"Can I DJ with Apple Music?"

A frustrating fact for Apple Music users can be the failure of playing DJ directly with Apple's countless high-quality music resources. Nevertheless, although Apple Music isn't directly integrated with certain DJ apps to enable more convenient DJing like Spotify, there are still ways to do it!

In this post, some tips will be uncovered to guide you on how to DJ with Apple Music on all devices effortlessly. Now, please scroll down and dive into reading.


Part 1. DJ with Apple Music App Directly

Apple Music has launched the Apple Music Crossfade feature within the application to enable a smooth transition between songs to avoid sudden pauses, creating a seamless streaming experience for you.

Therefore, replacing processing direct DJing, and making use of Apple Music crossfade to decorate both the fade-out or fade-in of each song is also an alternative way to create simple DJ effects. The following steps will guide you on how to crossfade Apple Music on iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac step-by-step.

📌 Tip: Because the Apple Music crossfade feature is only available on iOS devices of the latest iOS 17 system, you need to upgrade to it before processing.

Enable Apple Music DJ Mode on iPhone

Step 1. After making sure that your iPhone is updated to iOS 17, go to Settings and scroll down to find the Music app.

Step 2. Turn on the Crossfade feature.

Step 3. Adjust the crossfade duration based on your needs, which supports setting from 1s to 12s.

Enable Apple Music Crossfade on iPhone

Enable Apple Music DJ Mode on Android

Step 1. On your Android device, directly open the Apple Music app.

Step 2. Tap the top-right menu button to open the Settings window.

Step 3. Find the Crossfade option and click on it. Here, you should turn on the feature by selecting Automatic or Manual mode.

📌 Tip: If you select the Manual mode, you can further customize the crossfading duration in preferences.

Enable Apple Music Crossfade on Android

Enable Apple Music DJ Mode on Windows/Mac

Step 1. If you are using a Windows/Mac computer, run the Music app on the desktop first.

Step 2. Subsequently, open the Preferences setting from the top menu bar.

Step 3. Switch to Playback in Preferences, and here you can enable the crossfade feature and preset crossfading duration as you wish.

Enable Apple Music Crossfade on Computer

Part 2. DJ with Apple Music MP3 Downloads

Apple Music's crossfading feature does not offer professional music DJ ability to enable you to mix tracks or create awesome DJ effects. If you still wish to DJ with Apple Music, it would be more recommended to download Apple Music tracks as local files first, then import them to professional DJ applications to enhance your DJing experience. To do it, you will need help from a professional Apple Music downloader.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the one you need. It is an excellent downloader oriented for downloading and converting Apple Music to MP3 or other popular formats with the original Apple Lossless Quality. By retaining audio effects without compressing the sound quality at all, all Apple Music downloads can be maintained in the best state to ensure professional DJ outputs for you.

As TuneFab Apple Music Converter can function to keep full ID3 information accompanying all downloads, after importing them to the DJ apps, you will still find it easy to manage or access your needed tracks, then create awesome mix-ups and bring your audiences fantastic music listening experience.

Sparkling Features of TuneFab Apple Music Converter:

● Embed Apple Music web player to grab all music resources.
● Keep Apple Lossless Quality by downloading Apple Music to MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC.
● Offer 5X faster acceleration speed to batch process Apple Music playlists download efficiently.
● Easy parameters customization to determine DJ effects in preferences.
● ID3 info preservation and categorization features for easier music management offline.

In the following, you can walk through the manipulation guide to download Apple Music as local files and import them to DJ apps for mixing up with the help of the best Apple Music downloader.

Step 1. Log in Apple Music Web Player

First, follow the simple setup manipulation to complete installing TuneFab Apple Music Converter on the desktop. Subsequently, launch it to enter the built-in Apple Music player (first-time users will need to preview a user guide) and complete the account login.

Log in Apple Music Web Player

Step 2. Add Apple Music Albums to Download

Once the login completes, search Apple Music tracks or albums you wish to download and import to DJ apps for mixing later. Simply click on the Add to the conversion list button that appears on the album/single. Dragging them to the converting list is also possible.

Add Apple Music Albums to Download

Step 3. Configure Output Settings

Now, you can directly process parameter settings customization in the converting window before exporting Apple Music downloads. You can select MP3 as it is widely supported by most DJ apps. In addition, to further customize quality, SampleRate and Bitrate can be adjusted in your preferences.

Personalize Parameter Settings

Step 4. Download Apple Music Offline

Eventually, tap the Convert All button to proceed with the Apple Music playlist download in batch. It only takes several minutes to complete the music download for you.

Batch Download Apple Music Playlist

Once all Apple Music tracks are kept as DRM-free local files offline, you can access them and listen to Apple Music offline, or import them to DJ apps for use later on directly!

Part 3. DJ Software that Works with Apple Music

For beginners who have no idea selecting which DJ music to mix up tracks and create awesome DJ effects, here are 3 recommended DJ apps you ought to try:


Mixonset is a popular AI DJ app, with great compatibility to work with multiple popular music streaming platforms, including Apple Music. Its intuitive interface will make your DJing experience easy and smooth to process. By installing the Mixonset app on your mobile device, you can directly start a party with seamless mixtapes!


Serato DJ

Another rising popular DJ software with outstanding music mixing features is Serato DJ, a program with AI techniques embedded to ensure smarter manipulations and smoother music outputs. However, as Serato DJ is not directly integrated with Apple Music, you will need to download Apple Music offline using TuneFab Apple Music Converter first, then import the downloads to Serato DJ and process music mixing.

Serato DJ

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ has been well-known for over 2 decades, which is the most popular DJ apps for remix songs and create awesome tracks. Although it has integrated with certain streaming services such as Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud, and so on, Apple Music is not on its list. But by downloading Apple Music songs to PC and import to Virtual DJ, you can still enjoy the great quality brought by this DJ app, and offer your audiences cool stuff to enjoy. It is worth trying.

Virtual DJ

FAQs About DJing with Apple Music

Q1: Is There An Official App to DJ with Apple Music?

Unfortunately no. Apple doesn't release any DJ programs or platforms currently. To mix tracks for DJing in a professional way, you will turn to third-party DJ apps to help. Nevertheless, as many of them are not directly integrated with Apple Music, you still need to download Apple Music as local files using a professional downloader like TuneFab Apple Music Converter to help. With it, you can successfully DJ with Apple Music without any restrictions!

Q2: Does Apple Music Have DJ Sets or Channels?

Apple Music has offered some curated playlists and radio stations, but it doesn't officially provide DJ sets or channels for streaming. Instead, Apple Music 1 will release DJ mixes on every Friday, which are produced by artists and Apple Music's cooperated editors. If you are interested in it, look forward to Friday and grab them to enjoy on Apple Music 1!


When many DJ programs are not directly integrated with Apple Music, you will need additional help to download Apple Music offline first. Here, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the best-recommended program with a powerful ability to grab streaming tracks from Apple Music as DRM-free local files, making later DJ with Apple Music an easy task to manipulate. Now, freely install it and try it!

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