Apple Music, almost permeated in every person's everyday life, is a great way for auditive relaxation. However, due to some restrictions, if you'd like to freely enjoy it offline everywhere and anytime, you need to turn to some third-party tools for help such as NoteBurner Apple Music Converter. In this sense, this article will show a detailed review about it for your careful reference, and even provide relevant information about other alternatives if you're not satisfied with it. Now, let's proceed with the following introduction.

Note: If you already know NoteBurner Apple Music Converter to some level, you can jump directly to Part 3 to check the alternative tool - TuneFab Apple Music Converter, and the comparison table of functions.


Overview of NoteBurner Apple Music Converter

Just as mentioned before, although Apple Music is a terrific music-sharing platform for fans, the content in it is protected by DRM encryption technology to prevent it from being downloaded to other devices, except the Apple Music app itself. Then NoteBurner Apple Music Converter is pinpointed to solve this problem and help you download completely plain MP3 music files for local storage. In this way, Apple music enjoyment will not be limited to the designated platform only, but to listen to it offline freely.

To give you a better experience, NoteBurner Apple Music Converter offers a free trial version with limited functions to let you examine it first on Windows and Mac devices, but for fuller usage, there are disparate subscription plans that are $14.95/month, optimal long-term plans for one year (at $59.95) and lifetime ($129.90).

Purchase Page of NoteBurner Apple Music Converter

Features & Usage of NoteBurner Apple Music Converter

NoteBurner Apple Music Converter, designed professionally for converting Apple Music to more compatible MP3 format files, is the most prominent one among other similar type products. And the secret lies in its highlighted features and powerful functions below. Let's have a look at them now.

Extract Apple Music to Common Formats

NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter for Windows, as well as Mac, is a professional tool for downloading music from Apple Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. With such a smart tool, you can get your Apple Music songs in normal unprotected music format and transfer them to many devices for enjoyment freely.

Download Lossless Apple Music Efficiently

To save time and boost efficiency, NoteBurner Apple Music Converter for Windows and Mac is capable of converting Apple Music at 10X faster speed. What's more, another spotlight is that you can choose the "Auto" output format to achieve the original sound quality just like in the live music scene.

Preserve ID3 Information for Convenience

One of the brightest features is that most of the ID3 tags can be saved automatically by NoteBurner after conversion, such as title, artist, album, artwork, track number, genre, composer, and so on. Additionally, NoteBurner will be able to capture the lyrics of your audio file, making it easier for you to enjoy the music.

Other Free Useful Tools Provided

It's also worth mentioning that NoteBurner also offers a variety of powerful tools to assist you with 1-click to burn CDs, transform local audio files, edit ID3 tags, and change audio files. All you need to do is go to the toolbar and choose the one you like.

How to Use NoteBurner Apple Music Converter

Now, as you have almost all-round knowledge of NoteBurner Apple Music Converter, it's time to review how to operate this tool most efficiently.

Step 1. Set up for NoteBurner Apple Music Converter

When you have successfully downloaded NoteBurner Apple Music Converter, run it officially. Just in the interface, click the "Settings" button in the lower left corner, and then you can continue selecting the Conversion Option, Conversion Mode, Output Format, and more.

Set Preferences on NoteBurner Before Downloading

You can select to download tracks from the iTunes App and Apple Music Web Player from the tab of the "Conversion Option". Let's take "Record from App" as an example of how it works.

Step 2. Search for Your Wanted Apple Music for NoteBurner

Click on the "Add" button, and a pop-up window will appear that contains all the songs in your iTunes library. Choose the ones that you want to convert.

Tips: You can also drag and drop local M4P or Apple Music files from your computer to NoteBurner.

Add Apple Music Tracks to NoteBurner

Step 3. Convert Apple Music Files

After the above process, just go to the "Convert" button to begin conversion. Note that you can check the successfully converted songs under the "Converted" column.

Convert Apple Music Files via NoteBurner

Best Alternative of NoteBurner Apple Music Converter

Just like every coin has two sides, NoteBurner Apple Music Converter is also not 100% perfect, considering the shortcoming that you need to install iTunes additionally and the necessity to sync the iTunes library to convert. If you'd like a more independent and powerful tool, TuneFab Apple Music Converter can be the ideal substitute for you.

With its embedded Apple Music Web Player, you don't need to install iTunes or any other software. All you need to do is log into your Apple Music account, and you can easily search for your desired songs, playlists, and albums to convert from Apple Music to MP3 in bulk at a fast speed. Besides, the audio quality and ID3 tags of downloads will also be preserved for your further needs.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter Download

Bonus: Except for the above-mentioned product, TuneFab All-in-One is another good choice when you are looking for an appropriate Apple Music downloader. By the way, with this mix of products at hand, you're able to convert music from other platforms such as Spotify, as it includes the converters for various common music streaming services.

As the above 2 programs are both professional Apple Music converters, you can gauge them separately based on their distinguished characteristics. Just check it in the following comparison tablet.

iTunes App Needed Output Formats Quality Download Speed Pricing Efficiency
NoteBurner Apple Music Converter Yes MP3/AAC/WAV/
Great quality 10X faster $14.95/month
$129.9 for life
iTunes library loading, batch download feature
TuneFab Apple Music Converter No MP3/M4A/FLAC/
Original lossless quality, 320kbps at max 5X faster, and 7X faster at max $14.95/month
$89.95 for life
Batch conversion feature with built-in Apple Music web player


All in all, this post has provided you with a detailed review of NoteBurner Apple Music Converter, which is a hot choice in the competitive Apple Music converting market. But if you are not satisfied with its features after reading this article and want to pursue a simpler but more efficient tool, then TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the way to go, for an easy-handling process, built-in Apple Music web player, and more other powerful functions.

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