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How to Set Apple Music Songs as iPhone Ringtone

By Tony Moton

Updated on October 17, 2018

Have you tried making Apple Music songs as ringtone on your iPhone? I did, and the result is not exactly what I expected. I follow a guide and want to set a custom iPhone ringtone via iTunes, but I end up getting this pop-up message "Skinny Love could not be converted because protected files cannot be converted to other formats." This is a real disappointment to me and probably to many of the iPhone users as well.

If you are having the same problem here, then don't miss this guide. Because in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to make the impossible possible. First, we will teach you how to remove DRM protection from Apple Music songs, and how to make ringtone from DRM-free Apple Music and finally we will talk about how to set a song as ringtone on iPhone with or without iTunes.


Part 1. Can You Use Apple Music as Ringtone?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, that you cannot directly make ringtone from Apple Music songs via iTunes. This is because Apple Music songs are in M4P format, which is DRM protected. DRM, short for Digital Right Management, is a method that Apple has been using to take full control over the Apple Music service. It will prevent you from copying, sharing or playing the songs on the unauthorized devices, not to mention making ringtone from Apple Music. That's why it's necessary to remove the DRM protect from Apple Music songs first before creating your Apple Music ringtone or converting Apple Music to MP3 format.

Protected Apple Music Cannot Be Converted to AAC

Once the DRM protection is removed for good, you will be able to transfer the music to any device wanted, and you can convert it to DRM-free MP3 or set it as iPhone ringtone easily. Now keep reading Part 2 & Part 3 and see how to create ringtone from your favorite Apple Music song.

Part 2. How to Remove DRM from Apple Music

Before we start making iPhone ringtone out of Apple Music, let's see how to unlock DRM restriction from Apple Music first. You will need to prepare the following things.

#1. Apple Music DRM Removal Tool – TuneFab Apple Music Converter

#2. Latest version of iTunes

#3. Apple Music Songs

#4. Windows or Mac computer

TuneFab Apple Music Converter can help you get rid of DRM convert M4P song to DRM-free format, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, etc. If you are the Mac user, then you can use the software to directly convert Apple Music to iPhone ringtone format, which is M4R format. Besides, TuneFab Apple Music Converter can let you edit ID3 tags of Apple Music tracks, such as title, artist, album cover, bitrate, sample rate, etc.

Now download the software from the above button and follow the steps here to remove DRM from Apple Music tracks now!

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

After downloading the software, install and launch it on your computer. iTunes will be opened automatically at the same time. Please make sure that you have signed in iTunes with same Apple ID and password that you used for Apple Music subscription.

Step 2. Select Apple Music Songs from iTunes Music Library

All media files in your iTunes library will be listed on the main interface of the program. You can click he Apple Music playlist on the left column to select the songs you wanted. Or, you can directly search the song needed in the Search box.

Select Apple Music Tracks

Step 3. Choose AAC or M4R as Output Format

The Windows version of TuneFab Apple Music Converter doesn't support M4R output format currently. But if you are a Mac user, you can find M4R in the output format list. So please select the output format according to you need:

For Windows user: select AAC or MP3 as output format.

For Mac user: select M4R, AAC or MP3 as output format.

For Android user: select MP3 as the output format.

Set M4R as Output Format

Step 4. Convert Apple Music to M4R/AAC/MP3

Click the "Convert" button in the top menu bar and the program will start to convert Apple Music to the targeted output format. When it is done, click the "Explore Output File" to find the converted Apple Music songs. And all the converted songs will be DRM-free now.

Convert Apple Music to M4R

Part 3. How to Make Ringtone from Apple Music in 2 Ways

Method 1. Make iPhone Ringtone without iTunes

If you don't want to use iTunes because it's too difficult to handle, then you'd better try this method. Here I will introduce a tool which is able to create iPhone M4R ringtone in one simple click. The tool is called TuneFab WeTrans. It comes with a built-in feature which helps users make iPhone ringtone easily from all sorts of music. Apart from making customized ringtone for iPhone, this tool can transfer songs, ringtones, photos and more directly between iPhone, iPad, and PC directly. Now follow the steps here to make your personalized iPhone ringtone with TuneFab WeTrans.

Step 1. Download, install and launch TuneFab WeTrans on PC.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to PC

Connect your iPhone to PC with the USB cable. When the device is successfully connected, you will see the basic information of your device in the main interface of TuneFab WeTrans.

Step 3. Add Song to TuneFab Ringtone Maker

On the left column of the main interface, Choose "Toolbox" and select "Ringtone Maker" from the provided tools. Then you will see the ringtone maker interface. You can add song from device or add songs from your PC.

Now that you have converted the Apple Music to MP3 and saved it into your local folder, you can choose "Add file from PC" to import the DRM-free Apple Music songs into this program.

TuneFab Ringtone Maker

Step 4. Set iPhone Ringtone Length

After you add the song into TuneFab WeTrans, you will see the interface as below. This program will let you listen to the song you added and you can select the timing for the ringtone. You can listen to the song first and then note down the starting point and ending point. But you need to make sure that the total length of the ringtone is around 40 seconds, which is Apple's maximum length for a ringtone.

Custom Ringtone

Step 5. Transfer Apple Music Ringtone to iPhone Directly

When the ringtone length is set, please make sure that you have selected the "Add to device" option from the Ringtone Maker interface. This will directly transfer the created ringtone to your iPhone. By doing so, you don’t need to use iTunes to sync ringtone to iPhone. It can save a lot of troubles. You can move to Part 4 and see how to set ringtone on iPhone.

Creating iPhone Ringtone

Method 2. Create iPhone M4R Ringtone with iTunes

If you have already converted a bunch of Apple Music songs with TuneFab Apple Music Converter, you can now add them into your iTunes library. Go to "File" and select "Add File to Library" to import the converted Apple Music tracks into iTunes.

Add File to iTunes

Then you can follow the steps here to create iPhone ringtone with iTunes. This tutorial will show you how to create iPhone ringtone from your iTunes music library.

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Part 4. How to Set Apple Music Songs as Ringtone on iPhone

When you have successfully created iPhone ringtone from Apple Music, you can use TuneFab WeTrans to transfer the ringtone to iPhone directly. In this part, I will show you how to set Apple Music as ringtone on iPhone. Keep reading.

Step 1. Add Apple Music Ringtone to iPhone

In Part 3 - Method 1, we've shown you how to make iPhone ringtone with TuneFab WeTrans. If you have followed all the steps carefully, then the ringtone should be transferred to your iPhone now.

Step 2. Set Ringtone on iPhone

Now go to Settings on your iPhone, and then go to "Sounds & Haptics" > "Ringtone", you will find the transferred ringtone from the ringtone list. Just select the song you like and make sure it is checked.

Set iPhone Ringtone

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That's it. If you have more tips about making Apple Music Ringtone on iPhone, feel free to leave your message in the comments below. And if you think the TuneFab WeTrans is a good iPhone Ringtone Maker, share it with your friends and family now!

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