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Want to Stream Audible Audiobooks to Roku? Here It Is!

By Laura Barnes

September 06, 2017

You may wonder how to stream Audible books to Roku as it's confirmed that Roku Streaming Player fails to support Audible AA/AAX. One clever solution to make Audible audiobook streamed on Roku successfully.


Simply speaking, here what you need to do is to make Audible audiobook compatible with Roku player. In this view, you can convert Audible AA/AAX to other Roku-supported formats. So you can get rid of the format restriction and then smoothly stream Audible audio books to Roku. In the next part, you will get informed of the supportive format of Roku itself and the guidance to convert and stream Audible to Roku.


Part 1. What Format Does Roku Support

As a popular streaming player, Roku makes it easier to stream media files to any television set that is convenient for your media experience. Roku has supported several media formats as below.

  1. AAC:.mkv, .mp4, .mov

  2. MP3:.mp3, .mkv

  3. WMA: .asf, .wma, .mkv

  4. FLAC: .flac, .mkv

  5. PCM: .wav .mkv .mp4, .mov

  6. AC3/EAC3: .mkv, .mp4. .mov, .ac3

  7. DTS: .mkv, .mp4 .mov, .dts

  8. ALAC: .mkv, .mp4, .mov, .m4a

As mentioned above, you should convert Audible AA/AAX to any one Roku-supported format in the table. Normally, you can simply choose MP3 format as it is often playable on common players and devices. Once you get Audible AA/AAX converted to these formats, you can easily stream the Audible audio to Roku.

Part 2. How to Stream Audible AA/AAX to Roku

Here you can adopt a powerful audio converter to get Audible converted. TuneFab Apple Music Converter can work on Audible AA/AAX format and convert it to Roku-supported formats like MP3 and M4A with chapters preserved. With a 16X faster speed, you can receive a satisfactory converted Audible file with the least quality loss.

Better still, it performs a nice job in preserving all the ID3 tags and chapter info. TuneFab Apple Music Converter fully supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Mac OS 10.9.5~10.12. With the help of it, you can successfully get the Audible AA/AAX converted preparing for a smooth Audible to Roku streaming activity.

Step 1. Connect Audible account with iTunes

First you need to give the authorization of your Audible account to iTunes.

1. At first you should download the Audible Download Manager on your Windows or Mac.

2. Then go to the "Library" on the Audible desktop site and "Download" an audiobook. Click "OK" or "Yes" in the popup windows to authorize your computer.

iTunes Authorize

3. Then sign in your Audible account and you can find the downloaded audiobooks in "Audiobooks" section on iTunes. But for Mac users, you should click he blue link on Audible saying "Click here to complete your activation!" to activate the Audible account on iTunes.

Step 2. Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Download and install TuneFab Apple Music Converter. Run the Apple Music Converter. iTunes will be launched automatically to sync the audiobooks playlist to the Converter if you have once used iTunes on your computer.

Step 3. Create Personal Audible Playlist

Click "Audiobook" playlist and tick all the audiobooks that you want to convert. Go to the "Output Settings" area at the bottom. See the "Output Format" column and choose a proper format available on Roku such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. It will save much effort if you predetermine the "Output Folder" as you then can easily find the converted Audible files.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Start Converting Audible AA/AAX Files

Then click the "Convert" button on the top and the TuneFab Apple Music Converter will quickly get Audible AA/AAX converted to fit for Roku.

Convert Audiobooks to MP3

Step 5. Stream Converted Audible Audiobooks to Roku

With Audible AA/AAX converted, now you can stream the supportable Audible files to through the free Roku Media Player channel without any difficulty.

Stream Audiobooks to Roku

After that, you can see that you've succeeded in converting Audible audio books and streaming it to Roku with TuneFab Apple Music Converter. It would be grateful that your Audible-to-Roku problem can get solved.

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