.

Remove DRM and Convert

When you get the DRM-free iTunes audiobooks, you can create a new playlist on iTunes Library to save them. Then connect your iPhone to PCs with a USB cable to sync the playlist and transfer them to your iPhone. When this is done, you can get the DRM-free iTunes audiobooks on your iPhone. Enjoy them freely!

Pro Tip: If you prefer purchasing audiobooks from Audible and want to make them playable on many more media devices, don't miss out on TuneFab Audible Converter! It is an easy and efficient tool that can professionally convert your Audible purchases to MP3, M4A, and a lot more mainstream audio format.

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