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Audiobook Gift Card: How to Gift An Audiobook in 8 Ways

By Tony Moton

April 19, 2018

Audiobook could be a blessing because we will be able to enjoy a really nice book after a long day work. For some people, it is better than a physical book for it frees our eyes from watching and our hands from holding. Besides, our understanding can be deepened if the book is read with emotion.

So, an audibook is listed at the top of our gift-for-friends/family/colleague list. But sometimes, some fellows can't put this idea into practice because they don't know how to gift an audiobook. That's why we worte this post. You should have a clear picture about how to send audiobooks to others as a gift after reading this article.


Way 1. Amazon

You can purchase audio books on Amazon. Three options are available.

• If the book you want to purchase has CD version, you can directly purchase it and get it nicely wrapped, then send it to your recipient.

• If your gift recipient has a Kindle, and the book is available in kindle with an audio format, you can simply buy it for his or her kindle account by subscribing kindleunlimited and checking the box "This is a gift". Membership duration available: 6 months, 12 months, 24months )

Subscribing Kindleunlimited

• If you only want to purchase the audio format, you need to go through Audible as amazon's audiobooks are handled by Audible, which we will talk later.

Way 2. Audible

Although Audible doesn't allow you to gift an single audiobooks, you can give a gift subscription. Go to the Audible Gift Center. Three membership are there for you, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Click on the tag "Give As a Gift".

Choose a Gift Membership

What benefit can your recipient get with an Audible subscription?

• If they're not an Audible subscriber, they'll get one free book per month, as well as discounts on other books.

• If they are a subscriber, they'll get all of the credits immediately, which means they'll get three, six or 12 free audiobooks that they can redeem right away.

After choosing, you can pay for the subscription. Some thoughtful services are provided. You can pick a card as wel as write a note your beloved one.

Audible Pay for Subcription

Way 3.

Similar to audible, doesn't have an option of individual-book gift. But there are still several membership options for you. Go to Gift Center for further details. Membership durations available are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Choose Membership can be a good choicefor price consideration  and if your recipient is a fan of

Way 4. AudiobooksNow

ome of you may not be familiar with this website, but AudiobooksNow still can be your choice for an audiobook gift. One of the best it can offer you is you can gift an individual book. Go to the page of the books you decide to gift, click "Give as Gift" below "Add to Cart".

Audiobooksnow Give as Gift

And still you can purchase a membership to the Club Pricing Plan, which gives members 50% off of their first book each month and 35%-40% off of books after that. There are no credits for free books like other plans, but money saving is still possible. They also offer a fully featured app that allows you to search, browse, join, purchase, listen, and manage your account.

Go to AudiobooksNow Gift Center, there are three types of giftsfor you to select: Gift individual book, Gift Plan, and Gift Certificates.

Way 5. Downpour

Even though no gift option is provided on Downpour, their books are DRM-free, you can simply buy one and sent it to your recipient. What makes its users love it more is that its users can listen to the book using their favorite audiobook app.

You can save more by joining their memberships.

Downpour Sign Up for Membership

Way 6. Apple iTunes

If your recipient has an Apple device and you just want to gift a single book, Apple iTunes is of much use for you. No subscription is neccessary. Instructions are very simple and easy.

Open up iTunes and go to Audiobooks section.

iTunes Audiobooks Store

Click "Store" on the top mene bar, find the book you want, then click on the arrow next to "Buy Audiobook", select "Gift this Audiobook". Next follow the given instruction to make the payment.

iTunes Gifting Audiobook Store

Wants more details? You can go to the post Perfect Gift for Apple Music Fans - Apple Music Gift Card to get more idea of how to gift a book on Apple.

Here comes a question. What happens if the subscription gets expired? Your recipient no longer gets access to the book as those books are DRM-ed files. He or she needs to re-subscribe to get authorized to listen to that book. But second time subscription can be avioded if you send it with Apple Music Converter, a tool that can convert Apple Music, iTunes M4B Audiobook and AA/AAX audiobooks to plain MP3, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, etc and store those converted files to your local files. Your recipient will appreciate more for your thougtfulness.

Way 7.

On, you can join their membership plan to buy the book. First-month subscription only costs you $0.99. Or you can make it easy by just gifting independent books. No subscription is necessary and their books are also DRM-free, which allow your recipient to listen to the book on multiple devices. By the way, every purchase supports independent physical bookstores. It is very nice of it to think about that. Right? Membership

Just go to the book you like, click "Gift this Audioboo Gifting Audiobook

Next follow subsequent instructions to fill up gift information. Fill Up Information

Way 8. Scribd

Similar to Audible, Scribd is a popular subscription service allowing you to get access to one audiobook per month in addition to three ebooks. No individual audiobook gifting is available. But you can purchase a membership for your recipient. Go to Gift section and click on "Give A Gift"

Scribd Give A Gift

Choose the membership you want to purchase, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Scribd Choose Membership

Finally, fill up the information and make the payment.

So now are you still confused about how to gift an audiobook? I bet you aren't. Go to one of the websites and get your beloved one the blessing gift - a nice and inspiring audiobook.

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